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11. Use of Intelligent Design to

Dredge Lake, River and Pond Organic Sediment (Muck) Using Aerobic Bacteria in Oxygenated Water

When I asked the Lord how He kept lakes, ponds and rivers clean for thousands of years and now they are all dying, the third answer was how to dredge organic sediment (muck) using aerobic bacteria, insects, fish, waterfowl, animals and humans by oxygenating the water. If all natural water bodies died, there would be no life on earth. Intelligent Design included lake, river, reservoir, wastewater treatment lagoon and backyard pond removal of organic muck, sludge, and sediment deposits.


Because of spring and fall natural inversion of natural water bodies in the Temperate Zone, oxygenated surface water is moved to the bottom of lakes, ponds and rivers. This is because of a unique property that God put in water as the result of Intelligent Design that water should not have. When the temperature of surface waters become 4o C or about 39o F, that water becomes heavier than the water under it, whether the temperature of the water under it is higher or lower. In the Tropical Zone, hurricanes, cyclones and monsoons cause the oxygenated surface water to go to the bottom. In either temperature zone, the water becomes fully oxygenated surface to bottom.


This oxygen at the bottom used to last until the next water inversion took place. But thousands of years of dust, pollen, tree leaves and fish and animal droppings have reached a limit in the amount of pollutants that natural processes can process, so the bottom of water bodies now runs out of oxygen before the next inversion takes place. When the bottom of a lake, pond, river or reservoir is oxygenated throughout the year, aerobic bacteria feed on organic sediment (muck), converting the organic matter to carbon dioxide and water. The carbon dioxide either becomes food for aquatic plants and algae, or is exhausted to the atmosphere.


Insects feed on either the bacteria or the organic sediment, or both. There are a hundred thousand different types of insects, and they do different things. For insects to feed on the bottom, oxygen must be present at all times, or the insects die.


Insects are the best food for fishes. So when the bottom of a water body is fully oxygenated, phosphorus and nitrogen and other nutrients and micronutrients that were in the muck are moved up the food web from bacteria to insects to fish.


Waterfowl, animals of all kinds and humans feed on the fish. This removes the phosphorus, nitrogen and other minerals that pollute water, making healthy food for all fauna. The result was that the Intelligent Design of water bodies kept the water clean for thousands of years. We have now reached the end times when all water bodies run out of oxygen for some periods during the year,  when periodic inversions can no longer oxygenate the bottom, or for some periods during the night, when plants are not putting oxygen into the water. The aerobic bacteria and insects die, and fish cannot go to the bottom to feed on insects. All water bodies are now dying, precluding the death of 1/3 of all life on earth, as predicted in the Bible (Revelation)..


In 1972, I began oxygenating lakes, ponds, rivers and reservoirs, and even bays of the ocean. The company I founded was CLEAN-FLO International which is still the only company in the world to my knowledge to achieve lake, pond, river and reservoir organic sediment (muck) removal using Intelligent Design Theory. The only other means is by dredging, which does nothing to improve water quality, nothing to reduce aquatic weed and algae growth, and nothing to improve the growth and health of fishes. Intelligent Design Theory should be taught in schools.


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