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Preface: Intelligent Design Theory and Creation Science Explain 2 Mysteries:

Gravity and the Structure of the Atom

Two o'clock in the morning. I woke up startled. Gravity! The structure of the atom causes gravity! The infinitesimal difference in charge left over when two protons and two electrons combined causes gravity. That charge can never be neutralized! One electron is stuck between the two protons, and one electron stuck on the outside, trying to get in to where the other electron is located, but repelled by the captured electron. This slight imbalance causes gravity. I jumped out of bed . . . stubbed my toe on a chair in the dark, but kept moving to my office in spite of the excruciating pain. I had to get to my textbooks to figure out how infinitesimal that gravity charge is. This had gone on for three years . . . working twelve to fourteen hours a day, six days, sometimes seven days a week on water chemistry and water pollution control restoring lakes, ponds, rivers and reservoirs all over the world. To bed at midnight and wide awake at two in the morning. Because I believe in Jesus, each time I woke up with one little precept of the structure of the atom and gravity based on Intelligent Design Theory that I had to dash to my books, check it out and write it down. The Niels Bohr model of the atom is without scientific basis, and Newton's universal law of gravity is not universal, I discovered.


Later I would lie in bed wondering. Why would God reveal gravity and the H2 atom model and structure to me? Why not pick out a Christian PhD atomic physicist? Surely there were some around that would listen. Why didn't he tell Dr. Thomas G. Barnes, H. A. Lorentz, Ernest Rutherford, Willard Gibbs or Helmholtz, Poincare or one of many other brilliant scientists the truth about the structure of the atom and gravity? Here I was, restoring polluted lakes, rivers and reservoirs using processes that God built into water to perpetuate lakes and oceans for thousands of years and being called a charlatan by most every prominent PhD limnologist in the country. Did He also want me to be persecuted as an idiot tampering in unknown territory? Was this why I spent so much time thirty years earlier as an electronic engineer studying electron ballistics and developing an electron beam Van de Graaff generator high-voltage thermionic energy converter, using thermionic emission only to have it rejected by the scientific community? Or was it that I would be open to what the structure of the atom and gravity really was?


Thinking creatively about what is an atom and what makes up an atom, the structure of the atom and gravity and how God may have put it together led to three years of sleepless nights in which I began to conceive new concepts about the atom. Precept by precept, one precept at a time, I eventually envisioned a much different structure of the atom than what is known. Because of the way these ideas came to me, I believe it may have been three years of teaching from God. If this structure of the atom and gravity turns out to be wrong, then it came from me and not from God. So I invite my readers to test what I write, and give me feedback on what you find.


As every page of this book shows, God has a purpose for everything that He created, even you, whether you believe in God or not. If you open yourself up to what your purpose is, you will realize that everything that occurs in your life, whether it be a painful drug experience or some other non-Christian experience, or the revelation of some new concept that came to you alone, and to nobody else, all your experiences train you and lead to the purpose why God created you and gave you a living soul. It may take years, but once you realize that purpose, you will arise and shine and the brightness of your light will overcome the gross darkness of this world.


Out of about 7.1 billion people on earth, about 2.2 billion are Christians, 1.6 billion are Muslims, and there are about 14 million Jews. Most of these believe in an Intelligent Creator of the universe. None of these, including myself, know how He did it. This book gives answers to the questions I have asked Him. He did create my brain, you know. And He is perfectly capable of talking to it. What I have learned is a tiny speck of His infinite knowledge. If I were ask Him questions for the next ten thousand years, I might be able to write a thousand new books like this one, but it would still be just a tiny speck of what God knows.

Since most of this book is different than any science published anywhere else, I decided to make it easier for you, dear reader, to remember what I believe are the truths that I am submitting by telling you what Chapter you can find the details on any subject that I mention. You will need to read these chapters often in order to be able to explain to others why common unproven scientific beliefs are false. I will also repeat several times things that I wrote in other chapters because it is extremely important for you to remember all the new an unusual things that I am presenting.

Creation Science and Intelligent Design Theory of 2 Mysteries: Gravity and the Structure of the Atom Should Be Taught in Public Schools

What qualifies me to argue that Intelligent Design Theory and creationism vs. evolution ought to be taught in our Public schools?  I am not an historian, although I have enough harvested diamonds of insight from some of the world's greatest historians that indicate a great need to include the Bible, the Dead Sea Scrolls and even include the controversial Nag Hammadi manuscripts in history courses, that were found in a single jug and that I strongly disagree with because these Christians incorporated the polytheisms of other religions, including the ancient Babylonian belief that kings are descended from gods, and applied it to their beliefs about Mary Magdalene and Jesus. The Egyptians had abundant trade with the Babylonians.


