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5. Einstein Theory of Relativity, Speed of Light,

General Relativity and Special Relativity, Gravity and E=mc2

 Albert Einstein was not a Christian, but he believed in Jesus. The Albert Einstein theory of relativity, both general relativity and special relativity, gravity, constancy of the speed of light, gravitational bending of light and E=mc2 are all based on Intelligent Design Theory by Albert Einstein and according the Supreme Court Ruling, should be forbidden teaching in public schools.


Albert Einstein was a firm believer in Intelligent Design Theory. Einstein openly and vocally believed in an awesome and incomprehensible Intelligent Designer, God ("God does not play Dice."). Albert Einstein, born a Jew, unquestionably accepted the historical Jesus. It is amazing that atheistic scientists have outlawed Intelligent Design Theory from our secular schools, when they have built almost their entire field of theoretical physics, hydrogen bomb explosion and gravity on Einstein relativity based on Einstein's concept of Intelligent Design modeling. Intelligent Design Theory is forbidden knowledge in secular classrooms. Therefore, according to the US Constitution and Supreme Court separation of church and state ruling, Einstein relativity and Einstein gravity should not be taught.


Einstein relativity, gravity and hydrogen bomb explosion as a result of Intelligent Design Theory does not make Einstein's relativity, the magnitude of a hydrogen bomb explosion or gravity true. Conclusions drawn from Intelligent Design speculation must still be confirmed by scientific evidence. Every conclusion that I have made as a result of Intelligent Design Theory is shown in this book to be backed by practical applications of those concepts.


The speed of clocks has been measured to be faster in space than on the surface of the earth. Is it because of the "warped" theory, or is it because the gravitational force at the earth is much more intense than in space?  If the apparent mass is greater because of the greater gravitational force, is it plausible that this would cause a clock to move minutely slower?  Both the increased mass allocated to Einstein's theory and the increased mass due to gravity is consistent. Einstein's theory had to test out against known phenomena, or be thrown out. So which came first, the truth or the theory? The Doppler effect of the speed of light is consistent with the Newtonian theory of gravity.


Einstein's general relativity and special relativity, space warp, speed of light constancy, gravitational bending of light and E=mc2 evolved from Galileo's relativity in which motion is only relative to the observer. Galileo also believed in God and used belief in Intelligent planning.  Einstein relativity includes general relativity or curvature of space/time and bending of light due to gravity. Albert Einstein's special relativity says the speed of light is constant no matter how fast the emitter of light is traveling and in what direction.  When Einstein general relativity and special relativity, constancy of speed of light and E=mc2 were discussed by my professor at the University of Michigan, I wrote a paper (unpublished) contradicting Einstein relativity, E=mc2 and the fallacy of the speed of light experiments by Michelson and Morley that supposedly "confirmed" Einstein's constancy of the speed of light. This experiment ignored the fact that the transmitter and receiver both traveled in the same directions. These contradictions of speed of light constancy and Einstein relativity are only recently being discussed and accepted by others. Thomas G. Barnes, mentioned in the Preface - Gravity and the Structure of the Atom of this book, is one example of many scientists who strongly opposed Einstein relativity. Since Einstein relativity, there has been a considerable decline in studies of real and observable physical phenomena and a large increase in unproven antimatter - Big Bang - Black Hole speculation and paradoxically, simultaneous banning of teaching Intelligent Design Theory in secular schools.

Constancy of the Speed of Light

Although Einstein used Intelligent Design Theory to develop both his general relativity and special relativity theories, I believe that the speed of light in Albert Einstein's E=mc2 does not belong in the equation simply because it is a large number and atomic energy is a large amount. The energy in a hydrogen bomb explosion has nothing to do with the speed of light, which is not constant. We need to stick to science rather than unconfirmed conclusions. This book takes us back to things we can observe and make practical applications rather than theoretical Einstein relativity. I hope it will help to bring our schools back to reality-based thinking. The speed of light is not related to atomic bombs even though the energy in a hydrogen bomb explosion is large, as is the speed of light. Teaching Intelligent Design hypothesis of Einstein relativity is not consistent with the banning of Intelligent Design Theory in public schools.


When an object is dropped on the floor, its kinetic energy of a non-rotating object of mass m traveling at a speed v is E=1/2 mv2.  When paper is burned, oxygen molecules race out of the air to combine with hydrocarbons. The heat energy is equal to the mass of the oxygen molecules times one-half its velocity squared. The same is true when gasoline explodes, or of an acetylene torch, but is equal to the sum of the masses of each molecule times one-half the velocity of each molecule’s velocity squared. When an atomic bomb explodes, there are many different particles, molecules, atoms, electrons and protons moving at various velocities. The total energy of each individual particle is the real value of E. This has nothing to do with the velocity of light other than the fact that each of these particles are moving at high velocities.


To believe the speed of light is constant and E=mc2 without valid measurement is not scientific. Einstein claimed that anything moving faster than the speed of light would have to have infinite mass. Yet astronomers claim that the most distant stars are accelerating away from us and are moving at velocities greater than the speed of light. This is teaching blind faith in our public schools without real proof. In other words, it is teaching religion in public schools, and should not be taught as fact, but rather as belief without scientific evidence.

Gravitational Lensing - the Bending of Light Cosmology and Astrophysics

Just as I may be wrong in some of my Intelligent Design concepts, to believe that gravity warps space without proof is to have faith. To believe that matter, gravity and energy warp space by observing the bending of light as it passes near the sun may be wrong if the bending of light toward the sun is the same as the bending of light away from a prism and is really the result of a prism effect caused by the sun's atmosphere. Electromagnetic light rays are not affected by gravity (Section 11).





Lensing of the light rays by the plasma of the sun by Dr. Edward Henry Dowdye, Jr. PhD physicist. Top picture shows lensing that should occur due to the gravitational field of the Sun. Bottom picture is the fact that rays of light are not gravitationally lensed in the vacuum space just above the plasma rim. The gravitational field of the sun is virtually the same as the field in the plasma and is a direct violation of the light bending rule of General Relativity. See

 Copied with permission of Dr. Dowdye. A paper on this subject has been published in the renown refereed journal Astronomische Nachrichten, "Time resolved images from the center of the Galaxy appear to counter General Relativity", Dowdye, Jr., E.H.,  Astronomische Nachrichten,  328, Issue 2, 2007, pp 186 -191


The Albert Einstein theory of relativity, both general relativity and special relativity, gravity, space warp, constancy of the speed of light, gravitational bending of light and E=mc2 are all Intelligent Design Theory and are contrary to the unconstitutional Supreme Court Ruling of separation of church and state. This is why Intelligent Design Theory should be taught in school. If it was taught, I believe we would learn that space is not warped. Gravity is only warped by other gravitational systems, as can be demonstrated by hanging two heavy weights near each other over the earth. The two weights are gravitationally attracted to each other as well as to the earth. Space did not contract between the two weights; the distance between the two weights diminished because of gravitational attraction. Space remained the same. We need to stick to reality and the things we can measure, observe and demonstrate rather than flawed experiments or imagination which may be called faith, belief or religion as taught in public schools. Intelligent Design Theory backed by scientific proofs should be included in secular school teachings.


Copyright (C) 2007 Robert L. Laing  All rights reserved


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