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54. Intelligent Design Theory of

The Beryllium Atom Model and the Crystal Structure of Beryllium





Intelligent Design concepts produced this picture of the beryllium atom model (left) made up of four H2 hydrogen atoms lying in the same plane, but perpendicular to one another. When these are stacked on top of each other, they form a pure beryllium crystal (right) that has is a flat plate with square or rectangular sides and rises vertically at an angle of 60o, the same as the atoms would stack on top of one another and end to end. The crystal is embedded in resin to protect it. Photo of the crystal is from the Elements Collection at


The beryllium atom model with its electrons, protons and neutrons is really four H2 hydrogen atoms attracted together by electronic charge in a flat plane, but with the H2 hydrogen atoms perpendicular to each other. This results in a reliable picture of an atom model that is the same shape as a picture of the crystal structure of beryllium, just as the carbon atom model is the same shape as a diamond. Because of its crystalline structure, beryllium is nonmagnetic, has one of the highest melting points of the light metals and has excellent thermal conductivity.

Intelligent Design Theory results in a credible structure of an atom model and picture of a carbon crystal. See Related Links


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