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12. Acid Rain & Snow Cause and Effect

The Benefit of Forest Fires, Ozone and Hydrogen Peroxide

Intelligent Design explains the atmospheric causes and effects of acid rains and the benefit of forest fires. It was lack of forest fires, not acid rains that destroyed our northeastern lakes in granitic rock regions. A study of Intelligent Design Theory tells us that there is a purpose for acid rain and a purpose for lightning and forest fires. The chemistry of Intelligent Design Theory is that whenever lightning strikes, it produces nitric acid from nitrogen that is in our atmosphere. Rainwater combines with carbon dioxide in our atmosphere to form carbonic acid and rain combines with sulfur dioxide from forest fires to form sulfuric acid. Acid rain has been with us since the earth was created. Its magnificent purpose is to preserve life on planet earth. Carbon, nitrogen and sulfur are essential for all terrestrial and aquatic plant and animal life.


All rain is acidic, having a pH usually less than 5.6. Have you ever noticed how lush your grass is after a good rain? I traveled through the Black Forest in Germany, which is alleged by environmentalists to be dying because of acid rain. All I saw was lush, green trees as a result of carbonic acid, nitric acid and sulfuric acid.


If God had dumped enough soluble minerals on the earth to fertilize all plant growth over thousands of years, the earth would have been uninhabitable. So He made rocks and acid rain. Acid rain slowly dissolves the micronutrients in the rocks in the exact trace amounts that are needed, not in vast amounts that would destroy all plants and animals. Copper is an example of one of the necessary micronutrients for all life. But a few milligrams per liter of copper will kill a plant or tree.


Intelligent Design planning of chemistry provided minerals for plants on our earth and plants in our waters to grow. Intelligently designed arrangements put just enough limited supply of carbon dioxide on the earth to feed the plants. If we quit burning fossil fuels and keep Smokey the Bear busy at the same time, we will soon have a lack of vegetation and crops to sustain life. Forest fires produce beneficial acid rain. Which is better, a fraction of a degree rise in temperature, which most likely is part of Jupiter's orbital cycle, or worldwide famine?

Ozone and Hydrogen Peroxide

Rain and snow also contain hydrogen peroxide as a result of ozone in the atmosphere which cleanses natural waters of bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites. Hydrogen peroxide is found in fresh water streams, and in healing springs around the world, such as at Fatima in Portugal and the shrine of St. Anne in Quebec. When ultraviolet radiation from the sun strikes oxygen in the presence of water vapor, or when water vapor absorbs ozone, hydrogen peroxide is formed. This rain can cleanse fresh water streams so humans and animals can drink the water, or in the case of healing springs, soak into the ground to make spring water. Without this cleansing action, animals and humans would have perished eons ago from drinking natural water.

Oxygen in the bloodstream destroys cancer. Intelligent Design theory says that if you breathe deeper you can help prevent cancer that is now running rampant because of all the atheistic non-natural things that we bombard our bodies with today such as pesticides, herbicides, bactericides, artificial foods, artificial flavors, artificial colors, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, and much more. We used to bathe in rain water with hydrogen peroxide in it instead of chlorine and fluoride. Intelligent Design theory suggests that putting a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide on your skin will get more oxygen into your bloodstream to destroy cancer. The armpits, forearms and scrotum would take up about four times as much oxygen as other parts of the skin, but if I had cancer I would also put it on my skin closest to the cancer cells.



Lightning produces forest fires. Before Smokey the Bear, lightning would cause forest fires that burned millions of acres. And New York was not flooded with ocean water. Intelligent Design made just enough lightning to recycle the sulfur, carbon and nitrogen that is trapped by vegetation. The burned trees produced potash that neutralized the acid rain after the rain had dissolved just the right amount of minerals from the rocks. Intelligent Design Theory shows that all life was in a balanced process. Today, forest fires are limited to a few thousand acres, and the process of Intelligent Design is destroyed. If we want to limit the damage of forest fires, we must scatter potash throughout our forests in the exact amount to neutralize the pH of acid rain before it drains into the lakes. Lumber companies need to be able to cut trees by creating wide paths between forests and residential areas or towns, industry, etc. so that forest fires cannot damage more than trees and so that animals can escape.


Any electrical engineer would know that critical areas where forest fires are not wanted can be prevented from forest fires caused by lightning by placing lightning rods on the tops of hills and mountains higher than the tops of the trees. This is another application of Intelligent Design Theory. Lightning rods will discharge the electricity. Also, 20-30 feet wide gravel borders could be placed on each side of the roads and highways so fires could not spread across roads. I tried to tell Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to use lightning rods and road borders, but got a form letter back, indicating that he did not read my E-mail.


Intelligent Design Theory explains what causes acid rains and its effects and the benefit of forest fires. For more on the benefit of forest fires, see Related Links. For more on the benefits of acid rain, see anaerobic disease bacteria.


Copyright (C) 2007 Robert L. Laing  All rights reserved


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