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37. The Age of the Earth Based On Intelligence - - Creation vs. Evolution, the Greenland Glaciers and Tree Rings

Creation vs. Evolution

In creation versus evolution, if there is an infinite intelligence that created the universe, it must follow that God thinks infinitely faster than mere humans, and a day is like a thousand years with God.3 If this is true, it was possible for God to create the atoms and light on the first day, heaven and earth the second, dry land and the seas and the vegetation on the third day, the stars, sun and moon the fourth day, the fish and birds the fifth day and the animals and Adam and Eve on the sixth day. Even though a day is as a thousand years with the LORD, the Hebrew word for day, pronounced 'yowm', means twenty-four hours, from sunset to sunset throughout the Old Testament. Many Christians mistake the days of creation as a thousand, or even billions of years, for each day to justify their belief that a day for the LORD is like a thousand years. But a thousand years is only as the LORD perceives a day, which remains a twenty-four hour period. The age of the earth in intelligent design theory is based on the existence of an infinite intelligence that can think infinitely fast. God does not lie.


It is not possible that a flower could be created at one period in time and a bee created millions of years later to pollinate that flower. Otherwise, there would be no flowers, and hence there would be no bees. The flowers and the bees had to be created during the same year, with the bees created at least the day after or when the flowers were in bloom.


Methane is not the source of life. Methane is one of many results of life. Methane does not exist without plant and animal life. Methane is only produced in nature by a group of complex little animals called methanogenic bacteria that feed on dead plants and animals in an anaerobic environment. It is the purpose of these microbes to convert fermentation products formed by other anaerobes into methane as terminal members of the food chain. In this process, simple methane is formed from the breakdown of more complex organic compounds. Methane in the presence of sunlight and oxygen in the atmosphere converts back into carbon dioxide and water. In this way dead plants and animals are recycled back into the food web.


Again, when oxygen is not present, methanogenic bacteria convert dead organic matter into methane, which then bubbles up into the atmosphere where it is oxidized into water and carbon dioxide. When oxygen is present, aerobic bacteria convert dead organic matter directly back into carbon dioxide and water to be recycled back into live plants and animals.4 Therefore, it is highly unlikely that methane existed on earth before organic matter, or as the scientific community has postulated, that organic matter evolved from methane.


Every living thing on this earth is dependent on every other inorganic and organic thing on this earth in a food chain. It is not possible for a cellulose-feeding bacterium to live billions of years without dead vegetation. Bacteria and insects cannot live millions of years without plant life. If trees lived a million or so years before a bacterium or insect lived, the fallen leaves from the trees would pile up as high as a sky scraper, killing the trees in their own leaves. Both the trees and the bacteria and insects are necessary at the same time.


In the anatomy of animal structure the membrane inside a chicken's egg shell keeps precious moisture from evaporating out of the egg, while permitting toxic gases produced in the embryonic development process to escape. The air pocket inside an egg shell gives a chick just enough air and time to peck its way out of the shell. If chickens did not develop a porous membrane inside of the egg shell, not over millions of years, but in the very first egg, there would be no chicks born.


In creation vs. evolution, the age of the earth in intelligent design theory is based on the existence of an infinite intelligence that can think infinitely fast. If one thing was missing in the food web, not for billions or millions of years, but for a few minutes to a few days, all life on earth would cease to exist as we know it. Not just flowers and bees are immediately dependent on one another, but all living things feed on, are food for, depend on or are dependent upon every other living and inorganic thing. I think if we had classes on the spontaneity of life, we would find maybe up to a billion other reasons why life had to be created instantaneously. Intelligent Design Theory should be taught in public school. Intelligent Design theory mandates that it had to take an infinite intelligence to create the earth. The age of the earth is falsely taught by ignoring the rapid decay of radioactive isotopes at the time of the flood of Noah's ark and at the time of creation, ignoring the erosion rate of the Euphrates River into the Persian Gulf , ignoring the age of the earth and moon based on dust with such a small accumulation of dust from space on the earth and the moon, ignoring the slowing of the speed of light since 4008 BC,  and by scientists fabricating false conclusions concerning big bang, black holes, and red shift.  This is forbidden knowledge to students in government-controlled schools. But modern Charles Darwin's theory of evolution "evidence and proof" are taught as if they were fact.



3. 2 Peter 3:8. 

4. Stanier, R.Y., Adelberg, E.A. and Ingram, J.L., 1976. THE MICROBIAL WORLD. Prentice-Hall, N.J., 871 pp., Genesis 1:1 – 31; 2:1 – 16.

Greenland Ice Sheets in the Glaciers


Satan is a liar and the truth is not in him. In the Bill Nye and Ken Ham debates, Bill Nye, the famous science guy on television, claims that there are 680,000 layers of snow/ice in the Greenland glaciers. No reference is given and no references can be found. It seems that Mr. Nye’s figure of 680,000 came from the volume of 680,000 cubic miles of the ice sheets in Greenland and the area of 680,000 km2 of the Greenland ice cap. Let’s look at the 680,000 layers of ice and snow that supposedly makes the earth over 680,000 years old. I live in the northern United States. After one month of snow, I cut a vertical profile in the snow that was two feet deep. The profile clearly showed five layers of ice and snow that followed snow falls followed by days above freezing. The first lie is that one layer of ice and snow represents one year of age of the earth. The second lie is that there are 680,000 layers of ice and snow in Greenland.


