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Foreword: The Three Most Important Events Not Taught in School:

Creation of the Earth, Noah's Ark and Jesus' Death and Resurrection

In Intelligent Design theory, the Creation of the earth, Noah's Ark of Mt. Ararat and the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ to give eternal life to those who would accept Him are the 3 most important historical events that have affected humankind. Even so, these three subjects and Intelligent Design Theory or a discussion of creationism vs. evolution are allowed in the US Constitution but are forbidden by the U.S. Supreme Court to be discussed in public schools. Without Creation of the earth there would be no humanity. The great flood and Noah's Ark destroyed all but eight humans. Our entire history shows civilization starting over at that time. Archeologists have discovered many evidences of highly intelligent pre-flood civilizations such as the Sumerians that ceased to exist at the time of the Flood of Noah's Ark.


The ancient Greeks had an account of the Great Flood mixed in with Greek creation mythology, as do the Hindus. The ancient Sumerians also had an account of the Great Flood. It remains to us then, to decide which accounts of creation is most accurate, if any.


There is no doubt in the minds of many Christians and non-Christians alike that Jesus' death and resurrection had more impact on humanity than any other event. Evolution science fiction will not allow Intelligent Design Theory, the age of the earth, Noah's Ark of Mt. Ararat and Jesus' death and resurrection to be taught even though they had the most impact by far on human life. These three historical events are forbidden knowledge. Even many Christians believe that rightfully these 3 most important events in the history of the earth are subjects that should only be taught in private religious schools or in our churches. Much evidence of creation vs. evolution exists however, that warrant the study of these events in our secular school system. My goal is to give real examples of how Intelligent Design Theory results in more logical concepts of the universe than have developed from secular thinking. Through this study of Intelligent Design Theory, you the reader will travel on some amazing and different scientific journeys.


Much science exists to suggest that Intelligent Design theory should be taught in school. If our school age children were given the opportunity to examine evolution science vs. creation and weigh the forbidden knowledge arguments for Intelligent Design Theory, they would be able to look at other scientific views with understanding and discernment instead of confusion and blind faith and instead of receiving failing grades of they dare to contradict the lies promoted by their teachers. For example, my consideration of how Intelligent Design Theory can explain the atom in a logical way resulted in a new structure of atoms that give an example of what can be discovered when one's mind is open. These pictures produce a clear understanding of gravity for the first time.


This book is a logical study of science based on Intelligent Design. Today's scientists take the opposite view and study science based on their theory that there is no Intelligent Designer. Let us begin with a simple premise: There are no voids in logic. Where there is no good, there is evil. When truth is absent, untruth is present. When God is kicked out of scientific thought, Satan comes skipping and dancing in. Satan is the father of all lies. The truth is not in him. As one of many examples in this book, when secular scientists observe red shift in the light from stars, they conclude that the stars are racing away from us, the universe is billions of years old and the stars racing away from us is the result of a scientifically impossible Big Bang. All three conclusions are lies. The truth is that gas in space causes red shift. Scientists see the results of gas in space when they look at ionized gas in front of comets in space. But their denial of Intelligent Design blinds them, and the truth is not in them.


This book presents the true structure of the atom, gravity, a slowing of the speed of light and the unique properties of water as proofs of Intelligent Design Theory. With all our scientific advancements, scientists still do not understand what causes gravity, antigravity or the nature of light energy. Evolution science vs. creation science prevents secular scientists from knowing if light is photons or electromagnetic waves. Intelligent Design Theory explains the historical decay of the speed of light, the rapid nuclear decay of radioisotopes at the time of the flood and the time of creation and other phenomena as proofs of the time of creation of the earth at about 4008 BC. It also introduces an ancient Chinese stone carving of Noah's Ark and gives examples of creation of the earth phenomena and history and geology that date Noah's Ark of Mt. Ararat back to about 2300 BC.

Jesus' death and resurrection, the creation of the world and Noah's Ark had more influence over humanity than any other event and cannot be discussed in secular classrooms. In a forthcoming book I present extensive lists of Hebrew Scripture, supposedly dictated by God that accurately predicted the coming of Christ and Jesus' death centuries before the event. Even so, Old Testament prophecies are forbidden knowledge that cannot be taught in public schools.


In view of the importance of the 3 most important historical events - the creation of the earth, Noah's Ark of Mt. Ararat and Jesus' death and resurrection exceed by far the importance of any other events in the history of the world, it would seem appropriate to study the pros and cons of creation of the earth, Noah's Ark and whether it can be discovered at Mt. Ararat, Jesus' death and resurrection and a discussion of Intelligent Design vs. modern Charles Darwin's theory of evolution evidence and proof in our public schools from a scientific viewpoint. By discussing these three most important events, I use the opportunity to introduce many unconventional but exact scientific thoughts of my own, backed on occasion with references by other researchers.


Copyright (C) 2007, 2011 Robert L. Laing  All rights reserved


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