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Section 13: Electricity and Magnetism


65. Intelligent Design Theory of

Electricity and Magnetism, Batteries and Static Electricity

Intelligent Design Theory Teaches that electricity is vital to all life. It enables touch, hearing. sight, smell, brain function, heat, detection of sound, magnetism, transfer and perception of light and other electromagnetic waves, nerve functions and bodily functions in all fauna, along with thousands of other processes. Magnetism, batteries and static electricity are also essential for all life.


What is electricity? The vibration of outer electrons explains electrical resistance of materials. As temperature decreases, vibrations of the outer atoms slow down. Now we get into superconductivity, where the vibrations cease and do not interfere with the flow of electrons from one atom to another. Resistance (in ohms) decreases. Due to symmetry in crystalline structure, certain crystals are more subject to superconductivity than disorganized structure of other matter.

Conductance, Magnetism and Reflectance of Atoms

In basic electricity, we know that electrical current is only the flow of electrons on the surface of a conductor. When atoms combine, the outer atoms in conductors may be oriented with relation to one another so that the outer electrons can easily move across the surface of the entire body of the elements, or they may be oriented in such a way that they cannot move across the surface. 


In copper, the atoms allow free movement of the outer electrons. In an insulator, the outer PeP's must be oriented in such a way that the outer electrons cannot migrate from one atom to another. While copper is highly conductive, it does not retain the magnetic property of electrons continuing to flow after the potential causing the electron flow is removed. Copper is not influenced by adjacent magnetic fields to cause its electrons to flow in circular orbits.


Iron is a poorer conductor of electrical current than copper. Yet when iron is exposed to a magnetic field, the outer electrons freely orbit the surface of the iron.


Just as electrons can only flow on the surface of a conductor, when atoms combine to make a magnetic material, the outer atoms may be oriented with relation to one another so that the outer electrons can easily orbit each element or in the entire body of the elements. When the adjacent magnetic field is removed from iron, the iron ceases to have its electrons orbit its body.  Some combinations of elements are oriented such that the electrons continue to orbit the material. These combinations make up permanent magnets.


When phosphorus is irradiated with light frequency, it causes the outer electrons in the phosphorus atoms to continue vibrating for a few hours thereafter. This is most likely because it is easy for the outer electrons to vibrate at the frequency of visible light, just like the outer electrons of the gold atoms vibrate at the frequency of yellow light. Permanent magnets are superconductors of electrons in which electrons flow around the periphery of the magnets just like superconductivity of electrons in materials near absolute zero temperature. We have an amazing God that created magnets like superconductors that run for extremely long periods of time without even heating the material the atoms are flowing in.


Conversely, atoms may be oriented in an element in such a way that the outer electrons cannot orbit the elements or the entire body or cannot vibrate at certain frequencies. In this case, the material is nonmagnetic or non-reflective.


Did a super Intelligence design the atoms to produce gravity, light and electrical phenomena, or was this another evolutionary accident along with all chemical reactions? Without gravity and light, or other electrical phenomena in all living plants and animals, there would be no life on earth or anywhere else in the universe.


Look at the pictures of the atoms in Section 9. We see that the H2 atom has one electron stuck between two protons, and the other electron on the outside of the two protons, trying to get in, but repelled by the electron between the two protons. The outer electron is free to vibrate. As H2 atoms combine to make more complex atoms, the outer electrons of the more complex atoms move from one atom to another. This ability is periodic in the Periodic Table of the Elements, with the outer electrons in lithium and beryllium free to move, and the outer electrons in boron and carbon less free to move. The pattern repeats, beginning with sodium and ending with sulfur. This pattern continues throughout the periodic table.


When outer electrons are free to move, because they repel each other, they must all move in the same direction at the same time. If we move electrons from one end of a coil of wire to the other, a magnetic field is produced by the electrons moving in circles in the coil. This magnetic field is not a physical field, but is the circular motion of electrons causing electrons in nearby metals to try to move in the same direction. However, these motions are out of balance so that in order to move the same as the electrons in the coil, the nearby metals try to realign themselves by moving to the inside of the coil. This attempt at realignment results in the forces that we call magnetic fields that we observe when iron filings are placed near the coil. 


In certain combinations of metallic atoms, the electrons can move in circles within the atoms. This motion results in what we call permanent magnets. It is a duplication of what we see as outer electrons in atoms move through a coil of wire.


