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55. Intelligent Design Theory of

The Boron Element Atom Model


Intelligent Design theory model of the element boron atom is five H2 hydrogen atoms with the fifth atom stacked on top of the four hydrogen atoms that make up a beryllium atom.


What is an atom? What makes up an atom? Intelligent Design atomic theory teaches that an atom model is comprised of only electrons and protons. Atoms look nothing like the Bohr atom of a solar system that almost all scientists believe in. The Bohr atom does not embrace a single scientific fact. There is no nucleus to an atom, but hydrogen atoms are basic building blocks of all atoms, just like with an Erector Set. The atomic structure of the element boron  has one H2 hydrogen atom attached to the top of a beryllium atom model and structure. The parts of an atom are always made up by building an atom model with blocks of H2 hydrogen atoms. Adding an H2 atom to a boron atom makes the carbon atom. It may be that if the H2 hydrogen atom is added to a boron atom after the boron atom is already created, explains the shape of Buckyballs (see related sites) and graphite instead of carbon diamond crystals.  The boron and carbon atomic masses are given in the Intelligent Design Theory concept of the Periodic Table of the Elements.


The structure of the boron atom explains why boron is an excellent neutron shield and with the addition of a H2 atom boron converts a carbon atom. Intelligent design theory suggests that a much cheaper way to make diamonds might be to try the combination of hydrogen and boron under various temperatures and pressures. This could possibly convert boron into a carbon crystal.


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