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36. The Age of the Earth Based on the Earth and Moon Covered in Dust Is Not 4 Billion Years 

Dust on both the moon and the earth indicate that both bodies were created at about the same time as the Biblical age of the earth, not 4 billion years ago, but 4,000 6,000 years ago. Before the astronauts landed on the moon, scientists predicted that the layer of cosmic dust on the moon's surface would be 70 feet to a mile deep due to the age of the universe and the known deposition rate of dust from space on the earth. No one has yet explained why the dust was only 1 2 inches thick, giving the moon an age of somewhere around 4,000 6,000 years. Likewise, with one hundred tons of cosmic dust falling on the earth each year, dust would be 280 feet to four miles thick if the earth was four billion years old, and dust on the earth does not contain the amount of nickel found in cosmic dust.


These evidences of moon dust and earth strongly indicate that the time of creation may be more like the Biblical age of the earth than the billions of years that the scientific community has generally accepted. It presents facts that should warrant the study of the Bible in schools as an historical document. See also Creation Science evidence and speed of light.


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