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Biography of Robert Laing

Founder, former President, C.E.O. and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Clean-Flo Laboratories, Inc. from 1970 to 2005, now Clean-Flo International, Bob Laing has a B.S. degree in Electronic Engineering, University of Michigan, 1958 with extension studies at University of Minnesota, College of St. Thomas, and Normandale College, Minneapolis. After becoming a Christian, Bob asked God many questions concerning Intelligent Design theory and technology. Answers quickly came to him concerning the anomalous, unusual and unique properties of water, the structure of the atom including the atomic model of the hydrogen atom, helium, lithium, beryllium structure, boron and the carbon atom model. Answers came to questions such as is the speed of light constant, why do comets in space have a glow in front of them, black hole facts, antimatter and big bang, the Niels Bohr atom planetary solar system, the cause of gravity, Einstein relativity and the speed of light, micronutrients, water pollution control, the Van de Graff generator, radon gas, the Grand Canyon and the Badlands, carbon dioxide and global warming, separation of church and state and much, much more.


Robert Laing founded Clean-Flo Laboratories, Inc. on June 1, 1970.  From 1962 to 1970, he owned Laing Development Company, a computer design and electron ballistics consulting firm based in Fort Worth, Texas and Minneapolis, Minnesota.  He started his career in 1958 as an Aerospace Systems Design engineer with General Dynamics, Fort Worth, where he redesigned the bombing/navigation test computer for the B-58 Hustler airplane. After temporarily retiring at age 29 as a result of his patented micronutrient injection for trees, Laing then built one of the first negative ion generators, converted one of the first cell phones from reed relay reception to digital components, built a non-electrical air exchanger for bomb shelters, and then designed, built and patented a high voltage electron beam Van de Graff generator.


The holder of several domestic and international patents in electron ballistics, water pollution control, how to find springs in the ocean and agricultural chemistry, Mr. Laing is a known author and has been a frequent speaker on lake restoration, aquatic plant management, water pollution control, Intelligent Design theory and atomic physics.


Mr. Laing has been listed in Who's Who in the Southwest, Who's Who in the Midwest, Who's Who in Finance and Industry, Dictionary of International Biography (Cambridge, England), and Men of Achievement (Cambridge).  He served on U.S. Rep. James Ramstad's Environmental Advisory Committee.


He was the recipient of an Award for Outstanding Services, Foundation for the Advancement of Chiropractic Research, 1968, for the discovery of electromagnetic wave emissions from dislocated vertebrae of the human spine.  He was also the recipient of the Notable Americans Award, 1976.


In March 2002, Mr. Laing won the Innovation in Environment Technology Award sponsored by the Wisitex Foundation. The foundation is located in New Delhi, India and promotes technology that solves environmental problems in India. He was also featured in SPAN Magazine of New Delhi, and in many US publications, including Fortune, Newsweek, Corporate Report, Minneapolis/St. Paul and the book MINNESOTA - LAND of LAKES AND INNOVATION by Nood Wharton Reynolds, Cherbo Publishing Group, Inc. 1998.




Bob Laing when God revealed the true structure of the H2 atom in contrast with the Niels Bohr model of the atom and the cause of gravity to him in the late 1990’s.

"You know, it would be sufficient to really understand the electron." Albert Einstein


Mr. Laing has authored A non-toxic lake management program, Hyacinth Control Journal (Now the Aquatic Plant Management Society), Volume 12, May, 1974; The restoration of Lake Weston, Orlando, Florida, J. of Aquatic Plant Management, 1977; Restoring Dying Lakes, Speech, 18th Annual Conference of the Aquatic Plant Management Society;  The use of multiple inversion and Clean-Flo Lake Cleanser in controlling aquatic plants, J. Aquatic Plant Management, 1979; Water is no accident, in Science at the Crossroads:  Observation or Speculation?  Proc. of the 1983 National Creation Conference, St. Paul-Minneapolis; Discussion: The effects of artificial circulation on a hypereutrophic lake, American Water Resources Association, Water Resources Bulletin, Vol. 28, No. 2, 1992; Essentials for life, Proc. Twin-Cities Creation Science Conference 1992; Aeration and pollutant abatement in the Helpe Mineure River, Fourmies, France, 13th Int'l Symposium No. Am. Lake Management Soc., Seattle, 1993; Panelist, Treatment technologies for remediation of eutrophic reservoirs and lakes, Clean River Taiwan Seminar, US-AEP/Foundation Taiwan Industry Joint Conference, Jan. 1995; Control of cyanophyceae in reservoirs and lakes, 6th Int'l Conf. on the Conservation and Management of Lakes-Kasumigaura'95, Oct., 1995; India Cleans up Polluted Lakes and Rivers, Water and Wastewater International, May 2003; Clean River Taiwan Seminar, US-AEP/Foundation Taiwan Industry Joint Conf., Jan. 1995; Guest teacher, Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea Dept. of Civil Engineering. Graduate School, Feb. 1995; Guest speaker, Institute of Engineering, Tribhuvan University, Nepal, Sept. 2001; Several unpublished or web site technical papers. He Co-authored the book LITTLE THINKERS - - SQUEEZING COMMON SENSE OUT OF LIFE’S TOUGHEST QUESTIONS, Xulon Press, 2013 and wrote the book HISTORY OF JESUS CHRIST THE HUMAN GOD, Xulon Press, 2014.



