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3. Anaerobic Bacteria and Aerobic Bacteria - HIV AIDS and H1N1 Swine Flu Virus, Cancer Virus and Other Viruses

Intelligent Design theory explains why viruses and pathogenic anaerobic (bacteria that live without oxygen) and aerobic bacteria (bacteria that must have oxygen to live) benefit life. The cancer virus and HIV virus are explained. As a simple example of Intelligent Design Theory, I once asked God in Jesus' name, "If everything You made is good, why did You create disease-causing pathogenic bacteria and viruses?" Because I asked in Jesus' name, and no one comes to the Father except through Jesus (John 14:6), the answer came to me immediately: If it were not for pathogenic bacteria, we would be up to the top of the Empire State Building in garbage. Pathogenic bacteria live in an anaerobic and partially aerobic environment for the purpose of breaking down dead organic matter, as it does in sewers and compost piles, and converts it back into beneficial nutrients that are food for plants and animals. It is when we get out of the environment that God intended us for, when we cause our bodies to be anaerobic or low in oxygen or when we pollute our bodies and turn our bodies into living garbage that anaerobic pathogenic bacteria mistake us for garbage and feed on us. So it turns out that God made both anaerobic pathogenic bacteria and aerobic bacteria for our good. Maybe this was my own answer to my own question, or maybe the answer came from God. The point is, that it presented a new viewpoint of Intelligent Design Theory that may be worthy of further research.


Leaves, dead plants and animals, dust, pollen and other waste drop to the ground, and  there is no oxygen below the surface. This enables anaerobic bacteria  to break down the organic matter. The result is sludge that the anaerobes cannot further digest, the same as sludge that accumulates at the bottom of wastewater treatment lagoons, and periodically has to be dredged out, or the lagoons would fill with sludge. If this were all that happens, we would have a pile of anaerobic, pathogenic (disease) bacteria-infested sludge up to the top of the highest buildings within about a hundred years.


Intelligent Design of life on earth takes care of this problem. Along with the benefits of acid rain, the rain comes down fully oxygenated. This oxygenated rain water penetrates down into the sludge and organic matter and provides oxygen for aerobic bacteria and kills pathogenic anaerobic bacteria. Aerobic bacteria can now feed on the sludge and break it down into carbon dioxide and water, plus some inorganic minerals that plants need for fertilizer. Now we walk through the woods, enjoying nature without ever thinking about the Intelligent Design that made it possible to enjoy our walk.


The purpose of pathogenic bacteria was easy, but how does Intelligent Design Theory explain viruses? Viruses are caused by the DNA in normal cells being altered by contaminants that God did not make, and they are passed on from generation to generation. Once the virus such as the H1N1 swine flu, cancer virus or HIV virus is produced, it can remain dormant like an inert chemical for many years until it finds the right environment to reproduce. The result is that billions of innocent people have contracted viruses through no fault of their own


God is not mocked, and most Christians do not realize that contaminating our bodies by eating food and drinking water with pesticides and pharmaceuticals in them that God did not make, or spraying vegetables and fruit trees for insects and spraying lawns for dandelions and weeds and insects and then tracking them into the house or having them washed into our drinking water is mocking God. And God said that He would punish the children for the sins of the parents to the third and fourth generation (Exodus 20:5; 34:7). God made natural pesticides, and we are not to make anything like what He made (Deuteronomy 5:8, 9).


Since the coming to earth of Jesus, God does not punish us for our sins if we accept Jesus as having been sacrificed for them. When we love God, we naturally do not want to do anything displeasing to Him, but He does not cause cancer or Hurricane Katrina if we do sin, Satan and his fallen angels (demons do). Yet God has not changed the properties of the universe as He originally created it. If we step off a cliff, gravity still exists, and we will surely suffer as a result. The cancer virus is caused by pesticides, artificial coloring and flavors and other unnatural substances, and also is hereditary. The HIV virus is caused when we do things that are not a part of Intelligent Design and wallow in filth, a human habit that not only occurred at Sodom and Gomorrah, but throughout history. To avoid pathogenic viruses, HIV AIDS virus or cancer viruses, the best we can do is to avoid things that were not designed by our infinitely intelligent Creator.


To believe Charles Darwin's theory of evolution that life is an accident without having proof in view of all the facts of creation vs. evolution is called faith. Faith believes something that cannot be proven. Faith is religion. To teach in our public schools that life is an accident is to teach a religion. Intelligent Design Theory on viruses and how pathogenic bacteria biodegrade garbage and attack low-oxygen humans and how aerobic bacteria are beneficial to the world, especially in water pollution control are science technology. It teaches us to stay healthy by breathing more deeply. To study how things work together for good is scientific study of Intelligent Design Theory. Intelligent Design Theory should be taught in public school.


People of great intellect think they understand bacteria, but only God can make a bacterium. You can ask God to explain viruses and bacteria to you, but you can only reach God through Jesus (John 14:6). Jesus is standing there knocking at your door, asking if He can come into your life (Revelation 3:20). If you only open up to Jesus, He will come into your life and allow you to ask His Father how He made viruses and bacteria.


When one believes in Intelligent Design arrangements, the purpose of viruses and pathogenic disease-causing anaerobic and aerobic bacteria become obvious. We can even find purpose in the cancer virus and HIV virus. Several other examples of Intelligent Design Theory and a belief in God to encourage scientific endeavors are given in this book. Others more intelligent than I could write a much better book on Intelligent Design Theory of anaerobic and aerobic bacteria, cancer virus or HIV virus, or make better discoveries than these presented here by following this rudimentary example. Intelligent Design theory for suggested electrotherapy and magnetic therapy natural healing of HIV AIDS virus, cancer and other pathogenic bacteria, viruses and fungi gives some simple advice.  


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