God the Alchemist—Intelligent Design Theory and Alchemy; the Biological Transmutation of Hydrogen and the Elements




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124. God the Alchemist—Intelligent Design Theory and Alchemy; the Biological Transmutation of Hydrogen and the Elements


Every time you eat an egg or chicken, praise God the alchemist because by biological transmutation, there are four times more calcium in a new-born chick than is in the egg that it grew in. William Prout made a study in 1822 of the variations in calcium between the egg and the incubated chick. The chick had four times the calcium that was originally contained in the egg! Prout was one of England’s most distinguished physiologists. Prout was admitted as a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians in 1829; he also served two terms as vice-president of the Medical Society of London. Prout was the first to suggest that iodine be used for treatment of goiter. In 1824, he showed that the acid of the gastric juice was hydrochloric acid. He also proposed phosphoric acid found in fruit juices as an aide for indigestion.  But perhaps his greatest discovery was the biological transmutation of hydrogen into other elements: http://www.clinchem.org/content/49/4/699.full.  Intelligent Design Theory shows that all elements are combinations of hydrogen atoms, as the Lord taught me and Prout's alchemy hypothesis of biological transmutation of hydrogen and the elements is now accepted by most atomic scientists.


The change of the amorphous fluid in an egg or in an insect cocoon into a living creature is largely the result of God's alchemy. The change of sperm cells and an egg in a female into a living creature is largely the result of the alchemy of Intelligent Design. Praise God with all your heart and soul, and forget not all His benefits.


As a result of Intelligent Design, plants and animals transmute elements, as in alchemy that the ancients were working on. Example: Seeds sprouted in distilled water had an inexplicable increase in potash, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and sulfur. These are all nutrients required for growth of the plants, and was discovered in 1873 by a Hanoverian baron, Albrecht von Herzeele in his book THE ORIGIN OF INORGANIC SUBSTANCES. Many other scientists have discovered that plants and animals transmute elements: http://www.cheniere.org/books/aids/ch5.htm; ; http://www.levity.com/alchemy/nelson2_8.html http://bionutrient.org/library/reviews/biological-transmutations; http://www.healthandhealing.revolutionoftruth.com/healthandhealing_004.htm

You can praise God the Alchemist that through Intelligent Design of alchemy, there is a biological transmutation of hydrogen and other elements to convert the various foods you eat into enzymes, hormones, digestive juices, DNA, cells of all sorts and other compounds needed to perform bodily functions. All cells in your body are constantly dying and being replaced, much of which is performed through alchemy - - the changing of one element into another:



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