We know that electrons repel each other. Two electrons very close together have enormous repulsive force. As the distance between them increases, the force between them decreases by the inverse square of the distance between them.  This repulsive force continues to infinity, becoming much too low to measure. Knowing this, we know that when the outer electron on one atom vibrates, it causes the outer atom of adjacent atoms to vibrate in the same way due to this repulsive force. This repulsive force continues at less intensity for an infinite distance.


Thus it is the repulsive force of vibrating atoms that enable radio waves to pass through space without much loss of energy. The electrons vibrating on an antenna on a satellite causes electrons on antennae on the earth to vibrate, so we can communicate with satellites. This explains not only radio waves, but light waves and heat waves as well.

Magnets in Intelligent Design

Just as we know on a macro-scale such as the rotating earth that rotating charges produce magnetic fields, the same is true in certain metallic crystalline structures where electrons are free to rotate around the entire structure. Intelligent Design teaches us that charges tend to rotate, and we observe this in everything from ionized plasmas to the earth, hurricanes, whirlpools, the stars and galaxies. As warm air rises from the ocean in the Bermuda Triangle, the static electricity charge on the water vapor circulates. This produces magnetic fields that cause airplane and boat compasses to go crazy. As these static electricity charges increase in volume, hurricanes result. The same occurs on the sun, where hurricanes produce sunspots and resultant magnetic fields. We have yet to learn why static charges rotate or why magnetism results; we only know that it is part of an infinitely Intelligent Design, and we should look for it when we are puzzled by many phenomena such as electromagnetic wave natural cures result from emissions from the human spine or Kirlian rays from fingertips and we should ask, "What is the purpose?"

Intelligent Design of Batteries and Static Electricity and the Growth of Plants

A study of the outer electrons of atoms as shown in Section 9 will reveal that when two dissimilar elements such as lithium or beryllium and carbon or boron described in Section 9 are placed together, the outer electrons of each element such as boron and carbon will be attracted and will move to the other element such as lithium and beryllium. This creates an excess of electrons on the lithium or beryllium that will flow through an external conductor back to  boron or carbon, and an electrical battery is the result.


Batteries work because of the difference in voltaic force that it takes for electrons to move from one element to another. I can only wonder in amazement that our Intelligent Designer made atoms to have this ability to produce batteries among all the other properties of atoms.


Because electrons repel one another, excess electrons will move to the outer surface of conductors. Robert J. van de Graaff (1901-1967) utilized this phenomenon on spheres to produce a Van de Graff generator that develops millions of volts of electricity with resultant discharges like lightning back to the source of electrons.


Clay particles suspended in water have excess electrons on the surface of each particle that keeps clay suspended in water because the electrons repel one another. The same is true of algae and aquatic plants. These plants produce a negative charge that prevents them from coagulating and matting together and dropping to the bottom of a body of water and dying. These excess charges also attract bicarbonates to them from the water so that the plants can extract carbon dioxide from the bicarbonates for photosynthesis and release the compounds in the form of carbonates, which then pick up carbon dioxide from aquatic animals by the same battery process to be re-circulated back the aquatic plants. Fog is tiny water droplets that stay separated by excess electrons on a water molecule.


Do you think that carbon dioxide just wanders by accident into the stoma of plant leaves to create the hydrocarbons during photosynthesis that is essential for the life of all animals? That would never happen were it not for static charges on the plant leaves attracting carbon dioxide out of air.


The earth is a massive sphere, like a Van de Graff generator, having dissimilar elements scattered throughout its interior. The excess of electrons on the surface of the earth causes trees to move thousands of gallons of water per day through heights of hundreds of feet to be released into the atmosphere. The water vapor carries these electrons to the clouds where they accumulate, discharge as lightning and return to the earth, as in a battery, to return the elements to the earth in the form of beneficial acid rain from which they came. If it were not for this phenomenon, trees and plants would not grow.


As you stand on the earth, that same static electricity that causes electrons to flow through plants and trees to give them life, and that causes lightning to preserve the earth, flows through your body into the atmosphere. It has been proven that electric current through the blood kills AIDS virus, cancer virus, and all forms of disease bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Blood plasma is now being passed through electric current to kill any pathogens that may be in the blood of blood donors.


Intelligent Design Theory shows that electricity and magnetism, batteries and static electricity are vital to all life. We have an awesome Creator, intelligent beyond all human comprehension, who loves you more than all the humans on earth possibly could, if you only believe it! Intelligent Design Theory should be taught in school.


Copyright (C) 2007 Robert L. Laing  All rights reserved


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