I am not a nuclear physicist, even though my monthly consumption of Scientific American from pre-pubescence to maturity yielded pearls of scientific wisdom. Scientific American is among the best proofs of Intelligent Design even though it is an unscientific publication because of its continuous articles promoting unproven evolution as fact. As a boy, when I finished reading Scientific American, I would close the cover with a sense of awe, thinking that there had to be an infinitely intelligent designer of the universe and everything in it. Everything that this Intelligent Creator made is infinitely too magnificent to behold or understand.


Although my degree in electronic engineering led my biography to some significant developments and discoveries, I drifted into an intense study of electron ballistics in which I made discoveries in electronics and physics, including the structure of the atom and the source of gravity that left me an outsider looking at the scientific community. Was it science or God's purpose that gave me an Intelligent Design concept of gravity and the structure of the atom? This concept explains why gravity values at Yellowstone National Park are much lower than normal (see related links)..


I am not a physician even though I studied the electronics of the human spine and Gray's Anatomy until Willis Gille, a great inventor and science advisor to two presidents of the United States and I measured a 72-gigahertz electromagnetic wave emitted from subluxated spines. Again, this was another building block for God's purpose for me.


I am not a limnologist, having isolated myself from the limnological community by restoring over three thousand ponds, lakes, rivers and reservoirs with a company I named Clean-Flo, using water pollution control processes that God put in the water and that are not taught in the textbooks, much to their derision and contempt. This answer from God taught me much more about Intelligent Design.


I am not an astronomer after reaping rubies of knowledge from the great astronomers such as Edwin Powell Hubble. Was it astronomy, science or God that led me to question antimatter, Big Bang and black holes? Nor am I a chemist, having studied just enough to gather enough emeralds of knowledge to develop and patent micronutrient trace elements injections for trees and develop a new organic chemistry tutorial based on God-made photosynthesis. Again, this was a strange background for God's purpose of this book on Intelligent Design Theory.


I am not a theologian, even though I have read almost every Bible written from translations of the Peshitta and Siriac versions, to the New King James Version and have written two books on the subject (Little Thinkers - - Squeezing Common Sense Out of Life’s Toughest Questions and History of Jesus Christ the Human God).. I am not an agronomist, but God taught me that if I inject micronutrients into trees, fruit will become large, firm, juicy, delicious and nutritious.


In conclusion, I am highly qualified to write this book because 1st Corinthians 1:27 tells us that God chooses the foolish ones of the world to put the wise to shame; and God has chosen the weak ones to embarrass the mighty.


Intellectuals will consider me an ignoramus, meaning one who knows things not taught in college. In addition to the qualifications I do not have, this book will explain why (1) I believe in God; (2) I believe that true science of the speed of light proves that the earth is young; (3) I believe in creation and (4) I question evolution, which is based on (1) natural selection, which does not prove change of species, (2) black holes, which this book questions, (3) speed of light from stars, which this book shows is not based on the knowledge we have of comets in space, (4) Big Bang theory is based on many false assumptions and (5) antimatter is based on wild speculation..

Intelligent Design Theory and Why the Supreme Court Ruling of Separation of Church and State is Unconstitutional

The result of false evolutionist conclusions based on cells, DNA molecules, galaxies, black holes, the speed of light and many more evolution myths is that the American Association for the Advancement of Science referring to the so-called "science hearings" held in Kansas in May 2005 claimed that the technology presented by the group of PhD so-called scientists suggesting Intelligent Design has failed to offer credible evidence and has conceptual flaws in its formulation and misrepresentations of scientific facts. Because our law schools no longer teach the Constitution of the United States, the defense attorneys lost the case for teaching Intelligent Design in schools. In December 2005, U.S. District Judge John E. Jones declared the open-mindedness of the Dover Area School Board in Pennsylvania in advocating study of both views, "breathtaking inanity . . . a religious alternative masquerading as a scientific theory", thus proving to God and all His creation that evolution is a known fact and changing the First Commandment forever and ever amen to Thou shalt have no other thoughts besides Darwin's. So once and for all time, it is illegal to teach facts that refute evolution.

And this, my friends, is exactly the point of this book. When I was seven years old, hypotheses on evolution in Scientific American presented as facts were obviously ridiculous to me. Modern Charles Darwin's theory of evolution evidence, evolution myths, evolutionist misrepresentation that life began in a methane, ammonia and carbon dioxide atmosphere and other creation vs. evolution arguments still are ridiculous. Imagine two seven-year-olds arguing about whether a dog or a seal can give birth to a twenty-ton whale as was proposed by today’s “Scientists”.. Which seven-year-old would you think would be presenting more credible evidence?


