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6. Electron Beam Van de Graaff Generator Thermionic Converter

Alternative Energy Source

As a result of unconventional thinking about intelligent design, I coupled thermionic emission with a Van de Graaff generator in a vacuum tube for electron beam high voltage alternative energy sources to produce electricity. This device was rejected by the scientific community. In 1970 the scientific community prevented my patented Intelligent Design Theory of a successful working model solar energy, fossil fuels or atomic waste high voltage energy converter thermionic emission electron beam Van de Graaff generator from further refinement and reaching the market. This high voltage thermionic emission electron beam Van de Graff generator alternative energy source would have converted heat energy from atomic waste, fossil fuels or sunlight to high voltage power with long life and no moving parts, and may have helped considerably to lessen today's oil and energy shortage. I think the reason this energy converter was rejected was because my new Intelligent Design Theory discovery of conservation of space charge energy was not taught in schools, and therefore was unacceptable. This is why Intelligent Design Theory should be taught in school.




High Voltage Electron Beam Thermionic Emission Van de Graaff Generator Energy Converter converts fossil fuels, atomic waste or sunlight energy in an electron beam into 1000 volt high efficiency electricity. This electron beam space charge tube Van de Graff generator model used a 12 volt dc battery as a temporary substitute heat source for the cathode.



Shooting an electron beam into a hollow collector duplicates the well-known Van de Graaff Generator associated with electric discharges such as are displayed in Frankenstein movies. This electron beam energy converter replaces the frictional belt on Van de Graaff generators that carries microamperes of electrons into the collector. An electron beam from a thermionic emission vacuum tube cathode produces amperes of electrons, or a million times the amount produced by a frictional belt. Thus a one-ampere electron beam creating a million volts on the collector can produce a megawatt of useable energy. This energy converter device also clearly demonstrates a previously unknown phenomenon of electron physics that I discovered, Conservation of Space Charge Energy, and explains the apparent violations of conservation of energy in the "Hull cutoff criterion" found in magnetrons such as are used in microwave ovens. Heat energy into the thermionic emission cathode accounts for the excess energy that forces electrons in an electron beam to exceed their circular paths in magnetrons, and energy is conserved.


In 1963 I gave a presentation on this alternate energy source at Honeywell. Two of the people present were Willis Gille, Chief Engineer at Honeywell, a holder of over ninety patents and Science Advisor to both Presidents Harry S. Truman and John F. Kennedy and was one of thirty-five scientists sent to Germany after World War II to study German war secrets.  Another person present was Glenn Seidel, Vice President of Honeywell. Two weeks after my presentation, both Willis and Glenn resigned from Honeywell. Willis came to Marquette Corporation to work with me on the new energy source and later on electromagnetic wave natural cures, and Glenn became President of Marquette Corporation. Willis then designed and built an extremely accurate calorimeter to measure the heat transfer for my high voltage thermionic energy converter. We measured the heat into the cathode as 12 watts and the electrical power developed at the collector was 7.5 watts. This was 63 percent efficiency. Carnot efficiency, the difference between the cathode temperature and the collector temperature was 67 percent, 37 percent of which was an energy loss due to entropy, a law of nature. Four percent of the energy was lost due to heat radiation to component parts. So the alternative energy source was extremely successful, but the power output too low for practical use.


It has been forty-four years since I stopped work on the new alternative energy source (see biography). Since then I realized that the very law of Conservation of Space Charge Energy that I discovered was limiting the power we developed. The cathode was capable of producing one ampere, but we were only getting 7.5 milliamps of current. What Willis and I did not realize at that time was that as we drew current from the cathode, the electrons leaving the cathode cooled the cathode by exactly 7.5 watts. All we had to do to get the desired megawatt of energy was to add a megawatt of heat to the cathode, plus enough heat to compensate for entropy, heat radiation, conduction and convection.


I used Intelligent Design postulations to develop a solar energy, fossil fuels or atomic waste powered high voltage electron beam Van de Graaff generator to utilize heat from alternative energy resources for a means of alternative energy sources. To teach that electrons are an accident is to teach false religion. To utilize Intelligent Design Theory of the repulsive charge of electrons in a thermionic emission electron beam high voltage Van de Graaff generator in beneficial ways of producing solar energy, fossil fuels or atomic waste forms of alternative energy sources is a practical application of Intelligent Design Theory. It was this knowledge that enabled me to understand the fallacies of the Niels Bohr model of the atom and the true structure of an atom.


Great scientists have done wonderful things with electrons, including television, electron microscopes, radios, cell phones, computers, electric toasters, lights and much more, but only God can make an electron. Wouldn't it be great if you could ask God how He made an electron? You can ask Him, but no human can reach God, except through Jesus (John14:6). And you can reach Jesus simply by asking Him to come into your life (Revelation 3:20). Then you can talk to God, and He with you.


God taught me a simple application of Intelligent Design Theory: Electrons repel each other. Space charge energy in vacuum tubes is conserved. Shoot an electron beam into a high voltage Van de Graaff generator and the electrons will repel each other and go to the outside of a hollow cylinder or sphere, producing high voltage and usable energy on the outside of the cylinder or sphere that is equal to the heat energy put into the cathode less efficiency loss. Then He moved me on to water pollution control. I hope the scientific community takes note of the science of creationism vs. evolution of Intelligent Design Theory. To learn how a Van de Graaff generator works, and thermionic emission and space charge repulsion, see Related Links.


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