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Section 9: The True Structure of the Atom


46. Intelligent Design of

The Atom and the Hidden Nature of God and Jesus Christ

The atom and the universe can only be the result of Intelligent Design. The atomic universe is the material universe that we behold with our eyes and our other material senses.  If we worship that which God created, that which we see outside of ourselves and that which we see of ourselves, it takes us away from the God that created it and the kingdom of heaven that Jesus said resides within us. The atomic universe is that which we can see.  It is material. The thing that created it cannot be seen, except the Spirit of God or Jesus Christ reveals it to us.

We are not to worship what God created.  But if we behold what God created, the Bible says it teaches us about the nature of God.  When you look at the Mona Lisa, it teaches you a tiny facet about the personality of Leonardo da Vinci. If you look at a Bowie knife, it teaches you a little about Jim Bowie.  If we look at the things that God created, they teach us that the mind of God is infinitely intelligent, beyond our comprehension. When we learn what we can about the atom and what we can see, test and measure in the universe, we begin to learn just a little about God and Intelligent Design.


Is it possible for God to teach me the hydrogen building block structure of the atoms as He designed it? Can He communicate to me how the electron and proton combine to make building blocks called atoms, which can then combine in near-infinite ways to make granite or skin, a rose petal or near-infinite other combinations? Can God show me how these atoms produce gravity and light and what the nature of light and gravity really is? Yes, it is possible, in an extremely limited way. It still leaves a googolplex of things yet to learn.


Before I became a Christian, I believed that everything on earth is too complex and too harmonious for there not to be an Intelligent Designer who put it all together. I prayed to God, but He never answered a prayer. After I accepted Jesus Christ as God's sacrifice for my sins, I quit praying. I started talking to God; carrying on conversations. Because my interest is in science, most of my questions were about how God put things together to make things work. The result is the scientific discoveries that are given throughout this book for first time.


Here is an example of conversations I have had, this one not scientific.


After I became a Christian, I was frequently asked to be a speaker at Christian Business Men's Committee (CBMC) luncheons.  After about two years, I was invited to be a guest speaker at the CBMC in St. Paul, Minnesota, for the second time. I never prepared a speech, so on the way over to the luncheon, I asked the Lord to tell me what to talk about, as I always did. 


He said in a clear voice in my head, "Don't pray after your talk." It was always the custom to pray for those who wanted to become Christians after a talk. In fact, we were instructed by the CBMC leadership to do that. I said, "Okay, Lord, I won't pray. The leader of the group can pray in my place."


He said, "After your talk, I want you to ask if anyone wants prayer, to raise their hand. Then go over and put your hand on them, but don't pray." These people at CBMC are very conventional Christians who usually believe that the gifts of the Spirit only occurred 2000 years ago. To introduce something like a spiritual gift would enrage them, as these talks were very structured.


I said, "That's crazy, Lord! They will be outraged. They will never let me speak again."


He said, "Bob, you're not listening to me. Do as I said."


I said, "No, Lord; that is crazy. I won't do it."


He, said, "Bob, you are not obeying me."


I argued with the Lord most of the long drive to the meeting, and He kept saying, "You are not obeying me, Bob." So I finally said, "All right, I'll do it. But they will kick me out of CBMC and never let me speak again."


I gave my talk on how I became a Christian, and the many miracles that came afterwards. Then I asked, "Now I know I should pray for everyone that would like to accept Jesus as your Savior, but I am not going to pray. If anyone wants me to pray for you, raise your hand and I will come over and just put my hand on you and let the Lord do the praying." I saw the leader of the group open his mouth wide in astonishment, his face got bright red and he put his hands to his head like he wanted to crawl out of there.


Three people raised their hands. I went over and put my hand on each of their shoulders, closed my eyes and bowed my head, one at a time and tried not to think of anything until I felt that the Lord was done doing whatever He wanted to do.


After the meeting, The CBMC called a luncheon meeting of all the speakers, about two hundred of us. After the lunch, the leader of the Saint Paul CBMC got up and without mentioning my name, told everyone what a ridiculous thing I had done, and how embarrassed he was by it. They passed out pamphlets telling exactly how we were to give talks, what we were to say and do, and not say and do, and another speaker went through the pamphlet word by word, referring to the disaster I caused without mentioning my name, with great explanations of each paragraph. I wanted to crawl under the table. And I said to myself, "See, Lord? I told you so."


I used to speak on a monthly basis, and many guests became Christians, but a year went by, and I was never asked to speak again. I knew I should not have done what I did. Then one day I got a phone call. The person calling said he wanted me to speak at the St. Paul CBMC on a certain date.


I told him that I had never been asked to speak since I spoke at St. Paul a year ago, and I was sure the CBMC did not want me to speak. He said, "I am in charge now, and I want you to speak."


He continued, "The date I want you to speak is the one year anniversary of the last time you spoke. I came to the meeting that noon. It was to be the last thing I ever did. I was an alcoholic, my wife had left me, I lost my children, I lost my job, I lost my bank account, I lost my car. I lost my home. I had a gun in my pocket. All I wanted to do was hear the speaker at the meeting give the closing prayer, and then I was going to go outside and shoot myself.


"But you did not pray, and it really upset me. So I raised my hand, hoping you would pray for me. But you wouldn't even pray for me! When you put your hand on my shoulder, a bright light and warm feeling went through my whole body. It changed my life and I accepted Jesus as my Savior. I have never had a drink again. I have my job back with a raise in position and pay, I have my wife and children back and a new car. I am now the leader of the St. Paul CBMC and I want you to speak at the one year anniversary of your last speech."


I spoke, and spoke at one or two other meetings since then, but it has been a long time now since I have spoken. It doesn't matter. God knows what he is doing, and I can only guess. I have a treasure in my heart that I think of often, how God saved a destroyed man from suicide. What a miracle! What a Divine Touch!


I look at what was created by Intelligent Design and ask God questions. Truly the Bible is right when it says that all that can be known of God lies plainly before our eyes; indeed God Himself has disclosed it to us.  Ever since the world began, his invisible attributes, that is to say His everlasting power and divine nature, have been clearly seen in the things He has made (Rom 1:19-20).


I can apply what I know about electrons, protons, atoms and the universe to what others have discovered about electrons and protons, atoms and the universe. God scattered little clues throughout the Bible concerning what He created. And if the spiritual kingdom of Heaven is really within us as Jesus Christ said, then it is possible that the Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit could even reveal some truths about Intelligent Design of the atom and the universe to us, as was revealed to me and is explained in the following pages. I was awakened at 2:00 AM in the morning every night for three years with one tiny precept of the atom. It was not until three years had passed that it all came together for me, as is shown in the following pages.


Infinite Wisdom, Intelligence, Purity and Love existed for eternity before God created the first atom. He certainly had a long time to design those characteristics into electrons, protons, and the first atom, as you will learn.


Copyright (C) 2010 Robert L. Laing  All rights reserved


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