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72.  Intelligent Design

Creation of the Earth Theory versus Evolution, Methane and Primordial Soup

The creation of earth theory of evolution claims that the first living cell came from a primordial soup and atmospheric methane gas. The Evolutionist misrepresentation that life began with methane, ammonia, carbon dioxide  in primordial soup was admitted to be a failed experiment by the researcher Stanley Miller in 1974. Even so, this fabrication is still in the school textbooks as if it was a huge success. Since 1970 my simple knowledge of what is required for life in lakes and water pollution control has enabled me to bring thousands of lakes, reservoirs, rivers and ponds back to life. While others know much more than I do, I have concluded that primordial soup was the same as lake and sea water of today, but of much better water quality.


The creation environment was the same or better than today's environment. We know from studies today that life only exists in high quality water (not polluted) and in an atmosphere that we describe as high quality. The fact that enormous animals lived in the beginning confirms that the environment in the beginning was much better than it is today. These qualities exclude chemical soup and atmospheric methane. It would be as reasonable to believe that a cat could live in a metal plating solution as that a cell could live in primordial soup saturated with methane gas, as the theory of evolution proposed. The creation of earth theory of evolution claims that the first living cell came from a primordial soup and atmospheric methane gas is totally unreasonable and unscientific, resulting in extreme confusion among evolutionists.


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