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70. Evolutionist Misrepresentation - How Life Began With Methane, Ammonia and Carbon Dioxide


Evolutionists have long misrepresented that methane, ammonia, carbon dioxide and water are the basic building blocks of how life first began on earth. Life today cannot live in a methane atmosphere or primordial soup. Attempts to produce life from methane resulted in total failure.18


Plants today require carbon dioxide, water, certain mineral elements, sunshine, and a temperature range that we find on earth. Aquatic plants die if water chemistry strays beyond narrowly defined limits.  As examples, fresh water algae die if copper exceeds 2 parts per million, or if phosphorus levels become less than 0.03 parts per million. These same algae are found fossilized and unchanged, indicating that our environment has not changed significantly since the beginning.19


Plants and animals that exist today are found in the fossil record. They are known to require oxygen, water, some mineral elements and certain minerals that can only be utilized in organic form. They require a temperature range such as is known on earth today. All fossils that have ever been found required an earth environment that was the same or better than our present environment. The fossil evidence of enormous animals as compared to today indicates that the original environment was much better than today's environment. None of these fossils could live for two minutes in methane or primordial soup. So where are all the billions of fossils that lived in methane and primordial soup? None of them exist. Evolution never happened.


If plants or animals ever lived in a different atmosphere, different chemical parameters, or a different temperature range, the fossil record does not suggest it.  The essentials for life for such organisms have not been tested, and there are no test subjects available. Fish and animals die in ammonia levels greater than 3 parts per million. Plants and animals in other atmospheres such as methane, other chemical environments or temperature ranges not found on earth are the subject of evolutionists and science fiction writers.  They have not yet been discovered on earth or on other planets. To claim otherwise is not observable, testable, repeatable science.


Evolutionists have claimed that a methane atmosphere existed when creation began. Methane cannot be produced in nature by inorganic processes other than hydrolysis of aluminum carbide, a chemical process that is highly unlikely on any planet. While plants cannot survive without sunshine, methane cannot survive in sunlight. Plants and animals cannot live in a methane atmosphere. There is no scientific basis for a previous methane atmosphere on earth, or the methane theory.


It is observable and testable that plants and animals cannot live in a methane atmosphere. Until a creature has been found that lives in methane, methane cannot be considered as an atmosphere for any life that exists today, or that is in fossil form. Methane is only produced in any significant volume by methanogenic bacteria, and not by inorganic chemical processes. These microorganisms live in an anaerobic environment and biodegrade dead organic matter into methane. The methane then decomposes into carbon dioxide and water in the presence of oxygen and sunlight to be recycled into plant life20. This suggests that animals called methanogenic bacteria existed before methane in an environment similar to earth today. There is nothing observable about a prehistoric methane atmosphere, or fossils of plants or animals that could have lived in a methane atmosphere.This is evolutionist misrepresentation of how life began in methane, ammonia, water and carbon dioxide atmosphere.


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