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102. The Bible and 27 Evolution Myths and Miracles

In creation vs. evolution, the Bible abounds with truth, substantiated history and prophesies that have come true while the theory of evolution abounds with myths and speculation. Which is easier to believe? The Supreme Court makes it legal to teach questionable evolution myths and unproven science in defense of Charles Darwin's theory of evolution, but against the illegal misinterpretation of the US Constitution to teach the Bible and that life is not accidental. Belief in evolution results in crime without conscience and despair because evolutionists believe that when they die they will cease to exist. Belief in creation reduces crime and promotes a healthy life, knowing that we will live forever in heaven.


Archaeologists have confirmed that Biblical history is extremely accurate. Almost all of the Bible prophecies have come true, and the remaining few left are rapidly coming true as we approach the coming new world order, the tribulation and the return of Jesus as described in the Biblical book of Revelation. In addition to history and prophesies, the Bible teaches an explicit way of life that is free from evil, crime, turmoil and confusion.


According to the book of Exodus in the Bible, through God Moses threw a stick down and it turned into a snake. When he picked it up, it turned into a stick. Then the Pharaoh of Egypt's magicians did the same thing. The Egyptians turned the Nile into blood, the same as Moses did, and caused the same plagues that Moses caused. Scientists today dismiss this as mythology. Obviously, if this story is true, the Pharaoh of Egypt's magicians had knowledge that we do not possess today. Moses performed many miracles and the Pharaoh of Egypt's magicians performed the same miracles until the final miracle: the Passover in which the Jews placed the blood of an innocent lamb above their doors, predicting God's sacrifice of His first-born Son and the coming of Jesus, the Lamb of God. The first-born Egyptian sons were killed (sacrificed to pay for their father's sins), but the first-born Jewish sons were passed over (Exodus 7:8 12:30).


The Book of Exodus describes many more miracles performed by Moses in the wilderness, beginning with the parting of the Red Sea and including the miraculous Ark of the Covenant in which Moses placed the tablets that God wrote the Ten Commandments on with His finger. A similar ark made of wood and covered inside and out with gold like the Ark of the Covenant was found at the tomb of King Tutankhamen, built about a hundred years earlier. The only reasonable explanation can be that the ancestors of the Egyptians lived before the Flood of Noah and knew about the Ark of the Covenant. Ham, Noah's son went to Egypt immediately after the Flood. Noah, whose father was alive when Adam was alive, must have had knowledge of God that we can only imagine. Noah's construction of the ark is proof of this. It must have been knowledge that the Egyptians used to perform many miracles. This was knowledge that Moses must have learned as Pharaoh of Egypt's adopted son, and God's Son Jesus had even more knowledge.


The Knights Templar spent seven years in the basement of Solomon's destroyed temple. When they came out they were great builders of a new type of Gothic architecture, loaned money and quickly became the wealthiest people in the world.


The Ark of the Covenant is a prediction of Jesus, the Law inside a vessel (the womb of the Virgin Mary and in the bodies of those who believe in Jesus and follow Him). The Ark of the Covenant performed many miracles, just as Jesus performed many miracles. Jesus did not change the law; he merely simplified it to "love God and love your neighbor as yourself'.


It is against the law to believe that some of the ancients had access to mysteries of intelligent design that we do not have today. But here are examples of legal miracles and myths that cannot be proven by today's leading scientists and evolutionists that control secular schools. Only the unproven myths are evidence supporting the evolution theories of Charles Darwin after one hundred and sixty-five years of failures can be taught:

Evolution Myths

 It is legal to teach these questionable evolution myths, miracles and "facts" supporting evolution vs. creationism in secular schools, but illegal to teach that life is not accidental. Evolution is based on theoretical claims rather than observable science. After one hundred and sixty-five years of searching for one single evolution evidence that evolution is true, the most "scientific evidence" of evolution I have seen given is, "If you believe in God, believe in the Bible, believe in Creation and believe that the earth is young you are a backwoods flat earth-believing fundamentalist, and anything you say is fanatical hysterics."


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