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101. Intelligent Design Theory of the

Great Pyramid of Giza and the Ancient Pyramids of Egypt

We all know about the Great Ancient Egypt Pyramid, the greatest structure ever erected, known to the ancients as The Great Pyramid of Enoch, The Tower of Enoch and Enoch's Pillar. Enoch lived before Noah. And both in the Bible and in the Books of Enoch, we are told that Enoch walked with God and was taught science that we do not know today by the angels. Do we know how the Great Pyramid was built? How many years did it take to build the Great Pyramid? How many blocks make up the Great Pyramid? Do we know that each of the 2,300,000 blocks of the Great Pyramid weighing from 2.5 tons each up to as much as 880 tons each was set in place over a twenty-year period at a rate of 6.67 blocks per minute? 47 How were obelisks, needle-shaped towers made of one piece of solid granite weighing up to 300 tons moved several hundred kilometers from the quarry to the 'step' pyramid at Karnak? This is a feat that today's heaviest machines cannot perform. Even more puzzling is how these monolithic needles were raised to stand upright up 97 feet high. Even more puzzling is how they were going to lift a 137-foot high obelisk weighing 1,168 tons that is still in the quarry where they were hewing it out of solid granite before it cracked. Were the Great Pyramid of Giza and ancient pyramids of Egypt made by the use of Intelligent Design theory, possibly as instructed to Enoch, who lived before the Great Flood? Today small “energy pyramids” are made after the great pyramids in Egypt, supposedly to bring good health, and can preserve foods.


Do we know that three cedar wood ships, still in perfect condition, over 142 feet long with a displacement of about 40 tons were discovered in pits on the edge of the Great Pyramid?48 These are ships that are much too large to float on the Nile. They are ocean-going vessels, built perhaps in anticipation of the Great Flood (Thoth and Noah's ark?). To list the mysteries of ancient Egypt requires several books.49


When we study the inscriptions in the Great Pyramid of Giza, the hieroglyphs of this super-intelligent race, we learn that they believed something that we are taught today is total nonsense. The hieroglyph for the human soul is a picture of a hawk, most likely because a hawk sours through the air. The Egyptian word baieth for the hieroglyph of a hawk is comprised of two words, bai, meaning heart and eth, meaning soul. The hieroglyph of a hawk means that the human heart encases a soul that lives after death. They believed this so strongly that most, if not all of their enormous and spectacular monuments proclaim that there is life after death in contrst to evolution.


Moses, the greatest historian, law-giver and sorcerer that ever lived other than Jesus, was put in basket covered with pitch - - symbolically put in an ark as a baby and Moses was placed in the Nile to either die or be saved while other babies were being killed. This was symbolically a type of baptism related to water and related to Noah's Ark. Moses was saved from the water and became the adopted son of the Pharaoh. As Pharaoh's son he was taught the secrets of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs (Exodus 2:1 – 10). These secrets were most likely taught to the Egyptians by angels or by God Himself before the flood, and were described in stone in the only written language at that time: hieroglyphics. The Egyptians kept their secrets and in their ancient Egypt religion referred to the creator of the universe as Thoth, the moon (Holy Spirit), and Osiris, the sun, or Father. After the flood, these secrets instantly transformed a nation of illiterates into the most advanced nation in the world. This process should have taken tens of thousands of years instead of just a few years.

The Pharaohs and their aides built the greatest structures on earth by means that we cannot comprehend. But God built an enormously greater structure - - the earth on which the pyramids stand. He also built the solar system and the entire universe by means we cannot comprehend. Did you know that you can talk to this great creator? You can be healed of your diseases, your addictions, your financial difficulties, and every other problem in your life, including forgiveness of your sins. But first you have to be able to reach God, and Jesus said that no one comes to the Father, except through Jesus (John 14:6). So if you cannot reach God except through Jesus, how can you reach Jesus?  Jesus said that is very simple. He is standing at your door knocking. And if you open up to Jesus, he will come into your life (Revelation 3:20). And you can reach the creator of the earth, the solar system and the universe and be healed of all your infirmities. And you too can build great things.

 The ancient Egyptians had a super intelligence far more intelligent than humans today. And because Enoch walked with God, they knew without shadow of doubt that there was life after death. The building of the pyramids were the result of knowing about life after death, and the only purpose of the pyramids was to mummify the bodies of the pharaohs so that their spiritual bodies would have an earthly home to remember.

Should the science that the Egyptians used that we cannot comprehend today be prohibited by the Supreme Court from being discussed in secular schools because the Egyptians worshipped the sun and the moon; or should secular schools investigate the science, but the fact that the Egyptians worshipped the sun and the moon be forbidden knowledge? I personally view the suppression of knowledge in public schools as a violation of the US Constitution. Intelligent Design theory may have been taught to Enoch, who walked with God before the Great Flood (Genesis 5:18-24), so that the amazing engineering that went into the Great Pyramid of  Giza and the ancient Pyramids of Egypt could be known to the ancient Egyptians.

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