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31. Five Facts About Antimatter and Big Bang Theories that Contradict Black Holes

Facts about Black Holes, space and the eyes of hurricanes, the orbits of aquatic whirlpools and the orbits of earth satellites destroy the evidence of the Black Holes in space theory and antimatter. This places creationism vs. evolution in favor of Intelligent Design creationism over evolution in public schools. Black Holes do not prove the Big Bang theory or modern Charles Darwin theory of evolution evidence. Antimatter and Black Holes in space theory and what is the Big Bang theory are disproved by hurricanes and creationism vs. evolution.


Black Holes, which have never been proven, are supposed to prove antimatter, which has never been proven. Antimatter is supposed to attract and convert all matter in the universe into antimatter, anti-electrons and antiprotons so the Big Bang, which has never been proven, can start a new universe all over again. Next time, the universe will supposedly be made up of antimatter, so the Big Bang cycle can be repeated over and over again, each time a Big Bang producing life as a result of evolution, which has never been proven and therefore there supposedly is evidence of the Big Bang Theory. A Black hole is supposedly so strong that it even supposedly sucks up light, a phenomenon which has never been proven. Science used to require that for theories to become scientific facts the theories must be observable, testable and repeatable. Unproven theories should not be taught as facts.


Black Holes at the center of galaxies are supposed to suck all the stars in the galaxy into the black hole, annihilating the present universe so we can start over again. Since there are many galaxies with a black hole, there are many universes. One little problem: No star or anything else has ever been observed to be sucked into a black hole. Since no light comes out of a black hole, some say this is proof that light is being sucked into the black hole. This is a religion of speculative imagination, blind faith and opportune reasoning. The fact that we cannot see the light from black holes is only proof that no light comes from black holes. It is not proof that black holes suck up light. Yet these scientists preach that Intelligent Design Theory should not be taught in school.


Suppose there is no matter or antimatter at all in the center of a galaxy. Then we also would see no light. God could make antimatter if it so pleased Him, but perhaps God has shown us something on earth just to prove the scoffers wrong. Nicola Tesla built a vacuum turbine because Hurricanes are very similar in shape and movement patterns as galaxies. A hurricane has an eye at its center. This is a very calm area, probably due to centrifugal force. Because there is no matter in the center of hurricanes, there is no centripetal force and "black holes" are created, the same as we see in galaxies. As matter toward the center of circulating masses approaches the center, it must move faster. Centrifugal force causes the matter to move farther from the center, leaving a void in the center. It happens that tornados also have low pressure centers, not negative pressure as evolutionists believe about black holes, and aquatic whirlpools have very visual and obvious calm and vacant centers. It also happens that circulating wind patterns as fronts move across the rotating earth  and have calm centers. Perhaps then, the so-called black holes are just empty space. Then there are no black holes and no light emission; and there is no antimatter, just as we indicated above that there never was what the Big Bang theory claims. If, in fact, there are no black holes, then it also just may be that there never was antimatter and a Big Bang.


Astronomers have made three amazing discoveries concerning black holes. 1. All galaxies rotate. 2. Black holes exist at the center of most every galaxy. 3. The larger the black holes, the faster the stars at the outer edge of the galaxy move. If astronomers would point their telescopes toward the earth, they would discover how all hurricanes, tornadoes and whirlpools are formed and have the same characteristics. They all have vacant holes at their centers.


As we discuss Sunspots and nuclear reactions on the sun when we look at the interior of the sun, all heavenly bodies orbit a central gravitational point such that the centrifugal force on each body is exactly equaled by centripetal gravitational force. Gravity (Section 11) pulls these particles from a straight path into a circular path and the net outward or inward force is zero. The same is true of every planet in the solar system. The same is true of every 'moon' or satellite revolving about every planet, and of every star in every galaxy. And we use this law of nature to keep our satellites in space either orbiting the earth, or remaining stationery at a point above a certain location on the earth as the earth rotates. There is no proof of antimatter. For Opposing views, please see Related Links.


Thus we learn that facts about space, the moon's orbit, galaxies, tornadoes, the eye of the hurricane, the void in the center of aquatic whirlpools and the orbit of earth satellites destroy the evidence of Black Holes in space, antimatter and evidence of what is the Big Bang theory. This places creation vs. evolution in favor of Intelligent Design age of the universe and creationism over evolution in public schools. Black holes in space and antimatter do not exist, and do not prove Darwin evolution. Antimatter, Black Holes in space the Big Bang theory are disproved by hurricanes and creationism vs. evolution.


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