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13. Intelligent Design Theory of

Jupiter, the Sun, the Milky Way Galaxy Are the Causes of Global Cooling and Global Warming;  Carbon Dioxide as the Cause of Climate Change Is a Hoax and Fraud

Intelligent Design theory reveals that the planet Jupiter, the Sun and the Milky Way galaxy are the natural causes of climate change, both global warming and global cooling; the carbon dioxide global warming and climate change is a hoax and burning fossil fuel as the cause is a fraud. We are now in a global cooling cycle that will last from 1999 to 2059. Many scientists have cited excellent scientific reasons why the carbon dioxide global climate change is a hoax. Any so-called scientist that believes that carbon dioxide can cause global warming is not a scientist. Please refer to Related Links. Examples are that burning fossil fuels and carbon dioxide from industry and automobiles are insignificant compared to the carbon dioxide from the oceans. Carbon dioxide is only 0.04 percent of the Earth's atmosphere and has little or no effect on the temperature of the Earth. Another proof of deception is that the greenhouse effect of carbon dioxide is negligible compared to water vapor in the atmosphere as a result of the increased temperature of the ocean. More scientific proof of the fossil fuel global warming misinformation is that while the surface of the Earth and oceans are heated by the Sun, the temperature of the Earth's atmosphere is primarily caused by the water vapor released because of the increased temperature of the ocean. The temperatures of Jupiter, Mars and our oceans are also increasing because of Jupiter's, Earth's, Mars and the Sun's magnetic fields, and not because humans are putting more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Jupiter is the main cause of global warming.


Automobile exhaust reduces the brightness of the Sun, which should lower earth's temperature, if anything. Automobile exhaust did not cause simultaneous global warming of the Sun, Jupiter, Mars or the Earth.


It so happens that the atmosphere of Mars is 95.32 percent carbon dioxide! Yet Mars has no greenhouse effect whatsoever. The temperature of Mars ranges from plus 20 - 40 F during the day to minus 400 F during the night, or about +0 C during the day to about -140 C at night, depending on the source of information. The atmospheric pressure of Mars is only 0.7 percent of that of the earth. If I understand this correctly, 0.007 X 95.32% = 0.667% carbon dioxide on Mars when equated to earth's atmosphere, compared to 0.038% CO2 on earth. So Mars has 17.55 times the carbon dioxide density of the CO2 on earth.


The almost pure carbon dioxide atmosphere of Mars does not hold the heat at night that is produced by the radiation of the sun during the day. To justify the 0.038 percent level of carbon dioxide on earth as greenhouse effect, scientists fraudulently promoting global warming claim that nitrogen and oxygen in the air (approximately 79 percent and 21 percent respectively) are diatomic and therefore cannot store heat energy, while carbon dioxide is triatomic. They conveniently overlook the fact that water vapor is also triatomic and ranges from about 20 percent to 100 percent relative humidity! This gives water vapor thousands of times more heat storage ability than the extremely low level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The sad fact is that carbon dioxide has no greenhouse effect at all!


I asked the Lord in Jesus name (John14:6; Revelation 3:20) if global warming is true or not, and expected a "yes" or "no" answer. Instead, the still small voice I heard was, "Jupiter!" When I researched everything I could find on Jupiter, it became obvious that global climate change is caused primarily by Jupiter. Intelligent Design Theory goes beyond the obvious scientific blunders of the fossil fuel carbon dioxide global warming and climate change hoax by looking at the cosmos, the Earth's interior and the entire solar system. The truth becomes obvious that we did indeed experience global warming, not caused by the phony fossil fuel and carbon dioxide story, but surprisingly, mostly by the planet Jupiter. On October 28, 1999 Jupiter was the closest it has been to the Earth and the Sun in 59.6 years. As Jupiter moves away from the Earth and the Sun, we are now experiencing global cooling. For information on Jupiter's effect on the Sun and the Earth, see Related Links. The Earth's temperature over the past 150 years is shown in the graph below. This shows the Earth's variations in temperature as following the Sun's sunspot activity which coincides with Jupiter's eleven-year orbit around the Sun, with major fluctuations occurring every 59.6 years coinciding with Jupiter's closet approaches to the Sun and Earth. The increase in carbon dioxide shown coincides with Jupiter’s magnetic field interacting with Earth’s magnetic field and increasing the temperature of the ocean, with drives carbon dioxide out of the ocean water.




This graph, from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, shows global cooling and warming climate changes corresponding to Jupiter's sixty-year eccentric orbit around the sun. Every sixty years, Jupiter is closest to the sun, earth and Mars, causing the earth, sun and Mars to increase in temperature. Eleven-year sunspot cycles coincide with Jupiter's eleven-year orbit around the sun.



