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Section 3.


24. Intelligent Design - Three Simple Facts of

Creationism vs. Evolution

Technology For the Age of the Earth and the Universe

Creation vs. evolution technology explains three different scientific concepts of the age of the earth and size of the universe based on creation science nuclear decay of radioisotopes and between evolution evidence and Intelligent Design theory. This confirms that the unconstitutional ruling on the US Constitution Supreme Court separation of church and state ruling forbidding the age of the universe and many other provable creation science facts about Intelligent Design Theory to be taught in secular schools. The unconstitutional Supreme Court ruling should be overturned. Pray that this be accomplished before October 2015, because Jonathan Cahnís two books, The Harbinger and The Mystery of the Shemitah indisputably prove that America will be destroyed if we do not return to Jesus before then.

Creationism vs. Evolution and the Age of the Universe

Evolution technology teaches a logical time of creation based on three scientific evidences. Big Bang, black holes and red shift are based on the velocity of stars racing away from the earth in an expanding universe. This velocity is derived from the red shift of light from stars. The distance of the stars from the earth is measured in two ways, the first being what is called parallax, the angle of the direction of the stars from each side of the earth's path around the sun.


The second evolution technology method is called Cepheid variables. This method assumes that the brightest stars pulsate at the slowest rate. Thus, a star pulsating at the same rate as a closer star, but that is not as bright, is at a greater distance. The distance of the stars divided by the velocity of the stars then gives the time it took the stars to get from a common center to where they are today. This gives the age of the universe as about twelve to twenty billion years.


The third measurement of determining the age of the universe and the age of the earth is based on the velocity of light and the time it takes the light from stars to reach the earth. Knowing the velocity of light to be constant at 186,000 miles per second (300,000 kilometers per second), and the distance of the stars from the earth, we can divide the distance of the farthest stars by the velocity of light and find the age of the earth to be about twenty billion years.

Creation Science vs. Evolution and Forbidden Knowledge of the Age of the Universe: 

Evolution technology's theories of the age of the universe and the age of the earth agree, and are much different than the six thousand years given in the Bible and believed by creation science. To one with such solid evidence that the earth is billions of years old, any teaching about the time of creation from the Bible is believed to be nonsense and not taught in our public schools. This Section gives nine creation science evidences that cast doubt on the conclusions of evolution scientists. It may very well be that the red shift of stars is not caused by stars racing away from us as these scientists believe, but that the speed of light is being altered by dust and gas in space. If red shift is caused by dust and gas in space rather than by a velocity of the stars racing away from us, it may also be that the stars are not racing away from us as taught, but rather fixed in space, with planetary systems and galaxies revolving in circular paths as the Bible says. If this is true, both commonly accepted evolution technology conclusions of the age of the universe would be false and God created the heavens and the earth.


The following Chapters in this Section show that creation science vs. evolution technology explains these three different scientific concepts of the age of the earth and the age of the universe. Also, please refer to Related Links.


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