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98. Creation of Animal and Plant Cells, DNA Molecules, Galaxies, Black Holes, Speed of Light versus Evolution

Was the creation of animal and plant cells, DNA molecules, consciousness, intelligence and thoughts  an accident? In my opinion, the odds of a group of atoms combining to make a living cell with the ability to reproduce or exist for a billion years before it develops a digestive system or cell membrane and the ability to divide into other cells are 1 out of infinity. The odds of an animal accidentally developing an eye or of living a billion years without an eye are at least 1 out of 10400. The odds of a group of atoms combining to form a DNA molecule with all the surrounding essential components to support the life and perpetuation of the molecule are about 1 out of infinity. In the creation of animal and plant cells, DNA molecules, galaxies, Black Holes and the speed of light, evolution is devoid of any scientific background.


To claim that natural selection is proof that one species can develop into another species without a single piece of evidence is not scientific, but mere speculation. Symbiosis between all plants and animals prove that all plants and animals had to come into existence at the same time. Symbiotic relationships between all the organs, nerves, bones and circulation systems within each individual creature prove that all the parts of any living thing had to be created instantaneously.


The so-called proof that these things and billions of other functions of atoms occurred by accident is not scientific proof, but a statement that "It could happen". Such so-called non-existent "proof" is clearly not a reason for the illegal Supreme Court separation of church and state ruling to prohibit investigation or teaching of any other viewpoint in public schools. Intelligent Design Theory should be taught in school along with any scientific proof of evolution.


To claim that antimatter and black holes exist simply because this empty space in the middle of a galaxy does not emit light is not science, but hypothesis. To believe that stars are sucked up by these so-called black holes without any proof that stars are sucked up is not scientific. Empty space inside of galaxies can be more credibly explained by the laws of physics, which produce calm eyes in the middle of hurricanes, calm interiors of tornados and vacant areas inside of whirlpools. The empty hole at the centre of galaxies is simply empty space until proven otherwise. The belief in Big Bang and black holes is unproven speculation that has resulted in unrealistic beliefs in mirror-image universes and the existence of our negative twin selves.


To believe that the speed of light is constant when all scientific measurements over the past 400 years have proven that the speed of light is not constant is no longer scientific.


In my opinion, the odds of more than an estimated 1080 atoms appearing out of empty observable space are 1 out of infinity. The odds of these atoms forming the DNA molecule are one out of 10200. The concept of a 'Big Bang" is shattered by comets in space when dust and gas in space are taken into account as the cause of red shift of the light from stars. Dust and gas in space indicate that stars are not racing away from the earth faster than the speed of light, but may be fixed in space except for rotations and revolutions.  Disproof of the 'Big Bang" theory shatters the theory that the hundreds of billions of stars that exist in hundreds of billions of galaxies were created in a pinhead twelve to twenty billion years ago. Such a conclusion is simply not logical or scientific. Science must be based on measurable, testable or observable and repeatable phenomena. To dictate that opposing views cannot be taught in our public schools and to sue those who teach opposing viewpoints is not scientific, constitutional or legal. Any scientist who believes in a "Big Bang" and who simultaneously believes that the so-called "Big Bang" occurred by accident out of nowhere is not considering the source of the imaginary Big Bang. Instead, they dream up the creation of Big Bangs as the result of imaginary black holes and imaginary antimatter. In the creation vs. evolution the question of animal and plant cells, DNA molecules, galaxies, Black Holes and the speed of light, creation wins and evolution is devoid of any scientific background.


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