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120. Evolution vs. Creationism -- World Wealth via Intelligent Design Theory

In Intelligent Design theory of creation vs. evolution, there are two types of people on earth. One group believes in evolution and the other group believes in creation via Intelligent Design. One who believes in evolution is either an atheist or on a lesser scale, an agnostic. One who believes in creation believes in Christianity, Judaism or other God-based religions. Those who believe in evolution believe that there is a fixed amount of wealth in the world. Those who believe in creationism believe that the wealth of the world increases or decreases according to man’s ingenuity, faith or natural events.


In general, an evolutionist believes that when a person becomes fabulously wealthy, he or she did so by taking wealth from others. The natural reaction is to want to take wealth away from the rich and give it back to the poor, as Barack Obama and the Democrats are doing.


Those who believe in creation by Intelligent Design generally believe that when a person becomes wealthy, it is because that person has contributed something of value to the rest of the world. While that person takes out a small percentage of the total income from what that person has contributed, thousands or millions of others have also benefited from the contribution, either by being able to do things that they otherwise could not do or to buy at less expense, or by contributing to the production of the benefit and profiting from it. Wealthy people accomplish things that could not previously be accomplished, such as increasing wealth through the use of computers, for example, or by improving the ability to travel, or by millions of other advantages that were not available before the creator of that enterprise became rich.


The Arab people were poverty-stricken before the wealthy oil companies increased the world oil supply by enabling those countries to extract oil from the earth. That made it possible for people all over the world to travel faster and accomplish more at less expense. This enabled people all over the world to earn more money, and made the poverty-stricken Arab nations fabulously wealthy. If we were to take the wealth away from the Arab nations and give it to the poor, who would we give it to? We certainly would not have to give it to the poor people that benefited from more welfare because the entire world became wealthier. If we did, the entire world would then become poorer, including the wealthy Arabs who can now buy billions of dollars more merchandise than they could before, enriching the entire world in the process.


In times of drought, famine or widespread disease, the wealth of a nation declines. An example of this was the potato famine that occurred in Ireland. This impoverished the Irish so they could not purchase food and other products from the rest of world, and the wealth of the entire world declined as a result. Another example is the recent hurricanes, tsunamis, and earthquake disasters that impoverished an entire city, impoverishing the rest of the state and reducing the income of the entire world, including the world’s ability to produce beneficial products.


While those who believe in evolution believe that wealth in the world never changes, those who believe in creation believe that the wealth of the world increases according to natural events that may be beneficial in the event of good weather and larger and healthier crops, or may be detrimental in the event of famines, disease, earthquakes, hurricanes or other natural causes. World wealth increases in the event of new products such as the automobile, airplane, television, telephones, radios, computers, greater crop production, and the list goes on and on.


In general in the United States, atheists tend to be Democrats, and those who believe in creationism tend to be Republicans. This is why Barack Obama and the Democratic Congress want to take from the rich and give to the poor that choose welfare over working (redistribute the wealth). It is why the Republicans recently took over the House of Representatives – to encourage people to work without government hindrance so that all become wealthier.

In evolution vs. creationism -- atheism vs. Intelligent Design Theory there are those who believe that the amount of wealth in the world is fixed and those who believe that world wealth fluctuates according to man's ingenuity, faith or natural events. So what does Intelligent Design and Creationism have to do with the wealth of the world? The world is at war. This is a war of Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution from Karl Marx to Barack Obama (those who support communism) against creationism (those who believe in freedom). Creation is the result of an infinitely Intelligent Creator in a spiritual universe creating angels in the spirit world and humans in the material world. God gave humans the ability to create, which is one of the results of humans being made in the image and likeness of God. Intelligent Design theory is a world wealth-producing belief in creation versus slavery and poverty from evolutionary thinking.


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