The past six springs (2005 - 2010) were the coldest springs since 1939 which was sixty years before 1999. 1934 was the warmest year of the Twentieth Century when Jupiter was close to the Sun and Earth. Jupiter's 11.86 year orbit around the Sun put Jupiter on the other side of the Sun in 2006, accounting for our coldest springs and falls recently. In 2018 Jupiter will again be on the other side of the sun and this be be even colder than the last orbit of Jupiter. Jupiter will again be on this side of the sun, causing the earth to warm again during 2011 - 2015. The cold spring weather of 2005 - 2010 was not caused by automobile exhaust, but by fewer clouds in the sky. With fewer clouds, more heat from the Earth radiates into space.


The effect of human activities on the Earth is insignificant compared to the radiation from the Sun, the magnetic and gravitational fields and eccentric orbit of Jupiter, the moon and the tilt of the Earth's axis. These not only affect the temperature of the Earth, but affect the tides, menstrual cycles, human and animal behavior, earthquakes, tsunamis, El Niño, volcanoes, winds and rains, aurora borealis and the temperature of the oceans. Global warming caused by human emissions of carbon dioxide is a hoax and a myth. Solar ultraviolet radiation doubles and declines in eleven-year cycles. Carbon dioxide does not cause cyclones as Al Gore says. Jupiter's magnetic field increased the heat in the interior of the Earth by interacting with the earth's magnetic field, raising the temperature of the ocean and causing cyclones and other results of a hotter Earth interior.


Is carbon dioxide global warming caused by today's 2,000-acre forest fires compared to 2,000,000-acre forest fires of the past? Obviously it is not. How about the 59.6-year oscillation of Jupiter's 11.86-year orbit around the Sun and the fact that Jupiter was the closest to the Earth and the Sun on October 28, 1999 than it has been in 59.6 years? Jupiter is 1,317 times the size and 318 times the mass of the Earth, and its magnetic field of ten times the Earth's reacts with Earth's magnetic field to produce heat in the core of the earth, as any electrical engineer would know. The eleven-year sunspot cycle, the Sun's radiation, aurora borealis and flipping of the Sun's magnetic field are also related to Jupiter and are not related to carbon dioxide. The Sun's magnetic field, Earth's magnetic field and Jupiter's magnetic field have millions of times the effect on the temperature of the Earth than anything insignificant humans can do. I predict 11.6 year cycles of global cooling of the Earth beginning in 1999 and lasting thirty years as Jupiter moves away that will expose fossil fuel global climate change and global warming caused by humans as the hoax that it is. It will then take thirty more years for the earth to warm up again. Meanwhile, warming peaks will occur in 2012, 2024 and 2035 as Jupiter orbits the sun every 11.86 years. Flooding will also occur during these times as Jupiter's magnetic field warms the center of the earth's magnetic field with each orbit around the sun.


Jupiter orbits the Sun every 11.86 years, probably causing the eleven-year sunspot cycle, the eleven-year solar heat and solar radiation cycle. Jupiter's magnetic field is even strong enough to cause the Sun's magnetic field to flip 180 degrees every eleven years. But the greatest effect of Jupiter's present proximity to the Earth and the Sun and Mars is that its magnetic field heats the interior of the Earth and Mars. According to NASA electrical activity in Jupiter is so strong that it pours billions of watts into Earth's own magnetic field every day. This has raised the temperature of the ocean 4 - 6 degrees C compared to the Earth's atmosphere increasing only 0.6 degrees. The ocean is now putting much more water vapor into our atmosphere, and is also putting more carbon dioxide into our atmosphere. NOTE: NASA and NOAA temperature data includes the temperature of the surface of the ocean. Sea surface temperature data greatly influences global air temperature.


Jupiter's magnetic field that rotates with Jupiter every 10-hour Jupiter day has heated the interior of the Earth, which is heating the ocean. More heat in the interior of the Earth causes earthquakes, tsunamis, El Niño, floods and volcanoes that carbon dioxide cannot possibly cause. Heating the ocean puts more water vapor into the atmosphere which causes greenhouse effect, more rain, snow, floods and global warming. Carbon dioxide does not cause rain or floods. The University of Minnesota reported in Seiche, May 2008 that since 1980, Lake Superior has warmed twice as fast as the regional air temperature. Did automobiles heat up Lake Superior? No, Jupiter's magnetic field heated the interior of the Earth. This increased the temperature of the oceans and Lake Superior, producing more water vapor in the atmosphere. The increased water vapor caused the greenhouse effect of heating the air and producing floods.


