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85. The Delaware Indians Powwows, Myths, Religion and Creation Stories

Could it be that with the scattering of civilization from the Tower of Babel, just a few years after Noah's ark and the Flood, the Native Americans migrated across the Aleutian Islands, bringing the Adam and Eve Genesis Creation stories with them? The Delaware Indians were one tribe of many that had powwows with ancient myths, religion and creation stories.


The Delaware Indians also had an account of creation that they handed down from one generation to another in the form of pictograph symbols or glyphs. Their traditional chants went like this: "At first sea water covered all the land. Above the water in the mist was the God-Creator. He caused to be much water, great land, many clouds, the wide sky. He caused the sun and moon and stars. Winds blew hard, clearing the deep water and making it run off. Light shone and an island appeared. Then he created the first beings, also angels, also souls. Afterward he created the man-being, ancestor of man. He gave to man the first mother of men. He gave fishes to man, and turtles and beasts and birds. But an evil spirit created bad beings, snakes, and monsters. At first all beings were friends together. But then, while secretly on earth, the snake-god led men to worship evil. Wickedness, crime, unhappiness, thus came to the world." 41


The American Indians see Intelligent Design in all that they behold. Even the wind and the sun are acknowledged, and that there would be no rotating earth unless the God-Creator made it possible. Now they have nothing but their powwows, dance, chants and myths to give them pride and purpose in life. But because of their insight of Intelligent Design, the day will come when they will become world leaders, thanks to their powwows. The Delaware Indian nation had a creation story that is almost identical to the Genesis creation account in the Bible. Therefore God favors the Delaware Indian tribe.


41. Fuller, Edmund and B. Jo Kinnick, 1963. ADVENTURES IN AMERICAN HISTORY- LAUREATE EDITION, Harcourt, Brace & World, Inc., New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Burlingame.


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