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Section 21. Darwin's Theory

103. The Science of Evolution

The Fallacy that Charles Darwin's Theory of Natural Selection and Survival of the Fittest Proves the Theory of Evolution

Logical conclusions are much more easily acquired through God-centered thinking than by trying to force information to conform to unscientific assumptions of modern Charles Darwin's theory of evolution evidence. Compromise with God and the instructions in the Bible always leads to confusion. One result of limited thinking is that scientists are quick to use Charles Darwin's theory of Natural Selection and Survival of the Fittest as proof of evolution, when they are quite unrelated. Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution based on natural selection and survival of the fittest is unproven speculation.

Satan is the author of all lies and the truth is not in him. In the Bible, the book of Revelation, Chapter 17 calls ‘mystery Babylon’ the great whore that God will soon destroy. The Hebrew meaning of the word Babylon is ‘confusion”, as in bable. Satan is the author of confusion. The time is coming soon when confusion will cease to exist.

An example is that people like to pick the largest snow lotus flowers in a species called Saussures laniceps that grows only in the high levels of the Himalayas. This has resulted in smaller lotuses in that area where people mostly pick. The research was supported by the National Science Foundation, the Melon Foundation and the Nature Conservancy resulting in an Article by Associated Press Writer Randolph E. Schmid on July 4, 2005 entitled "Lotuses Evolve Smaller on Human Picking" (emphasis mine).


God gave every plant and animal the ability to adapt to changing environments. But He never gave any plant or animal the ability to mate with different species, or to change from one species to another. Written thousands of years ago, Genesis 1: 11-12, 21, 24-25; 6:20; 7:14; Leviticus 13:14-15, 19, 22 and 29 and Deuteronomy 14: 13 -15 and 18 lists every type of plant and creature, saying that each one reproduces after its kind. Modern science has failed completely to prove otherwise, and this is why the theory of evolution fails miserably. No species has ever changed into another species, and all attempts to prove otherwise have been thoroughly discredited.


Natural selection and survival of the fittest has caused some minor changes in some localized areas, but has never caused one species to actually evolve into another species. Picking larger lotus flowers does not cause lotuses to evolve into other species. The basic theory of Charles Darwin's evolution is that one species evolves into a different species, a theory that has never been substantiated with any proof whatsoever. Likewise, survival of the fittest results in the extinction of one existing species over another existing species. Survival of the fittest is not by any stretch of godless scientists' imagination the evolution of one species into another species. Thus, it is highly unscientific to relate natural selection and survival of the fittest to Charles Darwin's evolution evidence, a practice that is commonly accepted by the scientific community that has compromised with God and the teachings in the Bible.


Evolutionists have never proven a single change in species or that two different kinds of species can mate and have progeny or that one kind can give birth to a different kind. The theory of evolution stills fails to explain how life began or why it began. To claim that one species can turn into another species is unscientific because science requires that a phenomenon must be observable, measurable and testable. Another unproved evolutionist misrepresentation is that life began in a methane atmosphere.


"Then God said, 'Let the earth sprout vegetation, plants yielding seed, and fruit trees bearing fruit after their kind, with seed in them, on the earth; and it was so.' (Genesis1:11 NASB) "


"And God created the great sea monsters, and every living creature that moves, with which the waters swarmed after their kind, and every winged bird after its kind; and God saw that it was good (Genesis 1:21 NASB)."


"And God made the beasts of the earth after their kind. And the cattle after their kind, and everything that creeps on the ground after its kind, and God saw that it was good (Genesis 1:25 NASB)."

