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Appendix 9

How to Prevent Death to Heaven or Straight to Hell from an Airplane Tailspin Crash

Turn Your Controls Over to Jesus

The entire world is full of good, honest people, whether they are atheists, agnostics, evolutionists, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindi or other religions. This really bothers me because they are all in a tailspin against time. I am going to tell you a true story now that you are not going to believe, which is why I am going to tell it to you anyway, because I care about you all. This is how Jesus can prevent deaths to heaven or straight to hell from airplane spin crashes, but it applies to all "tailspins", described in as "a sustained and usually severe decline or downturn".
I didn't become a Christian until I was thirty-seven years old. I read the Bible several times after that.
I just got my pilot's license so I could fly to my customers in my business. I was up on my second solo, practicing turning, climbing stalls. Just as I went into a stall, I went into a full fledge autorotation spin. Spins are usually spirals like a corkscrew or maple leaf drop, but in this case, I was headed straight nose down toward the earth, spinning like a top.
I was taught that when you are in a spin, if you are rotating to the left, you kick (quickly press) your right rudder and you will pull out of it. The problem was, it was like I was not moving at all but the earth was spinning to the right like top in front of me and getting larger all the time. So I kicked left rudder and the spinning increased. The earth wasn't really moving, it was me rotating to the left and I should have kicked right rudder. When that didn't work, I tried right rudder, but it was too late. I tried turning my yoke (steering wheel) to the left, and made it worse, so I tried turning to the right, but it was too late. I pulled back on the yoke to try to pull out of the dive, but nothing worked. I looked at my altimeter and it told me I was six hundred feet above the ground. That meant that I had six seconds to live and I would be dead in a head-on crash with the earth.

I knew a lot of Bible verses, and wanted to be thinking about a Bible verse when I died. So I quickly said to Jesus, "Give me a verse, Lord!" In a split instant a verse went through my head, "And it shall be that anyone that calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved!"

By this time I had about three seconds left. I took my hands and feet off the controls to brace for the crash and closed my eyes tight and screamed JESUS! I waited for the crash . . . and I waited for the crash . . . and it never happened. After about twenty seconds I slowly opened one eye. I saw that I was flying straight and level and the plane was climbing.
I looked over at the co-pilot's seat, and it seemed like Jesus was sitting next to me, flying the plane even though I could not see Him. I crossed my arms and just sat there for another twenty seconds with my hands and feet off the controls, watching Jesus fly the plane. Finally I said, "I'm okay now, Lord. I can fly. And I took over the controls and flew back to the airport.
This is something that I think about over and over again, and even though it happened about thirty-eight years ago, it is still like it just happened today. And it should be a lesson to everyone: Put your trust in Jesus, and when everything is out of control and you cannot do anything to correct it, take your hands off the controls of your life and turn it over to Jesus. Don't go straight to heaven or hell and death from a tail spin against time.


Copyright (C) 2009 Robert Laing  All rights reserved


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