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Appendix 7


Intelligent Design for Suggested

Electrotherapy and Magnetic Therapy Treatments for Natural Healing

H1N1 Swine Flu, HIV, AIDS Virus, Cancer and Other Pathogenic Bacteria, Viruses and Fungi

As shown in Section One, God-Centered Science & Technology Approach vs. Godless Science & Technology, the section on  disease bacteria, viruses and fungi serve a beneficial purpose in preserving life on earth. Bacteria multiply approximately every twenty minutes. This means that under ideal conditions, any human virus or pathogenic bacterium could cover the entire earth within a few days. Intelligent Design theory investigates electricity and magnetism in the earth's magnetic field, magnetic fields in general and the resulting electric currents to deactivate viruses, pathogenic bacteria and fungi. If there was no magnetic field on the earth, there would be no animal life. Without animal life, there would be no plant life because the animals provide waste matter for plants to grow. Thanks to Intelligent Design, all life is kept in a delicate balance with electrotherapy treatments for natural healing of HIV AIDS and H1N1 swine flu virus, cancer, pathogenic bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Earth's Magnetic Field

When electric current passes through a conductor, magnetism is produced.  When a conductor passes through a magnetic field, electric current is produced in the conductor. Also when a magnetic field moves through a conductor, electric current results in the conductor. The earth has a huge magnetic field, strong enough to turn the needle of a magnet and keep it facing North and South. Blood is an excellent conductor of electricity. As animals run through the magnetic field of the earth, a very small electric current is produced that tends to deactivate viruses, pathogenic bacteria and fungi in the body, but as a result of Intelligent Design, the cells in the blood stream and other parts of the body are not affected. Just the blood moving through the veins of humans and animals causes electric current that limits the growth of pathogenic bacteria, viruses and fungi. This is Godís Intelligent Design for preventing pathogenic bacteria, viruses and fungi from consuming the bodies of humans and animals within a few hours. While Feng Shui says that the bed should face the door, Intelligent Design theory says the bed should face east and west for healing so that the blood passes through the earth's magnetic field perpendicularly as it flows from head to toe and back to produce maximum electric current and optimal health. By Intelligent Design, the earth's magnetic field vibrates at a frequency of 7.83 Hertz. This frequency is essential for the health of all organisms. Scientists looking for life on other planets would do well to look for planets not only with water, but planets whose magnetic fields vibrate at 7.83 Hz.


When the wind moves clouds from West to East, they cut through earth's magnetic field and electric current passes from the top of the cloud to the bottom. If the wind is gusty, the electrons immediately flow back and neutralize the cloud. If the wind is steady, the electrons build up with static electricity at the base of the cloud until they discharge in the form of lightning to the earth. This is why we only see lightning when clouds pass from West to East or East to West. This is why we never see lightning when clouds are moving North to South or from South to North. Lightning, which causes acid rain is beneficial to the earth.


When a raindrop falls to the earth, it cuts though earth's magnetic field, creating an electric current within the rain drop. That current has a beneficial effect on vegetation. This is why an inch of rain produces more lush growth on our lawns than ten inches of water from our garden hose. Placing a strong magnet on your water pipe or setting a bottle of water over a strong magnet improves the taste of the water, and may produce other beneficial effects.


8 Hz is the frequency at which dolphins heal retarded children and other brain-damaged persons. 8 Hz is also a frequency that causes creative thought. So if you need healing or want to think creatively, you may want to lie East and West. But this activates your brain, so you may not sleep well. When you lie with your head to the North, you are not affected by earth's magnetic field. So it may be best to lie down East and West during the day and North and South at night. You may notice that you are much more relaxed at night, and will not dream so vividly.


I am not a doctor, and nothing I say in this book is approved by the Food and Drug Administration. So I suggest you contact your physician before following any of the suggestions I make.

Electrotherapy and Magnetic Therapy for Curing Diseases

About 115 pathogenic bacteria, viruses and parasites exist in the bodies of Americans. About 325 pathogenic bacteria, viruses and parasites exist in Africans due to unsanitary living conditions. Animals and humans with proper diets and proper health patterns keep these organisms in check, even though they are in all human and animal bodies. When a body does not follow healthy life patterns such as healthy foods (and Section 1 of my book), adequate oxygen and skin color, sunshine and Vitamin D3 supplements to prevent influenza and colds, these microbes may reproduce and proliferate in the body to cause illness or even death.


