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109. Famous Scientists in History Religious Beliefs: Pasteur, Mendel, Faraday, Planck, Carver, Einstein, Becquerel, Lister, von Braun and Others

Louis Pasteur (1822 - 1895), the father of antibiotics was a godly Catholic; Gregor Mendel (1822-!884), the discoverer of genes was a Catholic creationist; Joseph Lister (1827-1912), the father of antiseptics was a devout Quaker;  Michael Faraday (1791-1857), discoverer of electromagnetic induction was a Sandemanian Presbyterian;  George Washington Carver (1864-1963), a famous black scientist and one of the greatest botanists and inventors to ever live was a god-worshipping Christian. I have heard that George Washington Carver once asked God to teach him everything he knows. God answered, "I can't do that, but I will teach you everything about the peanut." Wernher von Braun (1912-1977), the father of rocket science was a Christian and a Creationist; Max Planck (1858-1947), a great physicist, was a Christian who firmly believed that God permeated everything; Albert Einstein (1879-1955) was a God- believing Jew who also loved the New Testament; Antoine Henri Becquerel (18521908), the discoverer of radioactivity was a Catholic; and tens of thousands of other contributors to science and technology believed in God. Where would technology be today if it were not for Louis Pasteur, Gregor Mendel, Joseph Lister, George Washington Carver, Werner von Braun, Max Planck, Albert Einstein and thousands of other famous Intelligent Design - believing scientists and their religious beliefs? If these scientists had been taught evolution and atheism in our public schools, what would have happened to their intense belief in an Intelligent Designer that caused them to inquire how things work?


Sir Isaac Newton believed in God and spent much of his life studying Bible prophesies (e.g. During the period from the discovery of America until about the 1960's that America believed in God, America became the greatest nation on earth while the other nations stood still, both in science and in prosperity. This section is about atheism, socialism and communism versus God, Jesus Christ and capitalism. It is about communism and slavery versus freedom and capitalism.


It is evident, however that many who did not believe in God have made beneficial contributions to the world, as have those who have viewed science as the harmonious result of an Intelligent Creator. It is also evident that every aspect of everything on earth and in the universe is viewed entirely differently by those who do not believe in God versus those who do believe. A few simple but serious examples are abortion rights, cloning, assisted suicides, homosexuality, our legal system, the age of the universe, the Flood of Noah, the resurrection of Jesus, the true nature if light and the cause of gravity. Some of these different opinions have created great rifts and even hatred, torture and murder in various countries between those having different viewpoints. What a different world this would be if we were all tolerant of others' opposing beliefs, as long as they are not harmful to others!


By limiting everything taught in secular schools to a viewpoint that the existence of God cannot be discussed, and therefore God does not exist, concepts of the world around us and human development are seriously limited, as I have attempted to demonstrate by my own experiences in my discovery of gravity and the structure of the atom. Consider how an attitude of "Perhaps God exists, perhaps He doesn't; the jury is still debating" would vastly increase the advances in science and morality in this world. In my viewpoint, this book has clearly demonstrated that many of the concepts of today's scientists are obviously illogical.


The United States, the greatest nation that ever existed is going deeper and deeper in debt, turning out more illiterate students than almost any nation on earth, and becoming more and more immoral --- fast. Turn on any radio station, look at any newspaper, magazine, movie or TV station and you will find illicit sex, murder and crime as our consuming interest. To accept Intelligent Design Theory, one must believe everything the Creator of this world and the entire universe has told us.


The greatest lesson God ever taught us was the Flood of Noah. The lesson is that we must be born again. We must die to our sins and rise up to eternal life. The lesson of the flood has been demonstrated over and over again. The lesson of the flood is baptism, going down in the water and dying to sin to rise out of the water into a new life. This was demonstrated by Jonah in the belly of the whale for three days, coming out and saving the nation of Nineveh from their sins. John the Baptist baptized Jesus. When Jesus symbolized the killing of our sins by baptism and rising out of the water God declared, "This is my only begotten Son, with whom I am well-pleased." 50 At that time, Jesus was filled with the Holy Spirit and began his miracles, changing water to wine, walking on water, healing the sick, raising the dead and multiplying bread and fishes. Then Jesus repeated the lesson of the Flood of Noah: Jesus died for our sins and rose from the dead to eternal life. John 3:16 tells us that if you will only believe this, you will never perish, but have eternal life. You can thank Louis Pasteur, Gregor Mendel, Michael Faraday, Max Planck, George Washington Carver, Albert Einstein, Henri Bequerel, Joseph Lister, Werner von Braun and thousands of other famous scientists in history and their religious beliefs in Intelligent Design that got us the great advancements in science that we have today.


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