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40. Entropy, Evolution, Energy, the Big Bang Theory, Atoms, Life and Consciousness

The Second Law of Thermodynamics used to be, "Whenever an energy exchange takes place a portion of the energy becomes unavailable." The words "becomes unavailable" may have been to disguise the real word "disappears."  The Second Law violates the First Law; energy is neither created nor destroyed. Entropy is contrary to evolution, so it may not be permitted to be discussed in detail in some classrooms.  The Law of Entropy says that the Universe is cooling down, and someday will be motionless and absolute zero temperature. Entropy does not disprove evolution, but entropy does prove that an Intelligent Designer created energy, atoms, life and consciousness, intelligence and thoughts, which do disprove the theory of evolution.


With the advent of atomic energy and the Law of Entropy, the First Law of Thermodynamics, "Energy is neither created nor destroyed." was changed a few years ago.


Scientists opposed to evolution extend this concept to mean that order disintegrates into disorder. This is not necessarily true. Whenever an energy exchange takes place, energy is simply lost. The result is not necessarily disorder. In contrast to the beliefs of most creation scientists, I believe that loss of energy has nothing to do with whether or not a system having heat energy (including heat being added daily by the sun) can or cannot cause species to evolve. In defense of my belief, I also believe that entropy is simply a disappearance of energy whenever energy transfers. This entire book has considerable evidence that evolution did not occur. But I did not include entropy as proof.


The "Law" of Evolution says that the Universe is constantly moving from a state of disorder to a state of order, and therefore Entropy must be ignored, and never discussed. For this reason, it gives me great pleasure to discuss entropy in detail.


Entropy means that it always takes more energy to transfer energy from one material to another than the energy that can be transferred. The extra energy required cannot be recovered by any means. That energy had disappeared forever. Carnot stated entropy in terms of temperature exchanges with the equation


                           Efficiency = (T1 - T2) / T1                      (1)


Or                       Efficiency = (H1-H2)/H1


Where T1 is the hottest temperature in degrees Kelvin of the two materials, and T2 is the final temperature. Suppose heat is applied to make steam to drive an engine. T1 is the temperature of the steam into the engine; T2 is the temperature of the steam leaving the engine. H1 is heat in and H2 is final heat, so Efficiency is the percentage of how much energy was transferred, including frictional losses, heat radiation, heat conduction or convection, plus all left over energy in any form, and (1 - Efficiency) is the amount of energy that was lost forever.


There now, that was not so difficult to say, was it? An evolutionist cannot say it. He can only become angry with the person who asks him to say it.


In my opinion, entropy is simple to explain. Energy is required to raise the energy state of any element. The amount of energy required to raise the energy state is always greater than the amount of energy released to the element. Just as it is easier for a person to relax than to be stressed, it is easier for any material to return to its relaxed state, which is equal to the temperature of the materials surrounding it, than it is to be stressed to a temperature level above the temperature of its surroundings. For this reason, temperature always flows downhill, and the universe is always becoming cooler, except when an atomic explosion takes place to release the internal forces of the atoms involved. 


To heat a material from temperature T2 to T1 in equation (1) above, takes more energy than is released when the material returns to temperature T2. The amount of energy lost in raising the temperature and then lowering it is given by equation (1).


This law of entropy can be extended to encompass any energy exchange.  Somewhere in each process, the energy exchanged involved the energy state of the electrons in the materials involved. .


Another example: The amount of electrical energy required to heat a light bulb is greater than the amount of heat and light that are radiated, conducted and convected away from the light bulb (Equations 2).


Conclusion: Entropy is absolute undeniable proof that the universe is not increasing in temperature, but is cooling toward absolute zero temperature. Energy could not have evolved from nothing. Entropy negates the Big Bang theory. Entropy proves that stars could not come into existence out of empty space. Entropy is proof of God and Intelligent Design. Evolutionists hate to even discuss entropy because it negates the entire false theory of evolution, which includes the false concept of the Big Bang. This has nothing to do with evolution of species. It has everything to do with the fact that energy cannot suddenly appear in empty space as Big Bang theory dictates.


Something created energy and atoms out of empty space. The fact that atoms became creatures with life consciousness proves that the something that created energy and atoms was the result of Intelligent Design. Entropy does not disprove evolution, but entropy does prove that an Intelligent Designer created energy, atoms, life and consciousness, which do disprove the theory of evolution. It has been suggested that entropy entered the universe when Adam and Eve introduced sin into the material universe. There is no entropy in heaven, which is eternal and all creatures in heaven live forever.


Copyright (C) 2010. 2013 Robert Laing  All rights reserved


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