Dr. Robert C. (Bob) Beck received patents for applying electric pulses to blood vessels and magnetic pulses to lymph glands. Dr. Beck invented electrotherapy as a method of eliminating pathogenic parasites from the human body, including HIV AIDS virus and cancer. By studying Godís Intelligent Design of the earth and the universe, I came up with the concept of simply applying magnets to the pulse or lymph glands as a simpler and more economical method than Dr. Beck's proven method.  Before you begin either process, it is important that you read Dr. Beckís precautions first. I am not selling anything, and do not accept any contributions, nor does Dr. Beck. While Dr. Bob Beck's electrotherapy is proven technology, what I am about to describe below is a theory resulting from Intelligent Design and is my own unproven speculation. I only know that since applying magnets, I no longer get sick, and I absolutely refuse to take the H1N1 swine flu vaccine or any antibiotics or other disease-prevention medicines.


By following Godís Intelligent Design principles I believe we can counteract all pathogenic bacteria, viruses and other disease organisms or parasites. There are now very strong magnets available commercially, especially neodymium magnets that are easily found on the Internet. I suggest you purchase two magnets 1/4-inch diameter by 1/8-inch long and two magnets 1/4-inch diameter by 1/4-inch long to experiment with. If you purchase some of these, you must be very careful to follow the warnings on the labels, as they are very strong and their attraction to metals and to each may be able to cause fingers to be crushed or small bones to be broken. Always keep these magnets away from children except under very close supervision. Do not use if you have a pacemaker.


A strong magnet such as neodymium can be taped over the pulse on the wrist at right angles to the blood flow, but extreme care must be taken to avoid getting your hand close to electronic equipment or electronic data, as it may erase magnetic electronic programs. The safest place to put magnets is across the pulse on the inner ankle, and another magnet across the pulse on the outer ankle with the magnets both facing in the same magnetic direction. On the ankles, the magnets will be away from most electronic devices, but they can be placed any other place on the body. As the blood passes past the magnetic field, a small current is generated at the place where the magnet is located. As the blood flows past the magnet, electric current will be established in the blood. This current will deactivate the pathogens flowing past it for a twenty-four hour period. Most of these pathogens reproduce and die every 28 days, and if you keep them deactivated for 30 days, you prevent new pathogens from developing while the old pathogens die out.


The polarity of the magnets makes no difference; it only means that the current will flow one direction or the other across your blood vessels. The magnets can be taped with adhesive tape to your wrist or ankles where your pulse is, or to areas of concern, such as pain points. Tape them so they lay flat on your skin. A long cylindrical magnet should lay with both poles on the skin, so they do not protrude outward. You could also hold them in place with Velcro tape or a light bandage. Short magnets can lay with one pole toward the skin.


As pathogens in the body normally die after thirty days, your body naturally disposes of them through your feces and urine. If too many pathogens die at one time, the dead pathogens will be disposed of by our largest organ, the skin, which also is God's method of disposing of toxins. Expulsion of toxins through the skin is demonstrated normally as pimples. Pathogens quickly dying will be evidenced by itching pimples or a rash on small areas of the skin, and may feel like a poison ivy infection. These pimples go away in a few days, but other pimples will form as more pathogens die. It is best to move the magnets from one ankle to the other each day to avoid getting a rash where the magnets are applied. Because pathogens are born at different times, they die of old age continually until they are all gone, or deactivated for long periods. If pimples appear, simply cut back on the amount of time each day that you apply the magnets.


The pimples or rash will not harm you, but the best way to avoid a rash is to only apply the magnetic therapy for fifteen minutes a day for a month, and then gradually increase the time until you can apply the magnet to two hours a day without getting pimples or a rash. When you accomplish this, apply the magnets for two hours a day for a month, or until no pimples or rash develop. Then keep the magnet on your ankle for twenty-four hours for one day.


Dr. Beck also discovered that a minute electric current behind the ears has a beneficial relaxing effect and improves sleep . Also applying minute currents to acupressure points produces beneficial effects. I believe that because of my study of Intelligent Design, simply placing the neodymium magnets at these same points on the body will produce the same effects. In my research, I discovered that pimples will form using the magnets for healing, the same as pimples form using Dr. Beck's electrotherapy. It is well-known that magnetic therapy relieves back pain.


As a result of Intelligent Design, including earth's magnetic field, with electrotherapy and magnetic therapy, natural healing of HIV AIDS or H1N1 virus, cancer and other pathogenic bacteria, viruses and fungi is possible. The brain sends strong electrical current to pain points to accelerate healing. This had to happen the first day animals were created, as they could not live a million years until nerves were accidentally formed. With electrotherapy or magnetic therapy treatments, your body should now have natural healing of pathogens, whether they are bacteria, fungi, cancer viruses, HIV AIDS viruses, H1N1 swine flu virus or any other temporary or chronic disease. It will not cure multiple sclerosis or vegetarian's problems, as meat is required to rebuild old discarded diseased tissue cells. As I said, I am not a doctor, and these are suggestions only, that are not approved by the FDA or the medical profession. See your doctor first concerning any disease.


Copyright (C) 2009 Robert L. Laing  All rights reserved


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