The proximity of Jupiter to the sun also increases the irradiance of the sun The increase of the sun's irradiance on the earth is directly related to the earth's global temperature. Human emission of carbon dioxide into the earth's atmosphere does not increase the irradiance of the sun. What makes intense Northern lights, Carbon dioxide or increased solar flares that will peak in 2012 when Jupiter is closest to the sun and the earth? The so called “Hockey Stick” increase in global temperature is another fraud, based on tree rings, which is based on growth rates of trees caused by rainfall, not carbon dioxide.


As Jupiter moves away from the Earth and the Sun, we are now experiencing global cooling. But that will only last thirty years, and then the Earth will begin to warm again. The Earth will not warm each 11.86-year cycle as much as it did in 1999, because the eccentricity of Jupiter's orbit around the Sun will increase its distance from the Sun and the Earth every 11.86 years, making 2012 the warmest peak of the cycle. So we are already in a 30-year cycle of global cooling. The summer and fall of 2010 was again unseasonably warm as Jupiter was again close to the sun and earth. I predict twenty more years of global cooling, with warmer temperatures in 2022 to 2033.


More proof that Jupiter is the main cause of climate change is evidenced by the sixty-year cycle of hurricanes. As Jupiter's huge magnetic field interacts with earth's magnetic field, the magnetic core of the earth is heated. This caused the ocean to heat up not only causing an increase in water vapor in the atmosphere, causing greenhouse effect, but also causing an increase in hurricanes. As evaporation of warmer water from the oceans causes the air above the oceans to rise, hurricanes are produced, not only every fall, but the occurrence of hurricanes follows the same sixty-year cycle the climate change follows.



This graph shows the sixty-year cycles of the number of cyclones (hurricanes plus tropical storms) that have been observed since 1850. This coincides with the heating of earth's core by Jupiter's magnetic field interacting with earth's magnetic field every sixty years: 1880, 1940 and 2000.  Image by: Robert Lund, Clemson University.


The Earth is Now Passing through the Milky Way Galaxy's Galactic Equator

In addition to Jupiter being close to the earth in 2012, the earth is now passing through the galactic equator of the Milky Way. This is causing the earth to receive solar flares of energy, not only from the sun, but from the entire Milky Way galaxy. Sunspots emit solar flares and sunspot activity corresponds to Jupiter's close proximity to the sun in its 11.86 - year revolution around the sun.

The Carbon Dioxide Hoax

Promoters of Cap and Trade taxation and the destruction of the US economy correlate an increase in carbon dioxide as the cause of the fictional increase in global warming ( The sad scientific fact is that as the temperature of the ocean increases, more carbon dioxide is released by the ocean water than by humans, animals or forest fires. This is easily confirmed by testing the carbon dioxide content of carbonated water, heating the water, and again testing the carbon dioxide content. Heating carbonated water cause a release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Heating of the ocean as a result of the increased temperature of the earth's core is the prime source of excess carbon dioxide and water vapor (floods) in the world. The atmosphere contains 720 billion tons of CO2 of which humans contribute only 6 billion tons (0.83%). The oceans, land and atmosphere exchange CO2 continuously so the additional load by humans is incredibly small. A small increase in ocean temperature causes a much more severe rise than any carbon dioxide we could produce. Increased carbon dioxide does not cause global warming. Instead, increased ocean temperature causes increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, but increased water vapor from the ocean causes global warming.


Water vapor contributes 95 percent of global warming. Man-made carbon dioxide is only 0.117 percent of total carbon dioxide in the air and contributes only 0.0047 percent carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Reducing man-made carbon dioxide by 30 percent in accordance with Kyoto Protocol would reduce the Earth's temperature by only 1/20th of one degree by 2050 AD, assuming all other factors, including Jupiter and water vapor did not change, which they definitely will. The only affect limiting and taxing fuel will have on humanity is increased prices, business failures, destruction of the US economy and world-wide depression.


Since Al Gore's fabrications about polar bears and declining glaciers while three times as many glaciers were increasing than decreasing, the US and other governments and news media around the world that are intent on destroying free enterprise have perpetuated the fraud.

The Hole in the Ozone Layer

The hole in the ozone layer is another myth as the hole in the ozone layer has been with us since Antarctica froze. The hole is not there from carbon dioxide, but because there is no oxygen from trees in Antarctica. Ozone is produced by ultraviolet light from the Sun radiating on oxygen. Intelligent Design Theory teaches that ultraviolet is essential for life. Contact the author to disprove it if you can.


