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88. The Grand Canyon and Badlands Dinosaur Fossils Give Proof of the Time of the Great Flood of Noah

The Badlands of South and North Dakota and Wyoming and the Grand Canyon are loaded with fossils that were buried in mud during the great flood of Noah. The present erosion rate of the Badlands sets the date of occurrence to about forty-five hundred years ago, which is when the great flood of Noah occurred.


Fossils found in the Badlands  include dinosaurs, snakes, rabbits, turtles, fish, clams, crabs, snails, crocodiles, alligators, lizards, snails, plants, rodents, sea animals, rhinoceroses, horses, pigs, deer, hyenas, hippopotamus, camels, cats and petrified trees, many of which were standing upright. Fossils found in the Grand Canyon include many leaves, fish and marine fossils such as ammonites, brachiopods, bryozoans, crinoids, trilobites, stromatolites, ammonites corals, sponges, algae mats and worm burrows. Animal fossils include condors, dragonflies, reptiles, scorpions, centipedes, reptiles, footprints and three 18 feet tall humans! and related links. Nearby the Grand Canyon in the Petrified Forest are a huge number of tree fossils, many of which are still in upright position, obviously quickly immersed in sediment from the flood.


This proves that common species and dinosaurs all lived and were buried by mud (now sedimentary rock) at the same time, just as the Bible, written thousands of years ago, tells us. These living things can only be petrified if covered instantly. Otherwise they would decompose within a very short time. Fossils cannot be covered a fraction of an inch at a time over a period of millions of years, or they would decompose. Both the Badlands and the Grand Canyon have many layers of sedimentary rock, some areas with petrified trees standing upright through the stratified layers of rock.


The erosion rate of the Badlands has been measured to be 2 – 4 inches per year. The Grand Canyon erosion rate has not been measured, and was rapidly formed when Bidahochi Lake on the Northeast rim originally drained into the canyon ages ago. The height of every butte in the Badlands has not been measured, but the highest butte is 6250 feet. It can be assumed that the height of the average butte is about 1125 feet. Assuming an erosion rate of 3 inches per year, this gives 13,500 inches, or 4500 years, which is the time of the great flood of Noah.


The average depth of the Grand Canyon is 1600 meters (one mile), or 62,978 inches. At 3 inches per year erosion rate, this gives the age of the Grand Canyon at 20,992 years..When the huge Lake Bidahochi drained into the Grand Canyon originally to form the Grand Canyon, the erosion rate was very rapid. In addition, the Colorado River adds to the 3 inch normal erosion rate, so the time of the Great Flood cannot be determined by the erosion rate of the Grand Canyon.


Other than the eighteen foot giants that were buried by the flood, the human race was concentrated in Europe and Asia at the time of the flood. Therefore, no normal human fossils have been found other than in Europe and Asia. Based on the present erosion rate, the Badlands in South Dakota, Northwestern Dakota and Wyoming were covered with mud at the time of the great flood of Noah, and the Flood probably made the many fossils in both the Badlands and the Grand Canyon regions.


This is not the only evidence that atheistic evolution-being scientists refuse to acknowledge. There are more than 50,000 depictions of ancient artwork proving that man and dinosaurs existed at the same time. It would be well worth the reader's time to look up this sight and many other related sites:


The fossils and the present erosion rate of the Badlands of North and South Dakota and Wyoming give proof of the flood of Noah and sets the date of occurrence to about forty-five hundred years ago, which is when the great flood of Noah occurred. The fossils in the Grand Canyon confirm that the Great Flood occurred at the same time as is determined by the erosion rate of the Badlands.


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