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80. Intelligent Design for How to Get

Answered Prayer through Jesus Christ and the Will of God

Intelligent design enables your prayers to be answered and teaches you how to get your prayers answered through Jesus Christ and the will of God. Belief in Intelligent Design is so important to you, I want to take time to give just three of hundreds of examples of how to get your prayers answered as results of  times when it was in harmony with that mind of Christ Jesus (Phil. 2: 5) and desirous of acting according to the will of God (Mt. 26: 39).


1. In 1970 BC (before computers), I was sitting at our dining room table, adding up long columns of figures with a pencil. I had put all the money I had into a new business, CLEAN-FLO International for rent, furniture, machinery and equipment. I had to make a cash flow projection to the state so we could have a private stock offering. I would add up eighteen months of figures, and they did not work out right, so I would have to start all over. My fingers were aching, and my head was spinning from fatigue. I threw my pencil down on the table, and said to my wife Betty, who was across the table from me, "I've just got to have a calculator."


This was back in 1970, when electronic calculators were just being developed. I had spent most of my money trying to start a business. I had in mind to go to a pawnshop and see if I could buy an old "hand crank" calculator.


As I was throwing the pencil down, the telephone rang. It was Les Larson on the phone. He sounded real excited, and asked if I could come to his office right away, because he wanted to invest in our company.


I drove over to Business Machine Services, Les' company, and walked into the lobby. The receptionist called Les, who hastily came.


"Come into my office," he said, walking quickly. When we entered his office, the first words he said were, "How would you like to have a calculator?" And he motioned to a new electronic calculator on his desk. I looked at it, and knew I could not afford it.


"As a matter of fact, I was just thinking about a calculator. But what would something like this cost?"


"Well, they sell for four hundred dollars, but take it. Keep it as long as you can use it, and give it back when you are done."


The Lord was already answering my prayer before I asked, or even realized that I needed a calculator. His timing was absolutely perfect, so there was no doubt that the Lord did it.


Years later, I called Les and said that I should either pay him for his calculator, or give it back to him. He said, "Well, they only cost twenty dollars now, so just keep it."


2. One Wednesday I was sitting at my desk and I said, "Lord, you got me into this business . . . at least I thought you did. But you're not providing, Lord. If you don't want me in this business, I'll get out. I'll tell you what, Lord; either you provide twenty-five hundred dollars by three o'clock next Monday afternoon, or I'm going to shut it down." This was back in 1971, when $2,500 was worth $25,000 in today's currency.


Instead of trying to get sales, I decided to sit at my desk and do nothing. If the Lord wanted us to stay in the business, He would have to bring in twenty-five hundred dollars in sales. Thursday came and went while I waited for the phone to ring, or for an order to come in the mail. Nothing happened. Nothing happened on Friday, either. Saturday I went in and just sat there, waiting for the mail, and for the phone to ring. Nothing happened. I knew an order would come in the mail. The mail came, and it was nothing but a few bills and advertisements. I checked my pocket, and I had $1.25. This was all we had . . . no money in the bank, no credit cards, no money at home. I went to lunch. A hamburger cost a dollar in those days, and I left a quarter tip.


Our two son's school lunch was 45 cents each. I suddenly realized that I spent our son's lunch money for Monday. I said, "Lord, you're not going to let me send our boys to school without lunch money, are you? That night I was looking for a key in my desk drawer. There, to my surprise was ninety-eight cents in the drawer . . . ninety cents plus what I had learned is the number for Jesus - - 8!


It was now Monday, and no sales occurred that morning. I came back to the shop and began taking the books off the shelf, emptying my desk, and putting everything in boxes. My office was in the back, and between my office and the front door, David Kallman was machining parts on our mill. I started walking toward Dave to tell him I was sorry, but I had to shut down the business, and I was laying him off. When I got to Dave, the front door opened. A piece of paper quickly came through the opening. Then I saw a hand holding the paper, then an arm, and then Paul Englund came through the door. He walked to me as fast as he could with his arm outstretched, as if the piece of paper was pulling him. He jammed the paper in my hand, and said, "Here, I want to invest in your company!"


I looked at the paper. It was a check for exactly $2,500. I looked at my watch. It was exactly 3:00 p.m. to the second! Why wasn't the check for $5,000, or for $1,500? Why didn't it come two weeks before or three weeks from then? Why did it come at exactly 3:00 p.m. instead of 3:30, or 11:00 a.m.? I knew that God wanted us in this business and through all the trials and tribulations that were to follow for the next twenty years, I would never again doubt it. Over the next twenty years, people were to make many offers to buy the company. My friends would ask me why I didn't sell it and go back to electronics. The thought of getting out never again entered my mind until it was time that God wanted me to tell the world about the true structure of the atoms.


3.  Back at the beginning of the business we were out of money again, as always, and I had to move out of Harry Grangroth's shop where I was renting. I thought about moving everything into my basement, and had visions of junk filling my basement at home, including the basement stairs.  When I went to bed that night, I said a simple prayer: "Find me a warehouse, Lord. And make it as cheap as possible." Immediately, as I was falling asleep, I had a vision of a check for $17.50.


The next morning I was taking things out of Harry's shop and putting them in the trunk of my Cadillac. I knew I could not fit everything that I wanted to keep in my basement. Harry said that there was a space in the back of his shop he was not using, and I could rent it if I wanted to. I said, "Well, I don't know . . . how much?" He said, "How about seven dollars and fifty cents a month?" I thought about the vision of the check I had the night before, and wondered why Harry wanted less than $17,50. I said to myself, "Thank you Lord, that's cheap enough," and agreed to take it.


There was a trash can outside, and I would pick up a piece and look at it, and ask myself if I should put it in my car, in the trash can, or in my new warehouse space. Every time I thought to throw something in the trash can, Harry would say, "Hey, that's something I really have a use for! Do you need it, or can I buy it from you?" I would say, "Well, make me an offer." He would say, "How about one month of free rent?" By the time I got done, I had thirteen months of free rent, and Harry wrote me a check for $17.50! I said to myself, "Thank you Lord, that's cheap enough!" 


These miracles occurred long ago at times when I was in harmony with Jesus and in desperate need for money. It was only recently that I learned the atomic physics of the structure of the atom and the universe based on Intelligent Design. I know that the stars are not God. But the stars are made from God. The world is not God. But everything in the world is made out of God. God is spiritual. Everything in the world is material, in combination with the Spirit of God. This means that everything is naturally in harmony with God. Discord results when the material things get out of harmony with God's laws. Now, when I pray for a healing, I imagine all the atoms and molecules wanting to vibrate in harmony with God. I can visualize a perfect body, the way God intended it to be. I can visualize that person running and playing, singing and dancing in perfect health. When you cut yourself, you usually don't pray. You know that cut is going to heal with no conscious effort on your part. This is God's awesome Intelligent Design.


Jesus Christ answers prayer, putting things back together according to Intelligent Design the way He planned them in the first place. It is how to get your prayers answered through belief in Jesus and striving to live and pray according to the will of God.


Copyright (C) 2010 Robert L. Laing  All rights reserved


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