Likewise, this book disagrees with some proponents of Intelligent Design Theory who want to keep God out of the equation. Some of these scientists want to study Intelligent Design Concepts from the viewpoint that nature is itself intelligently self-designing, self-generative, or compatible with the "Theory of Everything", which encompasses such imaginative and unproven concepts as loop quantum gravity, mirror image universes, parallel universes, and superstring theory. This entire book demonstrates that asking God questions results in thoughts and mind power that may be answers to life's toughest questions, such as the true structure of the atom which results in a more intelligent concept of organic and inorganic chemistry the nature of gravity, the true nature of light energy and the absurdity of black hole theory and the Big Bang theory.


Some Christians will reject this book because they do not believe in talking to God. My advice is that you had better learn to listen to God because world government and a world monetary system led by the Antichrist is quickly coming to us and you will have a choice. Give your soul to the Antichrist and accept the chip they will implant in your forehead or wrist for you to be able to buy or sell, or learn to listen to God, who will direct your path and supply all your needs. My advice to misbelieving atheists and believers in evolution vs. creationism is that you had better educate yourselves on the contents of this book because we are all going to die. Hell is real, and has been experienced by many who have died, gone to hell and came back to life to tell us about it. You have a choice between believing in Jesus as the only begotten Son of God or spending eternity wishing you had.


I guess my only qualification for understanding the structure of the atom and gravity, and advocating a study of Intelligent Design Theory is the handful of gemstones that the Intelligent Designer gave me over many years. I can only look at Intelligent Design with a sense of awe and wonder why scientists don't understand the structure of the atom and gravity, and why a carbon atom model has the atomic structure of a diamond, why the boron element atom model explains why boron is an excellent neutron shield and with the addition of an H2 atom instead of the fictitious hydrogen atom taught in our schools, which is really an unstable neutron, converts to carbon, and that the beryllium atom model and crystal have the same shape or that gravity varies with the shape of an atom and the temperature and pressure at the time of measurement.  One of the many highlights of this book proclaims that science without Intelligent Design theory is highly unscientific. Was my discovery of what causes gravity based on a strong belief that Intelligent Design theory should be taught in school? Secular schools leave out some extremely important historical facts in their teaching that resulted in great ignorance of the visible world around us and a vast increase in crime. Pray for America’s immediate return to Jesus.

Intelligent Design Theory and the Importance of Creation, the Flood of Noah and the Birth and Death of Jesus

Then there is the question of WHAT ARE THE THREE MOST IMPORTANT HISTORICAL EVENTS THAT HAD THE MOST IMPACT ON HUMANITY AND ARE FORBIDDEN TO BE TAUGHT IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS? Without question, the three most important events that had the greatest effect on all humanity are the creation of the universe and the earth, God sending His only begotten Son Jesus Christ to Earth to save His creation from the results of sin and Noah's Ark and the Flood that eliminated all of Adam and Eve's descendants except Noah to begin again with only the descendants of Noah. The Supreme Court's illegal separation of church and state has resulted in the near destruction of the United States.


By questioning the historical time of creation versus the accepted scientific age of the universe I discovered a different concept of red shift and the expanding universe and the speed of light. This led to other evidences such as conscience, consciousness and intelligent thoughts that it is against the law to teach in public schools.


While this book gives strong scientific evidence for why God and Intelligent Design Theory should be discussed in public classrooms, it is not intended to be comprehensive. It mostly presents findings and ideas that I have had concerning the events that had the most impact on human life. It intends to show you what one person can discover when he or she looks outside the tunnel of accepted science. This book turns its back on untested theoretical, imaginative and unproven hypothetical science. Instead it tries to comprehend the mind of an infinitely intelligent and logical Creator through known scientific facts that can be observed, measured and repeated experimentally. My wife will testify that I am not God, nor am I omniscient and therefore there are most likely errors in this book which others more knowledgeable than I will discover and quickly point out. Even so, there are bound to be many important truths revealed that will point the way to considerable scientific progress. If today's great scientists who have been pre-programmed by evolutionary thinking in classrooms can open their minds to forbidden knowledge, there is no telling what great advancements they could make compared to my meager structure of the atom and nature of gravity. Today's great scientists could make discoveries that would leave hundreds of presently unproven theoretical concepts in the dust.


