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Appendix 6

Bermuda Triangle GPS, Automatic Direction Finder, the Magnetic Compass, Attitude Indicator,

Altimeter and Radar Altimeter Errors

WARNING: When flying the Bermuda Triangle, errors may occur with your GPS, ADF (Automatic Direction Finder), the magnetic compass, Attitude Indicator, altimeter and radar altimeter. This may explain why airplanes get lost and mysteriously disappear when flying the Bermuda Triangle.


WARNING:  I have not flown an airplane in twenty-five years. Even worse, I never flew IFR (instruments only). This makes make me totally unqualified to teach you how to fly. But I have spent my entire life knowing that everything I look at is intelligently designed, even things that I am totally unaware of. This opened my mind to many new discoveries, such as global warming being caused mostly by Jupiter, Intelligent Design of skin color, natural cures by electromagnetic waves of radiation from human spines, that wind is the cause of the rotating earth, how to find fresh water springs in the ocean, natural water pollution control, micronutrient trace elements injections for trees, electron beam Van de Graff energy converters, zero gravity at the center of the sun, the true structure of atoms, the process of photosynthesis as a teaching aide for organic chemistry reactions, and much more. As a result, there are a few very important things that I may or may not be able to teach flight instructors that they may or may not already know, and that may or may not save your life if you ever fly the Bermuda Triangle. 



When you fly over the over the Bermuda triangle you are flying over a sometimes invisible mass of evaporated water that rises from the surface of the ocean in several different locations because of its heat. Even though no hurricanes are noticeable, you are flying through an area of many mini-hurricanes. These mini-hurricanes are loaded with electrons traveling in circles around the mini-hurricanes. Whenever electric charges travel in circles they produce magnetic fields. In mini-hurricanes, that magnetic field has North pointing UP on the outside, toward the center of the mini-hurricane when flying above it, and North pointing DOWN on the inside of the mini-hurricane. A big problem is that you are unaware of this mini-hurricane and do not know your position relative to it.


You have no idea where you are, except for a gaggle of pointers, gauges, needles and indicators on your instrument panel. You have an altimeter, which is a pressure gauge supposedly telling you your attitude above the sharks. On the outer edge of that mini-hurricane, your altimeter is telling you that you are closer to the ocean than you really are, and you may climb to adjust for it. If you are suddenly in the center of the mini-hurricane, your altimeter will tell you that you are much higher than what you really are, so you may lower the plane and go deep-sea diving.


Your magnetic compass may be pointing not to magnetic North on the earth, but to a combination of earth’s magnetic pole and the magnetic field that you happen to be in relative to a mini-hurricane. If you are above the mini-hurricane, and on the south side of it, your compass will be pointing close to earth’s magnetic North during the time you are directly south, which is changing rapidly as you fly. On the east side, your compass will point northwest, and on the south side, your compass will point northeast. And when you are directly north of the mini-hurricane, your compass will either wander all over the place or spin, depending on the strength of the magnetic field of the mini-hurricane. So you may as well toss your magnetic compass out the window. You certainly do not want to look at it, ever, as much as this ex-pilot knows.


You also have an Attitude Indicator. This does not tell you if you are happy or sad, but whether your nose is pointed up or down, and whether your wings are horizontal to the ocean or tilted to one side or the other. Your Attitude Indicator is connected to a gyroscope. If you ever played with a gyroscope when you were a kid, you know that the gyroscope never goes in the direction that you push it. It always moves at right angles to the direction you are moving. And it has precession, with its top moving in a circle like a spinning top, depending on how hard you push on it. The earth is a huge gyroscope, precessing because the gravity of the sun is pulling it towards the sun, while the earth would prefer to travel in a straight line. The earth revolving around the sun causes the earth to precess so the earth’s North Pole makes a circle around the North Star once every 23,000 years.  If you are in a mini-hurricane, moving in a circle like the hand on a clock, your gyroscope is now telling you that your wings are tilted in a direction that they are not, and telling you that your nose is pointed up or down when it really is or is not.


You also may have a radar altimeter telling you how high you are above the ocean, but if your Attitude Indicator is lying to you and has your wings and nose tilted, your radar altimeter is telling you the surface of the ocean is farther away than it really is.

Instrument Flight Rules (IFR)

Now let’s make matters even worse. You are flying IFR. While on the ground you are earth-oriented. But once you are IFR you are air and earth-oriented, moving with the wind as if there is no wind, and pointing your plane slightly into the direction you think the wind is blowing from, according to the wind speed and direction when you planned your flight, and periodic updates along the way. Of course there are no observers where you happen to be relative to a mini-hurricane, and you are traveling around the mini-hurricane like the hand on a clock, except you don’t know it. You now have no idea where you are with relation to the earth, if it were not for your ADF (automatic direction finder) which is a low-frequency radio receiver telling you which direction it is to the airport, but not your altitude and your GPS (Global Positioning System) which tells you the direction you are flying, which may be around in a circle, your ground speed, but not your airspeed, and your altitude, which is based on your barometric pressure, something that changes with relation to where you are in the mini-hurricane. You also have radar, telling you the direction to the airport, but not necessarily your altitude.


There may be other causes of both ships and planes disappearing both in the Bermuda Triangle of the Caribbean Sea and the Devil's Triangle off the coast of Japan. The bottom of the ocean can burp up huge bubbles of gas. If you are on a ship, this will create a vacancy of water below you. You may suddenly sink below the surface of the sea, and then the surface water will rush in to cover the hole in the water surface. A second problem is that the huge bubble of gas can be highly toxic hydrogen sulfide which will kill everyone on board either ship or plane that it engulfs. The third problem is that the huge gas bubble can be methane gas, and when it encounters any spark or fire on board, an explosion occurs.


I am sure many things have changed in the past twenty-five years. Maybe the errors when flying the Bermuda Triangle no longer occur with your GPS, altimeter, radar altimeter, ADF (Automatic Direction Finder), the magnetic compass and Attitude Indicator. You should discuss all these problems with your flight instructor. Maybe he can tell you how to compensate for these problems, maybe they have been corrected, or maybe he will just say. “Don’t go there!” Or he might even say, "Bob Laing is nuts!" I will certainly appreciate any feedback you pilots or flight instructors can offer. I hope that in thinking Intelligent Design Theory about everything, even things you are unaware of will save a few lives.


Copyright (C) 2007 Robert Laing  All rights reserved


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