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42. Creation of the Universe - God and Intelligent Design Theory

We have a totally harmonious universe, where everything in this universe is dependent on everything else for its existence. Or do you believe that? Think of any living thing, for example, a rose. Then think of all the different things that this one thing depends on for its existence. This includes bees, rain, proper temperature, sunshine, soil, minerals in the soil such as iron, zinc, magnesium, potassium, manganese, cobalt, boron, phosphorus, nitrogen, magnesium, etc.  Then there are carbon dioxide and decayed animal and vegetable matter. Worms and bacteria must work the soil. Surely you are not aware of everything upon which a rose is dependent; but just take each thing that you thought of, and one at a time, list all the things you can on which each of these things depends. In our example, start with a bee. A bee must have a flower, water, certain chemical elements, proper temperature, and so on. Then, move on to rain, and what rain depends on for there to be rain.  When you are done with that list, move on to the next level and then the next. With much effort, you will soon conclude that everything in this universe depends on every other thing in the universe for its existence. You have just proven to yourself that the universe had an infinitely Intelligent Designer, Planner, or Creator. Before the creation of this harmonious universe of matter, there must have been only this non-material or spiritual intelligence. Let's call this Intelligent Designer God.


Did life on earth come from asteroids? If so, what created that life? Did life on earth come from aliens from outer space? If so, what created the aliens? Did life on earth come from the sun? If so, what created the sun? Did the sun come from helium or other gases in space? If so, what created the helium or other gases in space? Did life on earth come from a big bang? If so, what created a big bang? Did consciousness come from lifeless atoms? What created lifeless atoms so that they would make consciousness? The answer to all these questions can only be that God or call it an Intelligent Designer resulted in the creation of the universe. Nothing appears out of nothing. Especially nothing harmonious like life on earth and the entire universe can come from nothing. There had to be Intelligent Design, as we are told in the Bible, Job Chapter 38.


God CREATED the heaven and the earth.  The Bible does not say He took the dust and gas and made heaven and earth out of it. He actually created heaven and earth. If nothing existed before God, what is God but an infinite source of infinitely intelligent energy? The ancient Greeks came up with a concept that we still use today. They called the smallest particle that any material can be divided into an "atom." What is an atom? When we understand the atom, we will still know nothing compared to the billions of actions and reactions that were built into two particles, protons and electrons when they were created. Intelligent Design theory is based on solid testable, predictable and repeatable scientific evidence that tells us the Bible is completely true and that God, or call it Intelligent Design, is responsible for the creation of the universe.


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