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7. Electromagnetic Waves -- Natural Cures

For Bad Backs from Spinal Cord Damage

My co-worker on the electron beam Van de Graaff generator, Willis Gille, former Director of Research at Honeywell, a great inventor with 93 patents and Presidential Advisor for Presidents Truman and Kennedy on the National Inventors' Council and I donated time to the Foundation for the Advancement of Chiropractic Research (FACR), Cumberland, Wisconsin. These chiropractors discovered friction on the surface of certain plastics and other materials (called triboelectric effect) that results from electromagnetic waves radiated from bad backs due to spinal cord damage. They used this friction to naturally cure subluxated spines (bad backs).  

At first I was skeptical because at that time chiropractic care was pretty much condemned by the medical establishment as quackery. My interest in Intelligent Design Theory- - natural God-centered science vs. godless technology such as health foods versus artificial flavors and coloring, high-fructose corn syrup, pesticides, preservatives and animal drugs however, sparked my curiosity and caused me to investigate this natural cure for bad backs. Did God produce electromagnetic waves from bad backs and spinal cord damage to react with something in some way to promote natural cures? Doctors can set broken bones back in place and close open wounds. But only an Intelligent Designer could have put natural cure mechanisms in animal miracles and plant miracles to enable wounds to naturally cure and broken bones to grow back together.


Can dogs and perhaps some other animals sense that humans have bad backs and spinal cord damage? We know today that dolphins can tell when a human is sick. Is this related to a benefit of electromagnetism, an electromagnetic wave phenomenon? The spinal cord is a miraculous electrical conductor and transmitter of electromagnetic waves. Does it emit electromagnetic waves from bad backs and spinal cord damage?


I discovered during my research that an electromagnetic wave from bad backs and spinal cord damage could be concentrated or amplified by magnets. During this research, Dr. Ethyl Traxler, the most successful chiropractic care healer of all those who studied the electromagnetic waves from bad backs and spinal cord damage under Dr. I. N. Toftness at the Toftness Clinic in Cumberland, Wisconsin, taught me that through chiropractic care, an electromagnetic wave emitted from fingertips is a natural cure for bad backs and spinal cord damage. To learn more about electromagnetic waves in the body, see Related Links.


Shortly after learning about the healing power of electromagnetic waves radiated from finger tips, I was at a meeting during which a man jumped up and began twisting and stretching. He said, "I'm sorry, but I fell off a scaffold fifteen years ago and have had this terrible pain and a bad back ever since. There is no cure."


I asked if I could feel his back. Running my hand down his spine, I felt a warm spot. I held my finger on it lightly for a few minutes until the warm spot became cool. The electromagnetic wave from my fingertip and his bad back from the spinal cord damage had disappeared. I told him I was done. Then he started jumping up and down and laughing. He shouted, "The pain is gone!"


About ten years later I saw him in a store. I asked him if his back pain had come back, and he said he has been pain-free ever since. I suppose after publishing this, the FDA and AMA will throw me in prison for chiropractic care without a license. My only defense is that it was an accident of my investigation, and I do not practice chiropractic care. Perhaps this is related to the natural cure 'laying on of hands' mentioned in Hebrews 6:2, a benefit of electromagnetic waves emitted from bad backs and fingertips.


After five years of study, Willis and I discovered and measured a 69.5 GHz electromagnetic wave frequency emitted from bad backs (subluxated or out-of-joint spines). This is about three times higher than the highest radar electromagnetic wave frequencies. I measured this electromagnetic wave from a bad back on an ultra-high frequency receiver that NASA developed at Timonium, Maryland for the space program. Willis and I then received awards from the Foundation for the Advancement of Chiropractic Research. The Food and Drug Administration prohibited the use of electromagnetic wave detection as a natural cure for bad backs due to spinal cord damage. We could not defend the discovery of these electromagnetic waves because unfortunately, NASA had meanwhile scrapped and destroyed their unique electromagnetic wave receiver. As a result, this great chiropractic care technique is now in the category of forbidden knowledge. Other natural Intelligent Design methods of preventing and curing diseases are Vitamin D based on sunshine and skin color, electrotherapy and magnetic therapy as a result earth's magnetic field and healthy organic food.


A large number of illnesses are the result of crooked spines. If you look at the photographs in the Post Office of wanted murderers, you will see that many of these people have crooked necks like the Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers, the Christmas Underwear Bomber and James Holmes. This is one of many reasons why Jesus told us to forgive, lest you be not forgiven and to not judge, lest you be judged. We may never know what caused a person to sin.


To believe that nerves are an accident is faith. Faith is a religion and should not be taught in government schools. To measure electromagnetic waves emitted by bad backs and spinal cord damage as a natural cure for bad backs due to spinal cord damage is a scientific study of Intelligent Design Theory, and should be taught in secular schools.


Copyright (C) 2007, 2010, 2012 Robert L. Laing  All rights reserved


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