The forbidden knowledge of the Tower of Babel, the Chinese Temple of Heaven and Noah's Ark, gives only a few of the evidences that I have personally come across. Not included are hundreds of civilizations that have recorded the Flood, and several books and news articles I read describing sightings of Noah's Ark at Mount Ararat in Turkey. Other books explain how that many animals could be placed on Noah's ark and provide answers to many other skeptical questions concerning the ark. Think how quickly Noah's ark would be documented if these great scientists looked into forbidden knowledge and put their minds to it with an open rather than biased mind.


So this book is not comprehensive by any means; it is intended to wet the reader's appetite to search out more than what is commonly taught in the classrooms. It gives examples of what might be achieved by opening one's mind to other possibilities, such as I was able to discover that enabled me to restore over three thousand lakes, ponds, rivers and reservoirs, using and accelerating natural processes, while the scientific community has failed for the past seventy years. I believe it presents solid evidence that Intellectual Design Theory and creationism vs. evolution should be taught in secular schools for the purpose of advancing science. In Sections 7 and 19, I question the illegal discriminatory interpretation of the US Constitution by Supreme Court Justices demanding "separation of church and state" and denying freedom of speech in public schools as being unconstitutional.


God-centered thinking has led me to many discoveries that would be forbidden in our secular classrooms such as the structure of the atom and the cause of gravity. Either I am insane, or these concepts would revolutionize science in a constructive way. If you think I am insane, I invite you investigate these many forbidden teachings and decide for yourself. You may discover that hydrogen is not really hydrogen, but a single unstable neutron. You may discover that hydrogen is really H2, two neutrons combined to make the first stable element. You may discover a hundred other such fascinating things that will make you realize that it really should not be against the law to teach Intelligent Design Theory and God-centered science technology in our public classrooms. The three most important events in the history of the world that are forbidden to be taught in public schools are the creation of the universe, the Great Flood of Noah, and the birth and death of Jesus. These three things are fully explained throughout this book, along with a multitude of proofs of Intelligent Design, and why Intelligent Design must be taught in our public schools.

Intelligent Design Theory, Gravity and the Structure of the Atom - How Others Helped Me

Special thanks go to Roger Rosenquist, co-author of LITTLE THINKERS – SQUEEZING COMMON SENSE OUT OF LIFE'S TOUGHEST QUESTIONS which is now available from, Barnes&Noble.Com and many other book stores, for causing me to explain the structure of the atom and gravity in more simple detail, hopefully in a way that laypersons can understand. And thanks to my daughter Janna Northrup for causing me to put this book together in a more orderly fashion. I was well into writing another book, THE HUMAN GOD, not only about the life of Jesus but about world history and science before and after Jesus when Janna suggested that most of the science belonged in a separate book on why Creation Science and Intelligent Design Theory should be taught in schools. So this book is the result of Janna's insight. Thank you, Janna. Thank you God, for answering my many questions. Thank you, Twin-Cities Creation-Science Association, for your encouragement over the years. There are many others that I should thank, but special thanks go to my life-partner Betty for tolerating my research for the past fifty-six years, patiently hoping for a little more attention.


But above all, infinitely above all, I dedicate this book to my Intelligent Designer Father who taught me a tiny speck of what He knows about the atom and gravity. It took me three years to understand. For Him, it was maybe a microsecond to wake me up each night with a new precept . . . and who taught me many other things to be found in this book. Christians who wrote in Greek called the Infinite Intelligence "Abba", meaning "Daddy". And I dedicate this book to Jesus the Human God who came to earth knowing that He would be put to death for no other reason than that His Father would adopt me and you into His family. Then He came back to life to talk to me, walk with me, touch me, heal me and live with me just to prove to me that He really did die for our sins so that our Father would adopt us.


When Jesus was here in the flesh, He told the world, showed the world and proved to the world that Intelligent Design Theory should be taught in every school on earth. But He was too awesome so the world killed Him instead. So I have to present these 2 concepts on the structure of the atom and gravity at a much lower level, hoping it helps.  It is my hope that both believers and skeptics alike will begin to comprehend the inconceivable and unimaginable splendor of Intelligent Planning in which our Creator put together both the elements and the life and gravity that abounds on this earth in such a harmonious way that it could not possibly be an accident. Jesus paid for your sins and suffered and died on the cross so that you, your friends, neighbors and relatives would not be tortured in Hell for a thousand years. You do not have to die on a cross so that your friends, neighbors and relatives will not suffer in Hell for a thousand years. All you have to do is e-mail them pages of this web site that you think they will be interested in. Could anything be easier to save those that you love?


Copyright (C) 2007 Robert L. Laing  All rights reserved


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