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74. Intelligent Design of

Chlorophyll: Photosynthesis is a Symbiosis of Mineral and Organic Molecules

Chlorophyll produced during photosynthesis is an excellent example of symbiosis in Intelligent Design. The complex chemistry of plants requires that Chlorophyll atoms are mysteriously arranged in plants by two complex symbiotic relationships of other organic catalyst molecules and minerals. One catalyst contains a single iron atom in the middle of a complex hydrocarbon. The other contains a single zinc atom in the middle of another complex hydrocarbon. These  two complex catalysts are somehow produced during photosynthesis by other complex hydrocarbons in plants. They are not consumed or decomposed in the chemical process, but repeatedly circulate to produce chlorophyll in the complex chlorophyll molecule. Life could not exist if these complex symbiotic relationships between complex organic molecules and minerals did not exist from the first instance of any plant life ranging from the simplest algal cell to the most complex plants on earth. If it took millions of years for each plant to evolve these very complex molecules there would be no life on earth today.


Magnesium is one of many metals found in the dust of the earth. One atom of magnesium is found at the center of the approximate 123-atom chlorophyll hydrocarbon. Chlorophyll has the incredible ability to convert sunlight, water and carbon dioxide into healthy organic food for plants and animals. If you took all the magnesium out of a huge tree, and put it in the palm of your hand, you would have less than a pinhead of magnesium. Yet, without this tiny speck of the micronutrient trace element magnesium used in the process of photosynthesis there would be no life on earth.


From the first instant of life, plants took up iron, zinc, magnesium and dozens of other elements and combined them with carbon dioxide and water in extremely complex combinations of organic molecules. There never would have been the first plant life without this highly complex symbiotic process occurring all at once, where two or more chemical compounds work together to make other beneficial compounds not millions of years apart. Most plants and trees rely on the wind to move their seeds.If this took millions of years to accomplish instead of the first year, plants and trees would stunt themselves and die by being inundated and buried with the seeds from the same plants or trees. 

Likewise, none of the components of animal life could function perfectly unless all the multitudes of other components were perfectly functioning and fully in operation at the same instant. Each plant and animal was complete at the first instant. The many mechanisms required to produce its seed existed, with the mystery of the growth of a new organism locked inside each seed. To believe that these millions of functions developed one at time over millions of years requires an enormously confused imagination. Chlorophyll resulting from photosynthesis and symbiosis between organic and inorganic chemicals is only one of billions of symbiotic relationships in nature that prove Intelligent Design. Evolution excludes all symbiosis, and is not scientific by any stretch of the imagination. Intelligent Design Theory should be taught in school.


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