After Their Kind

'After its kind' is mentioned for herbs and seeds in Genesis 1:11, for living creatures and beasts of the earth in Genesis 1:24, for fowls of the earth and animals and everything that creeps on the ground, male and female, two of every kind in Genesis 6:20, for every beast and all the cattle and every creeping thing that creeps on the earth and every bird, all sorts of birds in Genesis 7:14. Leviticus 11:14, 15, 16, 19, 22 and 29 mention the kite and the falcon after their kind, the raven, the ostrich, owl and sea gull after their kind,  the little owl, the cormorant, the great owl, the white owl, the pelican, the carrion vulture, the stork, the heron, the hoopoe, the bat, all the winged insects that walk on all fours, those that have jointed legs with which to jump on the earth, the locust, the cricket, the grasshopper each after its own kind. Deuteronomy 14:13-15 and 18 mention the eagle, the vulture, the buzzard, red kite, falcon, kite, raven, ostrich, sea gull, hawk, little owl, great owl, white owl, pelican, carrion vulture, cormorant, stork, heron, hoopoe and bat, all after their own kind.


Evolution myths discredit the Bible because it claims that every plant and every creature reproduces after its own kind. A robin cannot mate with a sparrow and have an offspring. An apple cannot cross-pollinate with an orange and have an offspring. A bat cannot mate with an ape and have an offspring. Two monkeys cannot mate and have a human. Two apes cannot mate and have a human. Throughout all history, it has never been witnessed nor found in the fossil record that any living thing of any kind has mated with any other living thing of any other kind and had offspring.


Evolutionists cannot cross-pollinate or cross-breed any living thing to produce a new kind of offspring.  If such were to ever happen in nature or by evolutionists tampering with nature, it would not only have to happen once, but twice. It would not have to happen twice, but enough times for both a new male and an identical opposite female to occur. These unlikely events would not only have to occur, but the offspring would have to find each other, even if such an event happened on opposite sides of the earth at different times in history, for them to mate and have offspring of their identical kind. The odds of two new identical kinds being reproduced at the same time by some different kinds to produce a new species are near-infinite, knowing what we have witnessed to date. It simply does not and cannot happen. One species has never produced another species, and two of the same species have never produced new species. Punctuated equilibrium is an unproven speculation, and no adaptation of a particular species has ever adapted into a new species. A more fitting living creature may adapt to a changing environment, but that creature is always the same species as its parents.


Yes, there can be mutant offspring. Yes, there can be multiple offspring. Yes, multiple offspring can be both male and female. But male and female cross-bred offspring such as mules are sterile. Mutant multiple offspring that have identical mutations do not occur. If mutant and multiple and identical and both male and female offspring are not sterile and have offspring, those offspring will always revert back to the original un-mutated parent species or die. When we look at the hundreds of millions of different species on earth, mutant, multiple, fertile, both female and male offspring must have occurred hundreds of millions of times, and must have produced permanent mutations; so often, in fact that it must be an everyday occurrence. Such everyday occurrences have never been observed once, let alone hundreds of millions of times with no millions of fossils that exist to indicate it.


That natural selection and survival of the fittest takes place is obvious in all the species that we behold. It is obvious that all living things have the ability to adapt to changing conditions. But science has never come up with a single proof about Charles Darwin's changing of species through evolution, and it is beginning to be obvious that it never will. Natural selection and survival of the fittest is obviously the result of Intelligent Design.


These scientists denounce and reject unusual events such as supernatural beings raising the dead, walking on water, passing through walls or foretelling the future. Yet the same scientists are quick to believe that humans can evolve into a different species having superhuman abilities. They research and strongly anticipate discovering extraterrestrial life. They obtain funding to build radio transmitters and receivers to send and detect messages to and from extraterrestrial life that they believe has abilities to perform acts that humans cannot perform. Is this double standard logic and science, or is it based on evolution taught in schools? If scientists are so eager to receive messages and advice from extraterrestrial beings, why not listen to and heed the advice of Jesus, the One who actually did come and deliver a message to us?


Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution based on natural selection and survival of the fittest is not proof of change of species and is unproven speculation. Nature attests that animals can adapt to changing conditions, but never change species. The only present solution is Home Schooling and that is not the real answer. Intelligent Design Theory should be taught in public schools.


Copyright (C) 2009, 2011 Robert L. Laing  All rights reserved


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