At Clean-Flo Laboratories, Inc., Mr. Laing developed the continuous laminar flow inversion/oxygenation system, Clean-Flo Lake Cleanser, a non-toxic phosphate precipitant; Lake Care, a non-toxic water clarifier; Sky Blue Lake Dye; and Clean-Flo Living Organisms, which are microorganisms to feed on organic sediment, oils, pesticides and phosphorus and nitrogen.  All of these work together in the world's first successful non-toxic lake, river and reservoir restoration process.  In June 1993 the city of Fourmies, France won the two highest environmental awards for use of the Clean-Flo process to restore the L'Helpe River.  A few of approximately 3000 successful restoration projects include the pond at St. James Park at Buckingham Palace, the Feng-Shan Reservoir in Taiwan, some of the most famous park ponds in Japan and Taiwan, and The King's Palace in Seoul, Korea.  The process was tested in bays of the ocean in Korea and Japan, and for red tide control in the Philippines.


In 2009 and 2010, Laing made five new discoveries in water pollution control that are presently being tested. These include removal of naphthenic acids, clay and salt from oil refinery tar sands tailings, removal of pesticides, antibiotics, pharmaceuticals, trihalomethanes, geosmin and carcinogens from drinking water reservoirs, and treatment of manure pits under barns.


At a recent speech, Mr. Laing said, "Over the past 50 years, toxins, fish kills, bacterial outbreaks, toxic cyanobacteria, muck deposition, weeds and algae have increased exponentially.  Water, our most precious natural resource, is now not only unfit for swimming, fishing and drinking; it is killing humans and animals at an ever-increasing rate.  The Clean-Flo process has restored over three thousand polluted bodies of water economically and by natural methods.  This is an idea that must now explode."


Laing's most recent developments are a means of  harnessing the energy in lightning.


"Bob Laing has done things in the past that I would have thought to be impossible....  He is a good engineer." John B., PhD Microbiologist


"Hi, I'm Dane H., a filmmaker. I'm making a documentary connecting the ancient American beliefs with modern religious beliefs and I liked the tower of heaven picture and explanation on your page. Would you mind if I used that info and shared the pic, and credited you as a source? That would be awesome."


"I find (your) intelligent design perspective more plausible than most scientifically minded people based on some of my own research." Robert L. D., PhD


"Your convertor was of interest to me as a possible advancement of technology to adapt to the Van de Graff generator by replacing its belt drive system." Brett L.


"You have composed a very concise account (of Intelligent Design)." Daragh O'Flaherty


"Your writings are delightful reading. Thanks for your good thinking." Vern Gunderson


"I stumbled on your website and it answered all the questions I had soundly, with both scripture and science." Andrew P. Balke


"Hi just wanted to say what a great website this is. Thank you and God bless your work.
Sent from my iPad " Lisa Thomas


"I'd like to thank you for creating the site, again. It's been amazing. I find new things in there every time I reread it. A multi-disciplinary basis for every engineers education has been missing for a long time." David F.

"Just stumbled across your Web page and found the content excellent. Being electronics engineer myself I have asked many of these questions for years, and found simple and sensible answers to many
 of my questions. I loved your atom structure model, how the various elements are all built based on the hydrogen atom, it just makes so much sense.” Val Juhasz, Aquapol Scotland
Copyright(C)2007,2014 Robert Laing All rights reserved

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