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Section 25. The Mind, Politics and Religion

108. Atheism, Socialism, Communism and Slavery versus God, Jesus Christ, Freedom and Capitalism

Sir Isaac Newton believed in God, as did famous scientists in history with religious beliefs such as Pasteur, George Washington Carver, Albert Einstein, Mendel and Becquerel. During the period from the discovery of America until about the 1960's that America believed in God, America became the greatest nation on earth while the other nations stood still, both in science and in prosperity. This Section is about atheism, socialism and communism versus God, Jesus Christ and capitalism. It is about communism and slavery versus freedom and capitalism.


It may be comfortable and legal to make up one's mind concerning a subject and then close it to all other possibilities; but that comfort and legality does not often lead to a whole lot of progress. A genius is often no smarter than the average person. A genius is one who thinks about a particular subject so long that he or she eventually comes up with original thoughts concerning that subject. Or a genius may be one like Sir Isaac Newton who asks God how He made something work and God reveals enough to give that person original thoughts.


God has shown me

Just enough that I can see

That I could never be

As infinitely intelligent as He.


God has told me

Just enough that I could hear

That I could not exist

Unless He was very, very near.


God has taught me

Just enough that I could know

That He will never leave me

Makes no difference where I go.


Atheism versus Creation and the Life of Jesus


Atheists believe that creation and the life of Jesus are not scientific because they cannot be observed or repeated. This makes your claim about who you talked to and what was said at lunch today unscientific because it cannot be observed or repeated. There are thousands more reports of the life of Jesus by witnesses than there are of the life of Napoleon


Scientific evidence of creation is much more obvious than any single claim of the evolutionists, because scientists cannot observe or repeat one single evolutionary claim. Contrary to the concept of millions of accidental assembly events over billions of years when they all had to happen at the same time for any plant, animal or bacterium to live, the extreme complexity and harmony of everything we repeatedly observe, such as DNA, reproduction and thought is scientific evidence of an infinitely intelligent Creator.


Evidence of the life of Jesus, His death and resurrection is so abundant that what He did and said converted billions of people to Christianity. The proof of thousands of Old and New Testament stories and prophecies have been proven by thousands of historians and archaeological discoveries.


New claims of the Higgs boson God particle are based on the ludicrous disintegration of an atom or a proton by an atom smasher.


While many evolution-believing scientists have come up with useful developments, I hope that what I have presented here is sufficient evidence to demonstrate that the possibilities of the existence of an Intelligent Creator, the historicity of Noah's ark and the Flood and the coming to earth of Jesus Christ should be discussed in secular schools. The three basic rules of Communism are atheism, evolution, and economic determinism As a result of an entire generation of such teaching, America is now on the verge of becoming an enslaved country under the United New World Order and government, perhaps by the end of 2015, and we must do all we can to prevent it as quickly as possible.


Nostradamus' predictions cannot be deciphered until after something happens, and then we have to guess that what happened is what he meant. The Bible clearly and accurately predicts exactly what is happening today with Islam (Psalm 83), demons in flying saucers (Revelation 9:1-11) the New World Order (Revelation 17, in which the Hebrew meaning of Babylon is confusion) , the greatest number of wars, earthquakes, famines and increase in sin (Matthew 24 and Revelation).


According to the US Constitution, our government should not outlaw religion, nor should it prevent the free exercise of religion, including discussions, pro and con, in our classrooms. Publishing or displaying the Ten Commandments can do much to restore harmony on earth; not publishing or displaying the Ten Commandments has resulted in a great deal of harm. The results of permitting knowledge to be taught can only be beneficial, while 'separation of church and state' has been considerably damaging. We are now in political battle about whether atheism, socialism, communism and slavery will prevail over God, Jesus Christ, capitalism and freedom. "Oh say does that Star Spangled Banner still wave o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?"


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