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Appendix 3

Global Warming, Fossil Fuels and World Oil Supply Fraud

Is global warming caused by burning of fossil fuels? Intelligent Design Theory and our web page on carbon dioxide and the global warming hoax say definitely "No". Recent concerns about global warming and fossil fuels do not consider Intelligent Design Theory. With a few pinpricks in our massive earth, we have a world oil supply estimate of approximately 3 trillion barrels. With annual world oil consumption somewhere around 6.57 billion barrels per year, we only have enough oil supply to last us about 460 years except for the fact that we are finding larger and larger oil fields every year. Double the number of pinpricks and the world oil supply will most likely double. Global warming and fossil fuels are both myths. Intelligent Design Theory tells us global warming and fossil fuels world oil supply are not based on sound science; oil from vegetation and methane natural gas produced every day provides all the sources of energy the world needs.


The United States is sitting on 2 TRILLION barrels of oil, and the US government knows it. It's a formation known as the Williston Basin, but is more commonly referred to as the 'Bakken'. It stretches from Northern Montana, through North Dakota and into Canada. Hidden 1,000 feet beneath the surface of the Rocky Mountains lay the largest untapped oil reserve in the world. It is more than another 2 TRILLION barrels. And because this is light, sweet oil, those billions of barrels will cost Americans just $16 PER BARREL!!! 


Because of a small group of environmentalists, our government will not allow American companies to drill for oil on public land. Nor will they allow Americans to drill offshore. Obama recently said that oil could be explored offshore. He did not say that U.S. companies can drill offshore. This destines the United States to serfdom, communism and slavery, as well as the rest of the world. The recent oil spill was caused by a British company, British Petroleum. China and India are also exploring to drill in U.S. offshore waters. Obama gave $2 billion taxpayer dollars to Brazil to drill offshore Brazil for a company owned by Obama's apparent boss, George Soros.

Fossil Fuel Does Not Come From Fossils

Our world oil supply does not come from fossil fuels, as is explained in the book BLACK GOLD STRANGLEHOLD by Jerome R. Corsi, Ph.D. and Craig R. Smith. I do not think that there were enough dead dinosaurs and trees to produce the three trillion barrels of oil that we already know about, let alone a thousand times more oil that we have not even tried to find.


Walk down the aisle of any grocery store and you will see corn oil, walnut oil, sesame seed oil, olive oil, sunflower seed oil, almond oil, rape seed oil (canola) . . . and the list goes on and on, including lard and fats on meats. The fact about our world oil supply is that just about every plant and every animal produces oil. But most people never equate the purple haze on distant mountain majesties or the purple haze we see as we look across the horizon from a higher elevation to vegetation emitting hydrocarbons into the atmosphere. We see the purple haze on the mountains because the hydrocarbons near the bottom are combining with hydrocarbons from the vegetation above. Plants and trees emit several volatile organic compounds (VOC) into the atmosphere (See related links), mostly isoprene and terpenes, which are oils.


Oil is not fossil fuel. Intelligent Design Theory What is an atom? says the proton and electron have coded into them the ability to combine to make not only the elements, but unexplainably, life itself. And life of virtually every type produces hydrocarbons, including so-called "fossil fuels", and methane natural gas. I believe that more "fossil fuels" and methane natural gas hydrocarbons are produced every day than are being used by humans. What we don't see when we behold our purple mountain majesties, is where all those hydrocarbons go.


Water is often called the universal solvent. Moisture in the atmosphere absorbs much of the carbon dioxide that we put into the atmosphere to produce carbonic acid, leaving the production of carbon dioxide versus carbon dioxide absorption lag time of about 0.04 percent as pretty much a steady state quantity of carbon dioxide in the air.


