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52. Intelligent Design Theory of a

Helium Atom Model Showing the Atomic Structure



Intelligent Design Theory model of the structure of two H2 hydrogen atoms combined to make a helium atom. This picture of the helium atom has its parts of an atom with its electron and proton charges satisfied. Helium has no attraction for other atoms. Hence, the helium atom is inert - - it has no need to combine with other atoms.


What are the parts of an atom; electrons, protons and neutrons? Neutrons are simply two protons and one electron according to particle physics explained by creation science and a study of Intelligent Design theory. What makes one atom highly reactive and another atom inert? Evolution technology does not explain this, and in fact, evolution technology cannot explain it because evolutionists' concept of an atom is totally unscientific.  Creation science is a scientific attempt to understand how an Intelligent Designer created the universe.


The atomic structure of a helium atom is made from two H2 hydrogen atoms locked together in attempting to satisfy the imbalanced charges of the H2 hydrogen atom model. Because of their configuration, the electrons, protons and neutrons charges are satisfied, making the helium atom inert except for a minute imbalance which causes gravity that we will study later. The helium atom is diamagnetic because its outer electrons refuse to orbit the helium atom in concert with the orbiting electrons in a magnet.


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