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73.  Intelligent Design of

Acid Rain and the Web of Life

Acid rain is an essential part of Godís intelligent design of the web of life. Without acid rain there would be no life on earth. The United States Environmental Protection Agency, formed by our anti-Christian government to employ graduates of Godless schools, punishes beneficial businesses for adding the important nutrients for life on earth to the atmosphere. The United States government has caused an extreme shortage of these essential nutrients by tremendously limiting Godís intelligent design of forest fires. See

A little thought should convince you that acid rain is beneficial for humans and for the world. Acid rain is the main source of nutrients for lakes - - carbon, oxygen, nitrogen and sulfur in particular plus all the minerals necessary for aquatic life. Acid rain is the main source of the bicarbonate level in lakes - - an extremely important benefit for all aquatic life. Acid rain was created by Intelligent Design. You will now learn all about  acid rain, its cause and effect.


All natural rain is acidic and always has been. Acidic rain is not a new phenomenon. It can be found frozen 500 feet down in the glaciers in the arctic. Every lightning bolt ionizes nitrogen in the atmosphere to produce nitric acid. Lightning causes forest fires and forest fires produce carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide combines with water in the atmosphere to make carbonic acid. Carbonic acid combines with metals in the soil to make essential carbonates for plant growth in lakes. Forest fires and volcanoes produce hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide. Hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide combine with water to make sulfuric acid. There are about eighteen hundred thunderstorms on earth occurring as you read this. The EPA believes that acid rain prevents aquatic plant growth in acidic lakes. The truth is that limiting forest fires has caused our lakes to become acidic. The lack of ash from forest fires has prevented the acids in rain from being neutralized according to Godís intelligent design.


Every forest fire produces carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide, which combines with rain to make carbonic acid and sulfuric acid.  There are about 80 forest fires at any time in the United States alone. All fauna emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Mount Saint Helens produced more sulfuric acid than all industry in the United States in the past one hundred years.  Mount Krakatau that exploded in May 1883 is still spewing out more hydrogen sulfide every day than Mount Saint Helens ever did.  Many other volcanoes are generating sulfuric acid every day.  Anaerobic bacteria produce hydrogen sulfide. Compared to nature, acid from industry is probably less than 5 percent of the total.


Does acidic rain destroy plants and trees? Just look at your lawn after a good rain shower. It is much more lush and green than watering your lawn for a month can accomplish. Normal rain has a pH of about 4.2 - 5.6, depending on forest fires, volcanoes or industry in the area. The water of lakes in a few granitic regions is not neutralized by limestone, and these few lakes have been dead for centuries. Other lakes must have acidic rain to remain alive. I drove through the lush green Black Forest in Germany, and did not see any trees dying from acid rain. Pine trees produce acid soils, and must have acidic soils to thrive.


Calcium and magnesium are required by all plants and animals in the approximate ratio of two parts calcium to one part magnesium. By Intelligent Design, this is the approximate ratio of limestone and the approximate ratio that acidic rain dissolves calcium and magnesium into waters all over the earth. By Intelligent Design, phosphorus and nitrogen are required by plants and animals in the approximate ratio of five parts nitrogen to one part phosphorus. This is the approximate ratio of nitrogen to phosphorus found in lakes all over the world as a result of Intelligent Design of rainfall.


By Intelligent Design, acidic rain sets the correct ratios of calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, potassium, phosphorus, nitrogen, cobalt, manganese, molybdenum, boron, and other elements in groundwater, surface water, lakes and rivers. Acid rain has washed over mineral deposits since the earth was created. Too little or too much of these minerals causes plants and animals to either become sick or die. In summary, acidic rain is caused by Intelligent Design and is essential for life. Acid rain has been with us since the time of creation.


Environmentalists would have us shut down all industry and go back to horse-drawn carriages. Burning fossil fuels recycles carbon dioxide back to atmosphere, producing more plant growth. Now under the false pretext of

 carbon dioxide global warming climate change godless environmentalists and politicians are shutting down human carbon dioxide production for fraudulent purposes. The more plant life thrives, the more oxygen is produced. The more oxygen there is, the healthier humans and animals become. All this was balanced in the beginning, and human impact on the environmental is non-consequential. Nature is in complete control. Intelligent Design caused acid rain and its beneficial effects. To neutralize acidic lakes, simply place limestone around the acidic lakes and in inflowing streams. Intelligent Design Theory should be taught in school.


Copyright (C) 2007 Robert L. Laing  All rights reserved


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