Water plus carbon dioxide equals carbonic acid. Deep down in the earth where there is no sunlight or oxygen, and even in two-foot deep swamps, sewers and rice paddies, methanogenic bacteria feed on carbon dioxide, organic matter and water to remove the oxygen and make methane (natural gas). And our world oil supply is made by the process of photosynthesis every day by various combinations of carbon dioxide and water.  Water absorbs all the hydrocarbons that virtually all life passes into the atmosphere and into the soil every day.


Then it rains. As the rain falls on the earth, in addition to the hydrocarbons in the atmosphere, the rain picks up more oils that life processes leave on the earth's surface. While the water is moving, these oils and hydrocarbons and carbon dioxide pretty much stay in the water. Gravity pulls the water down into the earth. Subterranean rocks press against each other horizontally and cannot move toward the gravitational force. But water can seep through the porosity, fissures and cracks in the rocks and continue downward with the pressure from the water above and the gravitational pull of the earth beneath it. Water can move much deeper than the subterranean rocks on the earth; several miles, in fact. When the water can no longer move, the suspended "fossil fuels" oil and gases float above the water, where they end up in dome rocks that are sealed so the oil and gas cannot be pushed back to the surface by more rains adding pressure to the weight of water above it like artesian wells. When the oil is taken back out of the earth to be used, more oil seeps back into the voids that we created when we pumped.


The global warming and fossil fuels depletion myth has caused us to foolishly look only under sedimentary rock while Russia has found enormous oil deposits captured under capstone. If the United States would make a few more pinpricks under capstone in our own country and just offshore, we would have enough "fossil fuels" to no longer finance the terrorist countries that want to destroy us, the countries that produce drugs or export illegal aliens, drug smugglers, terrorists and other criminals freely across our borders.  

Renewable Energy Sources


One of the most abundant energy sources on earth is natural gas. Methane natural gas is produced by methanogenic bacteria everywhere that there are dead animals and plants in the absence of oxygen. Methane natural gas is more abundant than oil. Much of the methane above oil wells is burned off instead of used as an energy source. The methane that remains in the atmosphere is converted back to carbon dioxide and water, thanks to our Intelligent Designer. Even so, natural gas is used to supply heat and air conditioning to more than 60 percent of all households and 38 percent of industry in the United States. Methane natural gas could be used to produce electricity. Liquefied natural gas could supply much more of our energy needs, including automobiles. Methane could be used to produce electricity.


Every animal farmer must get rid of the waste produced by their animals, and every food processor and waste collection agency must process their garbage. If animal farmers, waste management companies and food processors would construct anaerobic digesters, a decades-old technology, methane natural gas could supply the energy needs of every nearby town, providing more profit to the farmers, food processors and waste management companies, and less money sent to finance terrorist and drug-producing countries.


To supply 100 percent of our world oil supply and energy needs, all we have to do is learn that oil is not made from fossil fuels and is not an exhaustible supply. We need to locate oil under capstone in the United States, including Alaska, and to fully utilize methane natural gas.


Nuclear power plants and hydroelectric dams are carbon dioxide-free power sources that we need to expand. If we do not do this immediately, we are continuing to finance the countries worldwide that are determined to destroy us. Our present course toward self-destruction is inevitable. Global warming by fossil fuels does not exist.


There is enough energy in the surf on ocean beaches to supply the entire energy needs for the towns on each beach. Simply place turbine generators such that the incoming waves pass above them and the receding water passes through the turbines. Turbines can also be placed in streams and rivers to supply enormous amounts of electricity.  In each case, diverters can be placed in front of the turbines such that fish and debris are made to pass beside the turbines instead of through them.


Recent concerns about global warming and fossil fuels do not consider Intelligent Design Theory. Oil is not fossil fuels. Our world oil supply does not come from fossils but from vegetation and animals growing today. The fact about our world oil supply is that just about every plant and every animal produces oil faster than we can consume it. Inexhaustible reserves of oil reside under capstone all over the world. Even so, we have enormous energy resources in addition to our world oil supply.


Copyright (C) 2008, 2010 Robert L. Laing  All rights reserved


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