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93. Evolutionists and Creationists Believe in Thousands of Animal Miracles and Plant Miracles

Both evolutionists and creationists believe in animal miracles and plant miracles. How could a single cell exist for a few million years before it could ingest food, divide and multiply? That would be a miracle. Based on creationist and. evolutionist belief about what is known about chemistry and electronics both creationist and evolutionist believe: 

We are surrounded by billions of other plant and animal miracles.

*After Jesus died, He was embalmed with frankincense, aloes and myrrh and wrapped like a cocoon. God tried to tell all of His people that a caterpillar wraps itself in a cocoon, dies and emerges as a beautiful butterfly the same as Jesus and those who believe in and follow Jesus.

"Then the LORD answered Job out of the whirlwind and said, "Who is this who darkens counsel by words without knowledge (Job 39: 1-2)?"

In fact, the evolutionist literature sometimes says that various evolutionists even doubt whether they themselves exist, because life itself is many more than thousands of plant and animal miracles. Evolutionists believe that all the miracles listed above and the billions more not listed each took billions of years to accidentally occur. So evolutionists believe that it took plants billions of years to accidentally produce a flower so that flowers could reproduce. That would be a miracle. Evolutionists believe that it took billions more years for those flowers to accidentally produce seeds so they could reproduce. That would be a miracle. Evolutionists believe it took billions of years for a bee to accidentally appear on the earth so that it could pollinate the flower so that plant could reproduce. That would be a miracle. For plants not to reproduce in the same year they were created, and with bees not available to pollinate the seeds at the same time, but to take billions of years instead, would be the most astounding miracle of all - - and evolutionists believe in all these plant miracles and animal miracles!


"Father, You have done so much for me, is there not something I can do for Thee?"

"Yes, my child. Make me a rose."


Persons of great intellect think they understand a rose, but only God can make a rose. Wouldn't it be great if you could ask God how He made a rose? You can ask Him, but you can only ask through Jesus (John 14:6). And Jesus stands at the door and knocks, asking if He can come in (Revelation 3:20). If you open up to Jesus, you can ask the Intelligent Designer how He made a rose.


This entire book on Intelligent Design vs. evolutionist evidence is about miracles. Unique properties of water are miracles. An atom is a miracle, as you will discover. Electricity and magnetism are miracles. The way that plants take up carbon dioxide, water and minerals to produce organic compounds is a miracle, as you will find out. Gravity and the Structure of the Atom and the speed of light are miracles that life (billions of miracles) could not exist without. Both evolutionist and creationist believe in many more than thousands of plant and animal miracles.


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