What I see in pictures of the Greenland glaciers is that a man standing beside a glacier in Greenland shows dark layers in the glacier approximately a foot apart in height. Does this mean that the glacier is 680,000 feet thick? That would make the glacier 129 miles deep!


In the pictures below we see ice layers about twelve feet deep.


Ice Canyon Wallpaper shows snow/ice layers about 12.5 feet apart.

Do 680,000 layers of ice/snow mean that the glacier is 680,000 x 12.5 = 8,500,000 feet or 6,641 miles deep?


Other pictures show dark layers maybe two to four inches apart. Does that mean fifty to a hundred dark layers per year with six to twelve feet of snow per year? from Red Orbit - - Your Universe Online.

 About twelve layers per foot X 12.5 feet = 150 ice layers per year 680,000 / 150 = 4533 years. 680,000 layers would make the glacier about eleven miles deep.


The deepest measurement of the ice sheet is 4548 meters, or 2.8 miles deep. At this point in the ice cap, the layers are about twelve feet apart which makes the ice cap about 1243 years old, with older layers already broken off into the ocean. If the 2.8 mile deep ice cap is believed to be 129 miles or even 11 miles deep or 680,000 years old, either the people doing the ice drilling or Bill Nye were very confused.

When the unreferenced, and probably non-existent cylinder was drilled down into the glacier, did it take 680,000 revolutions of the cylinder to drill 129 miles deep with the melted ice layers being made by the frictional heat of each revolution? Were there 680,000 / 6,000 years = 113.3 snowfalls in a year? This is an average of one snow fall every three days, followed by thawing temperatures.


But how about snow drifts when the wind blows? Are many layers of snow piled up? Greenland is very dry, meaning that the snow does not stick together but drifts all over the place whenever the wind blows. Greenland's average temperature is far below freezing or melting. Melting would cause the ice layers. In July the temperature may sometimes, but not very often, get up to 60 oF during the day, followed by freezing snow every few nights. This would create many snow and ice layers during a year. Also, Greenland is at the top of the warm Gulf Stream that brings high humidity air over cold Greenland, producing many rains and snowfalls. How many times a year does this occur?

Glaciers flow like a river, but maybe in jerks as the glacier breaks off into the ocean. Does each jerk make many layers of ice sliding upon many previous layers of ice and does this make the 680,000 probably fictional layers? There may be explanations for 680,000 layers, not in 6000 years, but in only 4500 years after the flood. Before the flood the North and South poles were tropical climate. We know this from the mastodons frozen in the arctic with tropical foliage in their mouths.


The only possible conclusion that can be made from all this is that Bill Nye’s 680,000 ice/snow layers was a complete fabrication and was never actually measured. The Greenland ice cap is about 1243 years old, not 680,000 years. Satan used the 680,000 cubic miles of the ice sheets in Greenland  and the 680,000 km2  area of the Greenland ice cap to send many believers and non-believers to hell and eternal excruciating pain and terror because of Satan’s and Nye’s false claims.

Tree Rings and the Age of the Earth


Tree rings are used for everything from the age of the trees to graphs of temperature variations over the years to precipitation and droughts, carbon dioxide levels and fires. Scientists most always use the number of rings in trees to tell us the years in which these events happened.


Bill Nye the science guy demolishes his opponents in debates by using a tree with 9500 tree rings to prove that the earth is older than the 6000 years that the Bible claims. Is it possible that all scientists are wrong? Should scientists correlate recent historical events with the actual thick and thin areas in the tree rings? Scientific method is supposed to base “facts” on testable, observable, repeatable and measureable results; but what scientist has ever made a simple test and observed, measured and correlated these results to the number of tree rings? Who knows if tree rings are not wet periods followed by dry periods instead of years? Have historically recorded rainfalls or carbon dioxide measurements and forest fires actually ever been compared with tree rings? Why are tree rings absolutely correlated to years when any these factors can produce a tree ring, especially wet and dry seasons?


Tree rings in the known age of a tree when it was planted may show more than one ring per year based on all the events that scientists relate to a single year based on tree rings. The rings in a tree are supposedly the result of one year, while in reality they are produced in tree growth by wet seasons followed by dry seasons, which could happen more than once in a year. This might mean that melting snow and/or spring rains followed by summer dry spells followed by fall rains followed by winter could make two to four tree rings in a year!


Using an average three rings per year, a tree with 9500 tree rings most likely is somewhere around 3200 years old. This tree most likely germinated and started growing about a thousand years after the flood of Noah’s Ark. I challenge all scientists to prove scientifically that the number of tree rings correspond to the years that a tree has lived.



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