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Section 1. Creation Science Versus Secular School Evolution-Taught Technology

1. Creation Science vs. Evolution

Pesticides and Herbicides


Creation science results in a beneficial God-centered science approach to health plans while evolution-based technology results in both beneficial and harmful health and scientific results. We all know the wonderful progress that secular technology has made for humans such as computers, medical developments and space exploration. Even so, there is another side of creation science technology that we tend to ignore. evolution-based science technology has not produced the Utopia we had hoped for. Three billion tons of pesticides dumped on the earth each year to kill our supposed enemies -- the insects, weeds, algae and certain animals, all of which help perpetuate life on earth -- have turned on us and caused cancer in fish, three-legged frogs, human cancer, heart disease, dementia, Alzheimer's disease, destruction of liver, kidney and other organs, mongolism, deformed babies, autistic babies and a host of other problems that are increasing at an exponential rate. God created natural pesticides that do not produce these terrible results. For this reason, Intelligent Design Theory should be taught in secular schools.


As an example of many different herbicide brands, one huge company sells a product for lake and pond weeds, Rodeo, that is identical to Roundup, the herbicide for ground weeds: These two products and thousands of others may be destroying both the soils of the world and the waters of the earth, and have deleterious effects on humans, animals and beneficial microorganisms.


We used to die from bacteria, viruses, fungi, war and parasites . . . or from drinking blood, which is living cells similar to bacteria. Now our main cause of death is pesticides and processed foods along with ammoniated chlorine, alum and fluoride in our drinking water.

Processed Foods

Refined sugars cause diabetes; hydrogenated fats and trans-fats cause heart disease. Antibiotics have produced strains of anaerobic and aerobic disease bacteria and viruses that resist any medication. In my opinion, pregnant women eating diethylstilbestrol (DES) injected into cattle, chickens and other animals have produced nations of homosexuals. Artificial coloring and flavoring in foods have caused a generation of dyslexic and attention deficit kids, e.g.


Atomic energy to give us a more comfortable life has caused everything from radiation sickness to the constant threat of annihilation of life on earth. Sometimes even so-called natural, healthy things have bad side effects, such as a diet of mostly refined carbohydrates with very little proteins, fats or vitamins and minerals that may result in diabetes. But a normal God-centered approach to life, eating healthy food that God prepared for us results in a mostly healthy life from day to day.


We endanger our lives by getting liver transplants, when dandelion root coffee cleans the slush out of our liver. Instead, we poison dandelions, the ground water and ourselves with herbicides. Simply mulching our gardens and flower beds with red cedar chips keeps the insects away. Other examples would fill two thousand pages. Should I write another book? Let me know.


We can make the following general assumptions about products of Godless technology versus products of creation science. Most prescription drugs produced by evolution-based technology are harmful and have multiple harmful side effects. Prescription drugs have terrible side effects that are often worse than the problem being treated. They must be prescribed by licensed doctors only and can only be sold by prescription. They must be kept out of the reach of children. Most pesticides have harmful side effects. Therefore they must be applied to public places only by licensed herbicide or pesticide applicators, and must be kept out of the reach of children. Most drugs that save lives or heal diseases have side effects that produce other health problems (infirmities such as cancer, kidney, liver, heart and other human organ destruction).

Prescription Drugs and Medicines

Most medicines alleviate the symptoms of diseases but do not cure diseases. If you are getting any health plans for cancer or heart disease, the odds are great that you will soon die from the side effects of the medicines. Medicines treat the symptoms of diseases rather than the causes of the problems. In the beginning God put everything together so that our bodies would heal themselves unless we inundate our bodies with pesticides, altered foods, preservatives, artificial flavors and coloring or other man-made artificial products. Then God sent His only Son, Jesus, the great healer of answered prayer and heals you if you accept Him as God's only Son and believe that He answers prayers. That Jesus does answer prayers is well documented throughout the world, but it is illegally and unconstitutionally ruled by the Supreme Court to not teach prayer in secular schools..

