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94. Thirty-Seven Facts of Creation vs. Thirty False Theories of Evolution

Teaching Creation vs. Evolution

Both evolution and Intelligent Design Theory should be taught in school. In the creation vs. evolution debate facts for kids, natural selection and survival of the fittest are real and has caused many to believe that life is an accident. If you believe that life is an accident, this has caused considerable conflict and turmoil in your life that was not of your conscious actions. If evolution is your belief, it is an integral part of your thoughts and your demeanour. Unfortunately, you are not living in harmony with love, peace, joy and a life of comfort or your own existence. Turmoil and conflict just flow into your life and you may wonder, 'why me'? The problem is that much of the theory of evolution is unbelievable. Evolution vs. creationism is the cause of the unsolicited turmoil in your life. So you have my sympathy, my prayers and my warm regards. After two hundred years of Darwinism, in creation vs. evolution many unbelievable beliefs about evolution have evolved. Because these unproven theories are published as absolute facts rather than unproven theories and are promoted by our government and by the biased mass news media, the unsuspecting public accepts them as truths.


Belief in evolution results in a subconscious feeling of futility and despair because it is in total conflict with humans' and other creatures' desire to live and their constant battle to survive. Belief in evolution causes one to wonder if he or she will cease to exist or will suffer torture eternally in hell. Belief in creation results in a conscious feeling of comfort, joy and peace, causing one to know that he or she will live forever, free of pain, discord and suffering.

Beliefs of Evolution

Science, testable, measurable, observable and repeatable things that we know about the earth and the universe indicate that


Different Theories about Creation

In creation vs. evolution, the belief that nothing in the universe is by accident is a more believable concept and is more strongly backed up by scientific knowledge. Testable, measurable and repeatable evidence of creation vs. evolution indicates that

And so, in the argument of creation vs. evolution, it is more harmonious to believe all of the above than to invite discord into our lives. For this reason, it seems that those who believe in creation are happier, have more stable marriages, live longer and healthier and have much less conflict in their lives. Intelligent people know that the universe was created by an infinitely intelligent being, but many fail to realize that Jesus Christ rose from the dead, proving that He is the Messiah and the only way to get to heaven. And so, they embrace false religions and still fail to please the Infinite Holy Creator.

*One of the most recent of thousands of discoveries of proof of the authenticity of the history of the Bible is a Babylonian clay tablet dated 595 BC concerning Nebuchadnezzar's Chief Eunuch, Nebo-Sarsekim who was sent to King Zedekiah. This same Nebo-Sarsekim is mentioned in Jeremiah 39:3 in the date given in the Bible (See Archaeology, Vol.61, No. 1, January/February 2008, p. 24


The unbelievable concept of Big Bang is disproved and the fact that all attempts to change one species into another have failed. The theory of evolution is not credible and has no scientific basis. The theory that the universe is not an accident and was created by Intelligent Design is based on sound science. Evolution should not be taught in schools as a fact, but only that no proof of evolution (change of species) has yet been discovered. Intelligent Design should be taught in all schools, not as religion, but by all the scientific facts that confirm it. In the battle of creation vs. evolution, it should be up to evolutionists to prove a single one of their many unbelievable theories. It is up to evolutionists to disprove any of the many scientificclaims that are known about Intelligent Design.


Subjects that should be topics of discussion in creation vs. evolution in secular schools should include how many billions of years it would take a plant to develop seeds by accident in order to reproduce and how many billions of years it would take those plants to surround those seeds with delicious and nutritious fruit or vegetable matter by accident to incite animals to eat the seeds and spread them on the earth. At the same time, why were these fruits and vegetables absolutely essential for the lives of the animals? Was that also an accident? Ask our teachers to please explain.

Creation vs. Evolution in Secular Schools
In creation vs. evolution the list of topics for study and teaching goes on endlessly as we look at each synergetic process of chlorophyll and other organic molecules and of everything that exists. How many billions of years it would take for each to develop by accident and how could everything that exists possibly exist with all components and functioning organs operating simultaneously while these components accidentally came into existence millions of years apart? In creation vs. evolution how many billions of years did it take for every species to accidentally make every organ and component essential for life at different times, and how did species survive for billions of years before it was a perfectly functioning organism? In the meantime; where is the fossil evidence? For teachers to teach these things, they surely must know the answers or should not be allowed to teach it.


In creation vs. evolution the greatest unbelievable and yet most believed concept that evolutionists base their entire "science technology" on is that natural selection is proof of change in species. In credibility of creation vs. evolution, natural selection is the adaptation of a species to changes in the environment. These can be changes in size, shape or colour of any parts of the plant or animal, but it never has and never will change one species into another species. Evolutionists claim the change in species comes from mutations. Somewhere around millions of laboratory mutations by evolutionists have failed to produce a single change of species. These mutations have only produced freaks like extra legs or missing legs or organs. The offspring of these freaks either vanish or return back to the original species. All plants and animals reproduce after their own kind, as the Bible says in Genesis 1:11-25; 6:20; 7:14; Leviticus 11:14-29; 19:19; and Deuteronomy 14:13-18. In creation vs. evolution the credibility of creation is vastly more scientific than incredulous evolution.


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