A Walk in the Woods, Thanks to Intelligent Design of Oxygenated Acid Rain




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Appendix 5

A Walk in the Woods, Thanks to Intelligent Design of Oxygenated Acid Rain Water

Thanks to Intelligent Design of oxygenated rain water, you can now enjoy a walk in the woods. Leaves, dead plant and animals, dust, pollen and other waste drop on the ground, and there is no oxygen below the surface. This enables anaerobic bacteria (bacteria that live without oxygen) to break down the organic matter. The result is sludge that the anaerobes cannot further digest, the same as sludge that accumulates at the bottom of wastewater treatment lagoons in water pollution control, and periodically has to be dredged out, or the lagoons would fill with sludge. If this were all that happens, we would have a pile of anaerobic, pathogenic (disease) bacteria-infested sludge up to the top of the highest buildings within about a hundred years.


Intelligent Design of life on earth takes care of this problem. Along with the benefits of acid rain, the rain comes down fully oxygenated. This oxygenated rain water penetrates down into the sludge and provides oxygen for aerobic bacteria (bacteria that need oxygen to live). Aerobic bacteria can now feed on the sludge and break it down into carbon dioxide and water, plus some inorganic minerals that plants need for fertilizer. Now we walk in the woods, enjoying nature without ever thinking about the Intelligent Design of God's bacteria and acid rain water that made it possible to enjoy your walk.


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