Godless science does not understand global warming, global cooling, climate change, acid rain cause and effect and its benefits, the hole in the ozone layer and its real cause, and does not understand the importance of forest fires. So Godless science wants to shut down all industry and prevent controlled, beneficial forest fires, which have been replaced to an insignificant extent by burning oil. To preserve our environment and have abundant life at the same time, Intelligent Design Theory should be taught in school. Maybe we will also learn in the battle of evolution vs. creationism that oil is not a fossil fuel, but is continuously produced by all vegetation, more every day than we can possibly use. According to Intelligent Design Theory, the carbon bound by vegetation must be released back to the atmosphere to preserve life on Earth and in the unlikely event that fossil fuel global warming and global climate change is not a fraud, to help prevent the pending Earth cooling cycle and maybe even a glacial age. Pray for America’s immediate return to Jesus because God has given us many warnings that if we do not return to Jesus by October of 2015, we will experience serious disaster. Read the two books by Jonathan Cahn, The Harbinger and The Mystery of the Shemitah for indisputable proof.


Global Warming and Forest Fires


Is global warming caused by today's 2,000-acre forest fires compared to 2,000,000-acre forest fires of the past? Obviously it is not. How about the shift from burning oil and coal in our homes and factories to hydroelectric power and nuclear power stations? Did that make more CO2?


Intelligent Design Theory indicates that the planet Jupiter is the natural cause of global warming global cooling and climate change. The political outcry on carbon dioxide and global climate change and proposed ban on fossil fuels and the world supply of oil is a pretext created by creationism vs. evolution. Jupiter is the main cause of global warming and global cooling, and the Earth is now cooling. The real problem with burning oil is not global warming or climate change (which is now global cooling). The problem is that our petrodollars are funding terrorists whose stated goal is to annihilate all non-Muslims from the face of the Earth. Meanwhile our evolutionist environmentalists prevent us from drilling for oil in the United States and offshore, while Cuba England and China drill offshore of the United States, and our tax dollars fund offshore drilling in Brazil, a company owned by George Soros, President Obama’s political campaign funder. Obama then spent your tax dollars to fund offshore drilling for Brazil. Let's use Intelligent Design concepts to expose the falsehood of fossil fuel and the carbon dioxide global warming and global climate change hoax.


Our benevolent government now knows that the earth has been cooling for the past fourteen years, so they have renamed global warming to "global climate change", and blame the freezing snow on global warming!  They still are planning to destroy the economy of the entire world by taxing and fining carbon dioxide emissions. Their original false pretext was that carbon dioxide emissions caused a greenhouse effect and was warming the earth. Now they are using carbon dioxide as an excuse for global cooling, or any change in earth temperature! Carbon dioxide cannot both warm the earth and cool the earth. Intelligent Design theory reveals that the planet Jupiter is the natural cause of global warming and global cooling. The carbon dioxide global warming and global climate change hoax and burning fossil fuel is a fraud. The world is now (2007 AD) entering a forty-year period of annual crop failures and starvation due to spring and summer snows and frosts.


UPDATE: I predicted the above in 2007. Today, March 1, 2014 the temperature in the north central United States is 35 degrees F below average! I predict that we now have fifteen more years of global cooling before the earth begins to return to normal temperatures in 2059. There will be massive freezing and destruction of crops accompanied by world-wide famine. Jesus and His disciples spoke Aramaic and not Greek. In the original Aramaic versions of the New Testament, Jesus prophesied in Luke 21: 10 and 11 that at the end of the age, the time of Tribulation that we are in now entering, today, nation will rise against nation and there will be earthquakes, famines and dying; there will be submission and interrogations and great signs from heaven (the four blood moons and the eclipse of the sun); the winters will be severe, long and great. The severe winters has been omitted from all the Greek translations of the original Aramaic Bibles.


Global Cooling Causes Worldwide Droughts


Since 1999 when Jupiter was closest to the Earth and Sun in the past sixty years (Chapter 15), Jupiter has begun moving away from the Earth and Sun. Jupiter’s magnetic field is no longer interacting with Earth’s magnetic field, so Earth’s magnetic core has been cooling. This has caused cooling of the oceans with less and less evaporation of water from the oceans and seas every year. With much less water vapor in the atmosphere, less rain in several regions of the Earth has resulted in severe water shortages and draughts in these regions. In the draught areas, vegetation has died, resulting in increased temperature in these local regions. Vast other regions have had the most severe winters since 1999, which are getting more severe every year.


Copyright (C) 2007, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014 Robert L. Laing  All rights reserved


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