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Section 24. Alternative Energy

107. Utilizing Intelligent Design Theory for Renewable Alternative Energy: Nuclear, Solar, Wind, Stream, Chemical, Heat, Electrical and Light

Intelligent Design theory utilizes solar energy, wind energy, nuclear energy, stream energy, chemical energy, mechanical energy, potential energy, tidal energy, water energy, heat energy, electrical energy, light energy and hydroelectric energy as means of using nature to develop alternative and renewable energy sources. Many of these energy sources have been used for centuries. There are scientists that only think of hypothetical theories such as creation vs. evolution, and scientists that only think about where things came from and how to utilize what is available. The latter are the scientists that accomplish things, usually based on God-centered science.


To understand and utilize Intelligent Design, we should look at everything in the universe as beautiful and purposeful. Hydroelectric power stations utilize the flow of water caused by gravity, two of God's creations. Windmills utilize a tiny fraction of the immense amount of wind energy as a source of power. Automobiles presently utilize oil energy (produced by vegetation) and fossil fuel as a source of power. Hydrogen and oxygen can produce a water and chemical energy fuel source for automobiles by electrolysis of water by car batteries and alternators to produce hydrogen and oxygen to burn at high temperatures. Photocells utilize the tremendous light energy of electromagnetic waves to provide electrical energy. Nuclear power plants convert radioactive decay into nuclear energy sources. So-called fossil fuel in the form of natural gas is one of our most abundant forms of energy sources that we do not fully use and is being generated in abundance every day by methanogenic bacteria feeding on organic matter.  Mechanical tidal energy can also be used, as in Puget Sound. Surf on ocean beaches has enormous water energy that turbines can recover, and so would turbines collecting wave, stream and river energy.


Future generations will look at the enormous energy in the surf and waves of the ocean that oxygenate the entire oceans and exhaust carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Future generations will look at one of the most powerful of all energy sources, lightning as a prime source of energy on earth. We will construct vertical conductors skyward that convert the flow of electrons away from and back to the earth as the most powerful and beneficial potential energy source of all, which at the same time neutralizes the destructive results of lightning. This will include the use of the principles of Intelligent Design because lightning serves a very useful purpose in purifying our atmosphere, providing beneficial acidic rain and creating forest fires that are necessary to maintain life on earth. In other words, we will be good stewards of that which God made. Heat energy can be converted into electrical energy in a number of ways, such as thermionic energy converters, steam turbines, steam engines, and thermocouples.


Intelligent Design theory will use solar energy, wind, nuclear, streams and rivers, chemical energy, mechanical energy, potential energy, tidal energy, water energy, heat energy, electrical energy, light energy, subterranean heat pumps and hydroelectric energy to utilize the forces of nature to develop alternative and renewable energy sources. Utilization of God's energy sources is not all the benefits that understanding Intelligent Design will utilize. It will give us a healthy, disease-free life and a much longer life. It will produce faster and safer travel and a safer, more intelligent society. This book gives many examples of understanding and utilizing Intelligent Design and the use of natural, God-given energy. However, it only scratches the surface. We have long desired a Utopian world. Understanding and utilizing Intelligent Design is the only way of accomplishing it.


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