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56. Intelligent Design Theory of

The Carbon Atom Model Atomic Structure and Diamond Picture





As H2 hydrogen atoms combine to make more complex atoms, six H2 atoms make a carbon atom model. Intelligent Design suppositions derived a picture of a carbon atom (left) that is like the boron atom, with a sixth H2 hydrogen atom attached to the underside in this Intelligent Design theory picture of the carbon atom.  Pure carbon crystals are diamond crystals, which are octahedrons in shape, the same shape as this single carbon atom. The Oppenheimer Diamond crystal (right) is at the Museum of Natural History, Mineral Science, Smithsonian Institution,, photo by Chip Clark. This picture of the carbon atom and the picture of the beryllium atom model and structure and beryllium crystal tend to confirm that my structure of the atoms is essentially correct.


What does a carbon atom look like? Intelligent Design Theory ideas show that the carbon atom model looks like the atomic structure of a diamond crystal. A picture of a crystal diamond and a carbon atom are both eight-sided, or octahedron in shape. This is nothing like the Bohr atom model that does not follow a single principle of atomic theory and electron proton physics. Scientifically proven atomic theory of electrons and protons, H2 hydrogen atoms combine due to their electronic charges to make carbon. Carbon is the same as the boron element atom model, with one more H2 hydrogen atom attached to it. This may explain graphite and Buckyballs. The structure of the boron atom compared to the carbon atom model explains why boron is an excellent neutron shield, absorbing neutrons, and with the addition of an H2 atom converts to the carbon atom. Six H2 hydrogen atoms stacked together so that their charges satisfy one another make an atom of carbon that looks exactly like a diamond crystal. This concept is especially important for an understanding of the carbon atom model for both kids and atomic physicists.


Construction of the next six atoms is very simple: simply add another H2 hydrogen atom to each of the six points on the carbon atom. Adding one H2 hydrogen atom to the carbon atom gives nitrogen, which gives a side-view of the cross of Jesus from any position. Adding a second H2 hydrogen atom to another point on the opposite side of the carbon atom gives the beautiful oxygen atom. Adding a third H2 hydrogen atom to any of the other points on the carbon atom makes the highly reactive fluorine atom, as it is not balanced. Adding a fourth H2 hydrogen atom to the opposite side of the fluorine atom produces the highly stable and balanced neon atom. A fifth H2 hydrogen atom added to one the two remaining points on the carbon atom gives us the highly reactive sodium atom. Adding the sixth H2 hydrogen atom to the last available point on the carbon atom produces the stable life-producing magnesium atom. The most stable atoms, hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and magnesium are life-producing, and you will see this trend continuing as H2 hydrogen atoms are added and stable forms are produced.

Pyramids are known to have strange powers to preserve foods and to concentrate electromagnetic fields at its points. When the sun is exactly on the North, East, South or West side of a pyramid, the shadow on the ground and on the pyramid make a picture of a diamond. Did God have a special purpose for teaching Enoch how to build pyramids?


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