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14. Intelligent Design Theory and

37 Facts about Radon Gas Mitigation and Where the Radon Element Came From, Radium, Uranium, Chlorine and Fluoride

Our federal government forced Americans to waste billions of dollars in radon gas mitigation in our homes, and promotes cancer-producing chlorine and fluoride in our water. Intelligent Design theory teaches that everything that God created is beneficial. This includes radon gas that provides many healthful benefits to animals and humans. Radon gas comes from the natural radioactive decay of radium and uranium and comes out of the ground all over the earth. Thousands of people visit radon gas health mines each year located in uranium mines and granite mines in Montana and Europe. Sick or wounded animals seek out radon hot springs, the same as Native Americans always have.


I am certain that we all live longer because of God-given radon. Radon evidently cures, prevents or induces long term effects for many who suffer from over 37 conditions such as cancer, diabetes, chronic sores, migraine headaches, rheumatic illnesses, arthritis, degenerative and distorting joint illnesses, eczema, neuralgia, mobility, chronic pain conditions, asthma, allergic illnesses, emphysema, conditions effecting mobility after sport and accident injuries, multiple sclerosis, respiratory problems, fibromyalgia, infertility and impotency, post-polio symptoms, skin disease, bronchitis, gout, enlarged prostate, bursitis, hay fever,  psoriasis, high blood pressure, scleroderma, carpal tunnel syndrome, cataracts, inflammation, sinus infection, lupus, ulcerative colitis, poor circulation and stabilizes the immune system and more.


It appears that many politicians live into their nineties, while average Americans live until their seventies. Could this be because politicians do not have to abide by the laws they pass? Chlorine and fluoride are known carcinogens. Chlorine and fluoride in our drinking water and chlorine or bromine in swimming pools are mandated by law. These laws benefit the drug industry and medical profession. These laws are excluded in Europe where radon treatment is prescribed by doctors and insurance companies pay for such treatment. Beneficial ozone is used in Europe instead of chlorine and fluoride in drinking water and swimming pools. The only source I could find where radon supposedly causes cancer is scientific studies in which radon capsules were implanted in eyes with cataracts. The cataracts were cured, but the capsules caused tumors. Natural radon does not come in capsules, and these studies are highly flawed. With this "evidence", the U.S. government and the medical profession teamed together to eliminate beneficial radon from homes. I would be pleased to find a single unflawed study that proves that radon causes cancer. Other studies that claim increased lung cancer rates were skewed, as much as I can determine, by radiating the lungs with radioactive lead rather than actual radon, e.g. It appears that the cancer subjects in the case of lung cancer studies were exposed to the same radon densities as the control subjects, who had no lung cancer after at least twenty years. The lung cancer ratio was much higher for smokers than nonsmokers. In fact, only 413 subjects had lung cancer, while the 614 controls did not have lung cancer. If this was a random selection of participants, it appears that the odds are far greater of not getting lung cancer when exposed to radon. Compare this to radon mines, where participants were cured of lung cancer at much higher radon levels, and where doctors prescribe radon treatment for lung cancer in Europe and other parts of the world.


Intelligent Design Theory should be taught in school as is guaranteed under the US Constitution. The population would then know that radon in homes is one of Godís awesome means of protecting health of both humans and animals. Politicians would be prevented by knowledgeable citizens from passing laws forcing mitigation of radon in homes. If chlorine and fluoride were removed from our drinking water and swimming pools, our life expectancy would be increased dramatically. When radon gas mitigation due to cancer hoax was first introduced, anyone schooled in Intelligent Design theory would have suspected that something was wrong. Based on 37 facts about radon gas and where radon came from, mitigation of the radon element would not be legislated, and our life expectancy would probably be increased by at least twenty years. Many papers are available about government hiding the health benefits of radon, e.g. ;



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