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Section 20. Ancient Use of Intelligent Design Theory

100. Ancient Civilizations, Druids, Easter Island, Sabian Magi and Sri Lanka Knew and Used Intelligent Design Theory

Ancient Civilizations

 Intelligent Design Theory is not the exclusive property of any religion, but has been used to advantage throughout all history by people of all religious and non-religious beliefs. Ancient civilizations such as the Druids, Easter Island, the Sabian magi and Sri Lanka knew and used Intelligent Design Theory to accomplish great feats that we cannot accomplish today.

The Druids

The Druids believed in a triune God having three aspects and three names that ruled over many other gods (angels?) that also had three aspects. The Druids also believed in an afterlife, and so, the Celts under the Druids were quick to accept Christianity. The Druids were artisans, judges, astronomers and scientists. They knew many of the same scientific and astrological and astronomical things that the Pythagoreans knew. Pythagoras also believed in a triune god and an afterlife of love, peace and joy.


The engineering and astronomical marvel of Stonehenge and many other megalithic sites in Britain were most likely built by the Druids either just before or just after the Flood. Stonehenge aligns with the summer and winter solstice and with several astronomical occurrences of the planets and stars. How the stones were placed there, and how the stones resting on the top of the vertical stones were placed there is an engineering mystery. The Druids also could predict future events. A study of how it was done should not be prohibited merely because the Druids had a religion of some sort.

Easter Island

Whoever made the gigantic heads and statues at Easter Island weighing 80 tons and more and moved them about ten miles to their present location also knew science that we do not know today. It is believed that Polynesians visited the island about 700 AD, but no one knows when the monolithic statues were built there and on several other islands.46 Because today's scientists cannot figure out how these huge stones were moved, the wildest speculations are that they were built by aliens from outer space. The only other logical explanation is that they were in touch with a spiritual intelligence that is far from the capabilities of scientists today.  But that explanation is prohibited by a discriminatory law and denial of freedom of speech imposed by the Supreme Court in violation of the Constitution of the United States.


The Sabian Magi


The magi of the New Testament were not Jewish, but Sabian; Christianity had not yet been established. The magi were astrologers, a combination of astronomy and astrology. Yet the magi knew exactly where and when the Son of God would come to the earth. They knew this not by premonition, but by a study of Intelligent Design of the universe of which we are ignorant today. Similar observations were made by Nostradamus, the Druids and Pythagoras. There are several groups of Sabians that come from the region in and around Iraq (Babylon) from whence the magi came. Some of these Sabians worshipped the sun and moon and stars while others worshipped God as a result of David of the Bible being kept in captivity there.

Sri Lanka

When I was in Sri Lanka (previously called Ceylon), a small island south of India, I learned about the magnificent mountain there called Adam's Peak where a five-foot long by two-foot wide footprint is on top of a blue sapphire. The mountain is surrounded by rubies, sapphires and other precious gem stones. This mountain slopes straight up. To build steps going up the mountain to worship required skill to climb and build that is not known today. The Natives call Adam Baba, meaning Father. I later read that the Jewish historian Moses Maimonides wrote that Sabians believed that Adam left Ceylon and entered the region of Babylon (Iraq), which may include the Garden of Eden.


According to our illegal Supreme Court separation of church and state ruling, Intelligent Design cannot be taught in secular schools. However, it is a part of various beliefs in the world in which we are immersed, however trivial. Illegal knowledge such as the Supreme Court ruling gives us insight as to what different people think and how they came to believe it. Intelligent Design theory enabled ancient civilizations such as the Druids, the Sabian magi, Easter Island and Sri Lanka to accomplish great engineering feats that cannot be duplicated with modern machinery. Intelligent Design Theory should be taught in school.


46. Routledge, Katherine, 1919. THE MYSTERY OF EASTER ISLAND. Hazell, Watson and Viney, London; Thom, Alexander, 1967. MEGALITHIC SITES IN BRITAIN; ibid. MEGALITHIC LUNAR OBSERVATORIES. 


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