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77. Fossils and the Fossil Record are Proof of Complete Organisms at the Time of Creation

Plants and animals today are dependent on each other in symbiotic relationships in nature and for essential chemicals. According to the theory of evolution, it takes millions of years for fossils to form. This is not what we find in nature. Plants and animals decompose within a few days of their demise. Fossils are made by instantaneous burial, such as the flood. This is evidenced by the Grand Canyon and the Badlands dinosaur fossils. If the earth has existed for 4.5 billion years as evolutionists claim, there was ample time for every plant and animal to be fossilized. Yet we do not find this in nature. We only find plants and animals as complete organisms as they exist today and not in any stages of evolution. Facts about the fossil record and how different types of fossils are formed shows that fossils are most likely made by being buried alive by sediment during a worldwide flood such as the forbidden knowledge of Noah's ark.


The fossil record was almost entirely produced by a few discrete catastrophic flood events at most. Dead plants and animals decay quickly unless they are instantly covered with muck or sediment. The fossil record cannot possibly show, and does not show that one species evolved into another over billions of years. The missing links between species remain missing, except in the imaginations of evolutionists.  Evolution does not occur today, and cannot be duplicated. All efforts to mutate one kind of plant or animal into another have failed. The progeny have always reverted back to the original.


The fossil record is proof of creation. All fossils are complete organisms, not species lacking vital parts. The trillions and trillions of fossils that should exist in transitory stages do not exist. All fossils are of species that exist today, or are extinct due to some calamity such as a flood or ice age.  Fossils of all plants and animals have not changed over millions or billions of years. All fossils appear to require the same essential molecules, elements, and atmosphere that plants and animals require today. There is probably no fossil of any plant or animal having ever lived without one or more of its essential organs. The fossil record and common sense suggest that plants and animals were created as complete living organisms as we know them today. These requirements would also apply to dinosaurs, which only differ from other animals in size and shape. Dinosaurs also had brains, eyes, ears, and noses all in approximately the same place as all animals today, circulatory systems, digestive systems, blood, legs, spinal columns and all the other body parts that we see in animals today.


Today's plants and animals are the same as in the fossil record, except for dinosaurs and a few other species. It is reasonable to assume that the same relationships have existed since life began. Plants and animals that live today are found unchanged in fossils. The environment at creation was the same as today, but of better quality. Minerals depend on other minerals in life processes. Carbon dioxide and water depend on minerals and on each other to produce life. If one were missing, there would be no life. Contrary to the carbon dioxide global warming climate change hoax, the ozone layer depends on carbohydrates, and carbohydrates depend on the ozone layer. All life depends on carbohydrates in the ozone layer, the ozone layer, and acidic, carbonated, ozonized rain.


 Except for artificial genetically modified organisms, in order for any species to reproduce, it must have a mate. One species cannot mate with another species and have progeny. So when a new species evolved, where did it get its spouse?


The fossil record and common sense suggest that all plants and animals were created as complete living organisms at the time of creation as we know them today. Organs of plants and animals depend on carbon dioxide, water, minerals, and on other organs. Plants depend on carbon dioxide, oxygen, water, minerals, all organs, animals for fertilizer, spreading of seeds, and on other plants. Animals depend on carbon dioxide, oxygen, water, minerals, all organs, plants and other animals. Plants cannot exist or grow in an evolutionist misrepresentation that live began in a methane and ammonia atmosphere. Plants and animals had to exist at the same time, or neither could exist. Therefore, all life had to be created at the same time. This could not have been an accident. Everything that exists depends on the simultaneous existence of every other thing that exists, not the sudden accidental appearance of things popping into existence millions of years apart. Fossils and the fossil records confirm it. Intelligent Design Theory should be taught in school.


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