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Section 4.

35. The Age of the Earth

Chapter 22  Creation Science Discovers Rapid Nuclear Decay of Radioactive Isotopes shows that the age of the earth is about 6000 years old, based on evidences of rapid radioactive decay in rocks and residual helium and 14C in rocks and crystals. Chapter 27 shows how the speed of light indicates the earth is 6000 years old, just as we are told in the Bible, written thousands of years ago.  One measure of the age of the earth is the extension of land into the Persian Gulf from Iraq by erosion of soil in the Euphrates River. Other scientific proofs are given in this Section.

The Age of the Earth Based on Erosion History of the Euphrates River into the Persian Gulf:

The erosion of soil from the Euphrates River into the Persian Gulf extends the land area and is a measure of the age of the earth. The creation of the Euphrates River is mentioned in Genesis 2:14. THE STORY OF THE GREATEST NATIONS AND THE WORLD'S FAMOUS EVENTS, VOL. 1, first published in 1913 by Edward S. Ellis and Charles F. Home, PhD, cite that this deposition of soil has extended land 150 miles out into the ocean at a rate of ninety feet a year. If this deposition history map was constant, it would take the Euphrates River back 8,800 years. We could measure the rate of deposition facts today compared to its rate in 1913. If the rate of erosion has slowed, as reasoning would presuppose, we may very well find that the Euphrates began flowing about six thousand years ago as the Bible says, with variations due to Noah's ark and the flood.


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