Natural creation science approaches to health remedies are either organic foods or salves that do not have dangerous side effects. Natural and beneficial remedies without harmful side effects cannot be sold if health claims are made, a ruling that protects the profits of the drug companies. God-centered pesticides without harmful side effects are not patentable, and therefore not profitable to the pesticide industry.


A perfect example of how powerful the evolution-based technology of the Food and Drug Administration, the drug industry and the medical profession are is dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) that most people never heard of. DMSO is a wood extract, a natural byproduct of the paper-making industry. When DMSO first came out, it had four properties: It was a powerful solvent; it had a strong odor; it had enormous healing ability and when you put it on your toe because you had a pain, within a few seconds, the pain was gone and you could taste the DMSO in your mouth. I believe that because of its remarkable healing ability, DMSO was immediately taken off the market. When the paper industry tried to dump it on their dirt roads to keep the dust down, the animals came out of the woods and ate to dirt!


U.S. Pharmaceutical Grade DMSO is now, years later, available from chemical suppliers as a solvent altered by evolution-based technology. However, DSMO is no longer a good solvent, no longer has a strong odor, no longer can be tasted within seconds when applied to your toe, no longer removes the pain and no longer has any healing properties whatever. Was this the result of tampering with a natural  health product by the FDA and the medical society? But it is pharmaceutical grade! The list goes on as evolution-based technology continues to produce more chaos at an ever-increasing rate.

Poisons in our Drinking Water

Our drinking water contains at least 60,000 toxins, including pesticides, antibiotics, contraceptives and other hormones, carcinogens, pharmaceuticals, cocaine and other illegal drugs, and anything that is flushed down toilets or sinks

Creation Science and Natural Health Remedies

These actions by the evolution-based technology community have caused me to reflect on the reason why science should be so negative toward natural health remedies and toward progress of an unconventional nature. The conclusion I have come to is that these remedies cause a loss of income to the industries producing harmful remedies. Intelligent Design Theory should be taught in school and has not been taught as a result of thoughts and minds being trained to think along very limited lines. As a result, students graduate with a very narrow concept of the world around them and how to think for themselves. Secular school Medical students graduate with a strong bias against natural herbs and vitamins. This type of thinking has severely limited present-day health concepts of the world we live in, preventing much knowledge that would be useful to society from coming to light. I give several examples in this Section on creation science and technology, and the entire book Intelligent Design Theory is a compilation of alternatives to the biased and often false science & technology presently taught in secular schools.


Evidence of Intelligent Design is everywhere and creation vs. evolution is now being promoted by respectable God-centered scientists as worthy of classroom attention, while the American Civil Liberties Union and Supreme Court discriminate against Intelligent Design Theory as "against the US constitution separation of church and state" and outlaw freedom of speech, only permitting evolution to be taught in public classrooms. This book takes the argument for teaching the creation science & technology approach of Intelligent Design Theory in the classrooms a step further: Belief in God and questioning God as to how He made things work leads to creative health plans concepts that could lead to beneficial and non-destructive scientific progress. Examples of creation technology are the progress made by famous creation scientists in history such as Sir Isaac Newton, Galileo, Copernicus, Johannes Kepler, René Descartes, Gregor Mendel, William Thomson Kelvin, James Clerk Maxwell, Louis Pasteur, Robert Boyle, Wolfgang Pauli, Max Planck, Michael Faraday and yes, even Albert Einstein and scores of other god-believing scientists. Since these scientists all believed in and taught Intelligent Design, their theories should not be taught in public schools today according to the discriminatory Godless Supreme Court Justices and lower court judges.


The world has destroyed itself by rejecting its creator God. In the argument of creation science vs. evolution, the concept of health plans centered on evolution has destroyed the earth, and the world needs desperately to return to basic creation science.


Copyright (C) 2007 Robert L. Laing  All rights reserved


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